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Mexico Native Recently Added To FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted Fugitives


Mugshot photo of Fidel Urbina

A former auto-mechanic charged with kidnap, rape and murder  has been on the run for over a decade and recently added to FBI’s Top 10 Most Wanted Fugitives.

In March of 1998 Fidel Urbina allegedly kidnapped a Chicago woman and brought her to an auto repair shop where he beat and raped her. He then forced her into his car, took her to his house and again beat and raped her. She was eventually able to escape and call police who in return, captured and arrested Urbina. A judge released him on bond in October, 1998 and during that time, Urbina abducted Gabriella Torres, a 22-year-old Chicago woman. He again beat and raped the woman only this time, the victim didn’t make it out alive. She was strangled to death by Urbina and he placed her body in the trunk of a vehicle and drove to Gage Park in the 2300 block of West 50th Street, Chicago, IL and lit the car on fire hoping to destroy any trace of evidence. Fidel Urbina fled and hasn’t been seen since.

“These crimes have demonstrated his violent nature and the need to locate and apprehend Urbina before he can strike again,” said Robert Grant, a FBI agent working on this case. “We are hoping that the publicity associated with this case, along with the significant reward being offered, will lead to his arrest.” 

Both crimes occurred in Chicago, Illinois and both woman were Chicago locals. He has ties to the area and although FBI suspected he fled back to his home Country of Mexico and could be hiding out in Durango, Chihuahua and Juarez, due to ties. FBI also believe it’s possible he snuck back into the U.S. under a different identity. He also most likely altered his appearance to avoid detection.

Aliases used by Fidel Urbina include Lorenzo Maes, Fernando Ramos and Fidel Urbina Aguirre, Fidel Urbina Aguirre, Lorenzo Fidel, Lorenzo M. Maes, Marcos Antonio and Victor Urbina, “Tonorio”, etc.

According to the FBI, Urbina is the 497th person to be placed on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list since it was established in 1950. He is so dangerous, he replaced former Tennessee fugitive Adam Christopher, a convicted child killer who shot and killed himself in June, 2012 after being confronted by authorities.

Urbina is described as Hispanic male, 6” tall with a medium build and an olive complexion. He weighs roughly 170 pounds. He has black hair and is known to change his hairstyle, brown eyes, and has pockmarks’ and acne on his right cheek. He would have turned 37 last year in 2012.

A reward of $100,000 is being offered for anyone with information that will lead to the capture of Fidel Urbina. Click here to view Urbina’s FBI Poster. — His case has also been featured on America’s Most Wanted. To watch the clip which was last aired on June 15, 2012, click here.

Urbina is considered armed and dangerous and authorities ask you to NOT attempt to confront him, but instead call 9-1-1 immediately.

Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to please contact: Chicago FBI Office at (312) 421-6700 and/or your local FBI office or the nearest American Embassy or Consulate.

Fourteen years later and (illegal) female still eludes authorities for the murder of one child and the abduction of another


Photo of Alicia Leonor Banuelos

PALATINE, IL — Banuelos, then 31 from Mexico, was living illegally in Illinois when she lost custody of her four year old daughter, Lyric Garcia, in 1997. Around the same time police had charged her for first degree murder for the death of her youngest child, a newly born baby girl.

On April 29, 1997, Banuelos returned to a Palatine home where she was living at the time. She had worked an overnight shift at a grill factory and then slept through the afternoon. She awoke to labor pains and went to her bathroom where she delivered her daughter without medical attention. The infant, who was not given a name, was born healthy and only lived the first moments of her short life before she was drowned by the hands of her own mother.

She was arrested shortly after. Lyric, the eldest daughter, had been placed in a guardian’s custody pending the result of the murder and custody trail.

Banuelos was scheduled to begin trial on October 12, 1999 for the murder. Two days before trail, on October 10, 1999, during a monthly visitation, she had gone by her sister’s house upset over a meeting with her lawyer. It is unknown what exactly transpired at the meeting but her other sister, who was also at the house, suggested that the three of them (her, Banuelos and Lyric) spend their visit at the local Chicago mall, to get their mind off the custody issue and upcoming court date.

While at the mall, Banuelos snatched Lyric and took off and both of them haven’t been seen or heard from since.

For nearly fourteen years, she has been on the run, evading murder and kidnapping charges in Illinois. She is believed to have travelled back to Mexico.

FBI was eventually involved in the case and Banuelos is listed on their website. According to the FBI, calls were made to a hotel in Zacatecas, Mexico, where she is believed to have friends.

There have been no sightings of Banuelos since 1999, and officials said they do not know if Lyric, who would now be around 17 or 18, is still alive.

