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Derek Lueking Disappeared One Year Ago While Hiking Near The Great Smoky Mountains National Park

derek-luekingClassified: Missing
Full Name: Derek Joseph Lueking
Nickname(s): “Drock”, “DJ”
From: Blount County, Louisville, TN
Missing From: Cherokee, Swain County, NC
Missing Since: 03/17/12
Age Then: 24
Age Now: 25
Race: White Sex: Male
Height: 5’10”- 6’0″
Weight: 215  -225 lbs.
Hair: Brown (receding hairline, about 1/2 IN long at the time he disappeared)
Eyes: Hazel
Other: Derek has no hair on torso, darker hair on arms and legs, short beard about 1/2 IN long, stretch marks around lower back area. He has a tattoo on left upper side of his chest of the word “live” or “life” in Japanese lettering. He wears prescription eyeglasses with metal rims which he wears on occasion for driving, etc.
Clothing/Items: Last seen wearing dark color track pants with white strips down each leg, dark athletic sneakers, dark blue or black book bag, and possibly a waterproof watch, a Bear Grylls survival tool pack (including a multi tool, small flashlight, fire starter rod), a Gerber pack axe, Several pages of a military survival manual, a knife sharpener, a Coleman compass/thermometer, 100’ of black parachute cord, a head lamp, pocket knife, IPod Touch and some granola bars.

derek_luekingIt’s been over one year since Derek Lueking, a Blount County man, went missing. According to media reports he was seen leaving the Microtel Inn and Suites in Cherokee, NC on the morning of March 17, 2012 in his white Ford Escape. That same vehicle was discovered abandoned at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park near the Tennessee and North Caroline state line. While his vehicle was located at the Newfound Gap area, no one in and around the area could verify him being inside or outside the park.

Searches were conducted in the immediate area and according to The Daily Times a note was discovered in the missing man’s vehicle which read “Don’t try to follow me”.

However, Derek’s father had posted a letter regarding his son’s disappearance on Help Find Derek, a Facebook group created which has over 800 followers. The letter says;

MESSAGE FROM DEREK’S DAD………I know many of you have questions concerning Derek’s disappearance and have seen conflicting information in the news reports. I have put together the following information in the hopes of clarifying questions you may have.

Derek went missing Wednesday March 14th from his home in Louisville Tennessee. Over the next two days he purchased over $1000 in camping supplies from Bass Pro Shop, Knifeworks and Coleman’s. We believe he stayed at the Motel 6 on the 14th, the Smokemont Campground in the Park on the 15th and the Microtel Hotel in Cherokee on the 16th. His car was found March 17th at 8:30am at Newfound Gap in the Smoky Mountains after family saw him leave the Microtel Hotel alone in Cherokee, North Carolina through video footage at 4:00am. A note stating only “Don’t Look For Me” was found in his car along with wallet and car key. The note was not addressed to anyone, so it could have been for us or the rangers.

The Great Smoky Mountain Park Service have never quit searching for Derek as they repelled down some high cliffs March 29th and did not find anything. The Rangers, Park employee’s, volunteer’s and Trail runner continue to look for him. Rangers are also still looking into the investigation aspect of this case following up purchases he made and trying to find out if there are any other significant clues in the recent past. We are extremely grateful for their continued efforts.

Derek was a fan of the survivalist Bear Gryll’s TV show and theoretically he did have the necessary supplies to live in the woods for a long period of time, but he did not take all the camping gear he purchased. We believe he had at least a backpack, a waterproof watch, a Bear Grylls survival tool pack (including a multi tool, small flashlight, firestarter rod), a Gerber pack axe, Several pages of a military survival manual, a knife sharpener, a compass/thermometer, 100’ of black parachute cord, a head lamp, pocket knife, IPod Touch and some granola bars. He also purchased additional supplies from Wal-Mart for cash (5 empty bags were found in the car with opened packaging listing Wal-Mart), but we have not been able to confirm what he purchased. Appalachian trail hikers who have talked to the family have said that Derek could survive for a long time with the supplies he had.

Searchers have hiked hundreds of miles of trails the weeks after his disappearance which included using multiple dog sent trackers, three different days using helicopters, and one night helicopter. Unfortunately no significant clues were found leading to Derek, but Rangers still believe he is in the park somewhere possibly off trail.

The Park Service initially asked our family not to search directly for Derek to avoid contaminating clues and wanted trained park service searcher on the trails, so we handed out flier with Derek’s picture to everyone who hit the trails. As the Park Service’s direct search wound down we started. Our family, and friends along with other concerned people gathered the 24th and 25th of March to search for Derek. A total of over 60 people show up to hike and hand out flyers. Hikers that showed up hiked a total of about 175 miles of trail and people handed out about 3000 flyers to people in the park and the surrounding areas.

There is still the possibility that Derek is not in the Great Smoky National Park, so we would like to make sure the information about him is available to the public.

The family has not given up home on finding Derek and is doing anything in their power to work with and help the rangers who are investigating as well as trying to make sure the information is out in the world as well. There is a Facebook page Find Derek Lueking that the family is keeping up to inform anyone interested about the case. Please help spread word to anyone hiking in the Smoky Mountain area to keep an eye out for Derek.

Find Derek Lueking is another Facebook page created by loved ones which have over 2,000 followers. There are many photos of Derek on the Facebook page. Each photo shows a smiling, outgoing, young man. It also shows a man who enjoys nature and being outdoors.

Case Number: 12-1076

If you have any information regarding this case you’re asked to please contact:
National Park Service
US Park Ranger Joshua Frazier
(828) 497-1940

Unidentified Teenager Found In Madison County On October 16, 1997

Unidentified White Female – Homicide Victim

These sketches are computer-generated facial reconstruction done by a forensic artist at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children which were created based on the description of the victim. The photos should not be the main identifying factor.

•Estimated age: 15 – 19 years old
•Approximate Height