 Alicia Banuelos will be turning 46 in the year 2013.

Banuelos FBI’s Most Wanted Poster for her physical description and other information.

If you have any information regarding this case you’re asked to please contact:  FBI (Chicago) 312-421-6700.

Felipe Alexander Torrealba Wanted By The US Marshal’s For Multiple Crimes Including Murder (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Felipe Alexander Torrealba has been CAPTURED! 

Felipe Torrealba captures,Felipe Torrealba

Captured Mugshot of Torrealba which is now featured under his listing on America’s Most Wanted


The U.S. Marshals Service added a homicide suspect to the U.S. Marshals 15 Most Wanted fugitive list on October 10, 2012

Felipe Alexander Torrealba is wanted for multiple crimes in various jurisdictions in Texas and Florida, including: homicide, aggravated battery of a law enforcement officer, possession with intent to distribute cocaine, trafficking oxycodone, unlawful flight to avoid prosecution, aggravated assault with a firearm and resisting officers with violence.

Photo of Torrealba who has had a warrant out for his arrest since September, 2012 and was added on the US Marshal’s 15 Most Wanted last month on October 21, 2012. Torrealba is considered armed and dangerous

Torrealba is wanted by the Broward County (Florida) Sheriff’s Office for questioning in the murder of a 42-year-old man earlier this year.

Torrealba is a violent 26-year-old male with an extensive criminal history dating back to 2000. He has previously been arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, carrying concealed firearms, battery, narcotics, larceny, fraud and failure to appear.

Torrealba has eluded capture on at least three occasions. On January 2, 2012 the Sweetwater (Florida) Police Department conducted a routine traffic stop on a vehicle driven erratically by Torrealba. The officers discovered the vehicle was stolen and the driver had outstanding warrants for narcotics and assault charges. Torrealba grabbed a weapon from the driver’s side and fled from the scene in the stolen vehicle.

In April, the Brownsville (Texas) Police Department conducted a traffic stop on Torrealba, who provided the officers with a Texas driver’s license issued in his alias “Jose Alberto Rodriguez” and was released. In August, Torrealba departed a targeted location minutes before U.S. Marshals Service personnel arrived to arrest him.

On September 26, 2012 Torrealba was involved in an altercation with two off-duty Miami-Dade police officers. Following a verbal dispute, Torrealba reportedly produced a handgun and began firing at them. Both officers were unharmed and Torrealba managed to get away.

“Torrealba is a violent career criminal, who not only poses a threat to the public but to law enforcement as well,” said David Harlow, Assistant Director of Investigative Operations for the U.S. Marshals Service. “It is imperative we utilize all available investigative measures to immediately locate and arrest Torrealba before he has the opportunity to offend again.”

Neil K. DeSousa, U.S. Marshal for the Southern District of Florida said, “The U.S. Marshals Service Fugitive Task Force is dedicated to the apprehension of dangerous fugitives like Torrealba. With the assistance of our state and local law enforcement partners we will utilize all available resources until he is apprehended.”

Torrelalba is a Hispanic/Caucasian male, 5’09” weighing approximately 170 pounds. He has black hair and brown eyes. Torrealba has a tattoo on his neck with the word “Jillian” and a tattoo on his left arm with the word “Alex” he also has gold teeth.

Torrealba is considered armed and dangerous.

A reward of up to $25,000 is offered for information leading directly to Torrealba’s arrest.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts is urged to contact the nearest U.S. Marshals office or the U.S. Marshals Service Communications Center at 1-800-336-0102 or the nearest American Embassy/Consulate.

Additional information about the U.S. Marshals Service can be found at

Manhunt For Elderly Man, Eugene Palmer For


Pictured; Victim, Tammy Palmer (39) Murdered by Eugene Palmer, her father-in-law Monday Morning.

On the run: Eugene Palmer, pictured, is armed and dangerous in the woods, police believe

Eugene Palmer (pictured) has been missing for a month

* Suspect is diabetic, experienced outdoorsman

Article added on Letsfindthem on Oct. 27, 2012 – Originally published on October 13, 2012 by Jonathan Allen – Huffingtonpost (link at end of article)

HAVERSTRAW, N.Y. — * “Mystery of the mountain?” – Nearly three weeks after Eugene Palmer parked his pickup truck along a densely wooded state park 30 miles (48 km) from New York City and vanished, the whereabouts of the elderly man considered the prime suspect in the killing of his daughter-in-law remain a mystery.

The morning of Palmer’s disappearance, his daughter-in-law, Tammy Palmer, 39, was shot to death at her home shortly after her children left for school. The New York Times reported that Palmer, 73, was upset with her over a restraining order she had filed against her husband, who is Palmer’s son.

Local police, who declined to comment further on the Sept. 24 killing near the town of Haverstraw, have been unable to find Palmer, an experienced outdoorsman, despite a search of Harriman Park’s 46,000 acres (19,000 hectares) of mountainous woods, streams, lakes and caves. The manhunt involved officers in bulletproof vests, tracking dogs and helicopters with thermal imaging equipment.

Although he is a diabetic, Palmer is described as the sort of hardy woodsman who could plausibly survive for weeks in the wild, armed only with his wits and, possibly, a gun or two, according to police and local residents.

“He hunted, he ate off the land as his forefathers did, he lived that type of life. There are so many places, so many caves in the mountain he could hide in,” said Brenda Earl, a warden at St. John’s in the Wilderness, a 19th-century church in a desolate section of the park.

Earl told Reuters on Friday that life was beginning to return to normal in the area after a period in which the missing suspect seemed like an ominous, lurking presence.

About 85 people attended Sunday’s service at her church, she said, and “it was happy and joyous, and nobody seemed to be afraid that he was lurking in the corners or anyplace.”

Hikers and fishermen, who three weeks ago were urged to steer clear of the park, have returned in their usual numbers, park officials say, even if they may still encounter Palmer’s bearded face on posters dotting the trails.

“People should still use caution, we just don’t see any reason for extraordinary measures,” said Jim Hall, executive director of the Palisades Interstate Park Commission, who doubts anyone could survive long in the park without “a fair amount of equipment and wherewithal.”

Survivalist experts say Harriman would not have to go hungry if he is as skilled a hunter as he is said to be. The park has plenty of deer, raccoon and rabbits, although other creatures – poisonous rattlesnakes and copperhead vipers – pose a threat.

Even Palmer’s diabetes may not slow him down since a fugitive surviving in the woods would maintain an active, meat-rich, low-carb lifestyle.

“What he’s done here is gone on a perfect dietary treatment regimen, the sort before we had medicines,” said Daniel Lorber, a doctor and diabetes expert at the New York Hospital of Queens.

Haverstraw police would not discuss the case on Friday other than to say authorities were still looking for Palmer, declining to elaborate on whether he may be dead or alive. Police said previously that Palmer might have fled the area long ago, perhaps leaving his truck at the park as a ruse.

“People will always be looking even if they don’t find him,” said Earl. “Maybe it’s always going to be a mystery – the mystery of the mountain.”

Source: Huffingtonpost


09/28/12 HAVERSTRAW, N.Y. — He didn’t get the hour’s head start he was hoping for, but  a 73-year-old man wanted for questioning in the killing of his daughter-in-law  has been eluding police officers, dogs and helicopters for more than three  days.

Police suspect that Eugene Palmer is hiding in the woods of Harriman State  Park near his home in Haverstraw, about 30 miles north of Manhattan. They found  his green Dodge pickup truck there on Tuesday and sent dozens of officers in on  a manhunt, but by Thursday afternoon there were no confirmed sightings.

Haverstraw Police Chief Charles Miller said Palmer is a hunter who grew up  in the area and is familiar with the rocky, hilly terrain of the 45,000-acre  park.

“There are so many places to hide,” the chief said Thursday. “He could be  hiding anyplace.” He acknowledged there’s also a chance that the truck was a  ruse and Palmer is elsewhere.

Palmer’s photo, with his distinctive beard, has been sent to police  departments throughout the region, Miller said, along with a warning that he is  believed armed and dangerous.

Palmer hasn’t been charged, and Miller said he wants to hear his account of  the killing of Tammy Palmer, 39, the mother of two teenagers.

“We’d like to hear his side of the story as to what prompted the shooting,” Miller said. “There’s more than one side to a story.”

He said he had scaled back the search Thursday, and “we’re hoping he’ll see  that we’ve backed off a little bit and he’ll walk out and talk to us.”

Tammy Palmer had been estranged from her husband, Eugene Palmer’s son John  Palmer, for several months, police said. The couple had lived in a home near  Eugene Palmer’s, on land he owned, but John Palmer had been sent out by court  order, police said.

Family members said that angered Eugene Palmer. His sister told The Journal  News that he said Monday morning he had just killed Tammy Palmer. She said that  he asked her not to call police for an hour, but that she dialed 911  immediately.

When the truck was found the next day, bloodhounds were brought in and they  seemed to track Palmer’s scent to a campsite, but Miller said the campfire ashes  were cold, “so it wasn’t like we spooked him. It could have been somebody  else’s.”

Miller said Palmer had a heart attack about a year ago and has diabetes. He  said it’s not known whether he took medications with him.

Tammy Palmer’s death has prompted a custody fight for her son and daughter  between their father and their maternal grandparents. A family court judge on  Thursday granted custody to the grandparents pending an October hearing.

Tammy Palmer’s funeral is set for Saturday.

Source: nydailynews


Updated: 09/26/12 Stony Point, NY – Fatal shootings sets off manhunt in Harriman Park Yesterday.

Search helicopters flew low and slow above Harriman State Park forestland Tuesday as the manhunt continued for 73-year-old Eugene Palmer, who police said they want to question about the shooting death of his daughter-in-law, Tammy Palmer.

On the run: Eugene Palmer, pictured, is armed and dangerous in the woods, police believe

On the run: Eugene Palmer is being sought by police.

Haverstraw police Chief Charles Miller said police combing the woods in the afternoon discovered Palmer’s green 1995 Dodge Ram pickup truck about a half-mile from his home down a trail behind a knoll on park property.

Bloodhounds loaned by Westchester County police then picked up a scent and traveled up steep ridges and woods before growing too tired to go on.

Miller said police were waiting for a search warrant before digging through the vehicle, but had potentially found something else related to Palmer. He wouldn’t reveal what they found.

Speaking from the search command center at Lake Welch, Miller said police have divided the 46,000-acre-plus park into four quadrants to help aid in the search.

So far, they haven’t crossed the Orange County line, though Miller said state troopers had visited Grahamsville in Sullivan County where a family member has a home.

“I believe at this point he’s (Palmer’s) alive. He’s spent years in the woods,” said Miller. Despite Palmer’s age, having diabetes and having suffered a heart attack in the past, Miller said his property borders the park and he knows its terrain well, which gave him an edge.

At 7:40 a.m. Monday police received a call about three shots being fired on Willow Grove Road, where Tammy Palmer lives. The road leads into the park. After the first shot, the caller heard screaming, Miller said. Then the screaming stopped. When police arrived at the home of Tammy Palmer, 39, they found her dead in her backyard from a shotgun blast to the chest.

Eugene Palmer was last seen at his sister’s home before he disappeared.

He has a shotgun and possibly a long rifle too, Miller said, but he wasn’t sure what other supplies he might have.

By about 6:30 p.m. a last group of searchers was still left in the woods. Miller said when the group returned to the staging area, where more than 30 police vehicles from several agencies were parked, they would secure the park and continue the search in the morning.

The ongoing search left the park closed for the night and campgrounds were shut down. Bicyclists Forrest Cutrer, 26, and Mike Smedes, 24, traveling up from New York City, had planned on spending the night at the Beaver Pond Campgrounds. They said they were told by rangers that Palmer had been near the area and were closing the grounds for the night. “If something were to go wrong with the trip, a police manhunt for a murderer wouldn’t have been it,” Smedes said.

Source: recordonline

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Update: 09/25/12 NY – Manhunt for an elderly man who allegedly shot his daughter-in-law to death Monday morning:

Eugene Palmer, 73, of Haverstraw, NY, told relatives that he shot Tammy Palmer, his 39-year-old daughter-in-law, just moments after she put her two children on a bus for School.

Tammy’s father, John Pannirello told Fox News in an earlier interview, that Eugene Palmer confessed the killing to his sister, Elaine Babcock. “He admitted it, he admitted it to his sister,” Pannirello told FoxNews. “He said, ‘I just shot Tammy.’” Babcock said Palmer first gave her money to pay his taxes and then confessed to the murder. The last thing he said  to her was: “‘Give me an hour to get away and then do whatever you have to do call the police…whatever you have to do,’” she told the station, “and then he just took off.”

Haverstraw Police Chief Charles Miller told reporters that Palmer is the prime suspect. He is considered a skilled huntsman who owns several guns and police have said that he could survive in the woods by himself for a long time.

Tammy was seperated from her husband, which is Eugene Palmer’s son. Relatives of the family said that Eugene and Tammy had been arguing over Eugenes son’s custody rights.

On Friday, several days before Tammy’s murder, Eugene Palmer reportedly flashed a weapon at Tammy Palmer and she threatened him with a log,

“He had a gun in his holster and wanted to abuse her,” Pannirello said. He then goes on to say: “She said he wanted her and the kids out of the house. She told him she’s not leaving. She picked up the log to chase him away.”

Eugene Palmer recently began a campaign of harassment after she took out an order of protection against her husband, John, barring him from her home north of NYC, where she was raising their two children.

Police believe Palmer, a retired park ranger, is hiding somewhere near Harriman State Park, close to the New Jersey border. They warn that he is considered armed and dangerous.

Source: FoxNews


Wanted: Lane Bryant Shooting Still Unsolved

Wanted: Lane Bryant Shooter

Description: He is an African American male, 25-35 years old 5’9″ – 6′ tall with a husky build. Composite sketch shows what the Suspect would look like with cornrolls/braids and a doe-rag on.

Incident: The Lane Bryant shooting was an incident of mass murder and armed robbery at a Lane Bryant clothing outlet in the Brookside Marketplace in the Chicago suburb of Tinley Park, Illinois, United States, that occurred on February 2, 2008. The shooting resulted in five fatalities, and the injury of another.

Police do not know the identity of the shooter. Police released a sketch of the suspect on February 11, 2008.

Details: Four customers, a part-time employee, and the store manager, were taken to the back of the store and shot. Five of the women were killed, and the part-time employee was wounded and survived. Police found the victims shortly after receiving an emergency call at 10:45 a.m. The gunman was described as a black man with thick, cornrowed hair and a receding hairline, along with one braid lying over the right side of his face at cheek level and decorated with four light-green beads on the end. Police believe it was a robbery “gone awry.”

The victims are: Connie R. Woolfolk, 37, of Flossmoor; Sarah T. Szafranski, 22, of Oak Forest; Carrie Hudek Chiuso, 33, of Frankfort, Illinois; Rhoda McFarland, 42, of Joliet, the store manager; Jennifer L. Bishop, 34, of South Bend, Indiana.
The identity of the survivor is protected by police and has not been released to the media.

Aftermath: The shopping center was closed and locked down while being searched. It was reopened after police found that the gunman had left the immediate area. Some months after the shooting the store has been closed and the building has since been permanently closed.

Then Senator Barack Obama, who was elected President in November that year, released a statement following the killings:

I was deeply saddened to learn about the shooting in Tinley Park, and my heart goes out to the victims’ families. This kind of violence is unacceptable — not just in a shopping center where we’re supposed to feel safe, but wherever it occurs. And as the facts become clear, I hope the authorities find and prosecute whoever is responsible for this tragedy.

A $100,000 reward, half of which was donated by Lane Bryant’s parent company, Charming Shoppes Inc., was offered for information leading to the gunman’s arrest. On February 6, 2008, Lane Bryant announced the establishment of The Lane Bryant Tinley Park Memorial Fund in honor of the five women who were killed. Lane Bryant also offered to pay for the victims’ funerals.

The Steve Wilkos Show, being taped in Chicago, profiled the suspect of the shooting at the end of one episode since the incident.

Please call (708) 444-5394 with any information about this crime. You may also call your Local Police Station. All calls/tips will be 100% annoymous.

– Infomation Provided was Taken From Wikipedia –

Wanted Fugitive – Peter Castillo (23) – Boston, Massachuetts

Wanted For Murder

Peter Castillo fugitives,Peter Castillo

Photo Of Peter Castillo

Steven Perez Jr., a young and decorated Army Veteran, was gunned down in cold blood on the streets Boston, Mass on May 10th, 2012. Now his suspected killer, Peter Castillo, is at large and the Boston Police Department needs your tips to help track him down and put him behind bars.

Castillo is a hispanic male, 5’7”, weighing approx 150 pounds with black hair, brown eyes. Castillo considers himself a ”aspiring rapper” and has an affinity for guns.

Other Possible Locations Include – Caribbean, Dominican Republic (DM)


If you have any infomation or think you’ve spotted Peter Castillo, please call Boston, Massachuetts Law Police Department, Or your Local Police Department. Or Contact America’s Most Wanted (


Infomation above was originally provided at America’s Most Wanted Website (


WANTED – Jose Antonio Moya – Toledo, Ohio

Jose Antonio Moya, Age 23 (left) Wanted for Murder: Police in the Toledo, Ohio are on the lookout for two men wanted in connection with the fatal shooting of a woman in Perrysburg Township early Sunday morning, 7/22/2012. Perrysburg Township Police say Leandra Frankum, Age 21 (right) was found shot inside a home on Broad St., near SR 25, after 1:20 a.m. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Two Toledo men have been named suspects in the shooting. Jose Antonio Moya, Jr, 23, is wanted for murder.  Raul Moya (See the article below for his photo), 18, of E. Buckeye St., is wanted on a charge of obstructing justice.

If you have any information regarding the incident, or know the whereabouts of these suspects, you are asked to call Perrysburg Township Police at 419-874-3551.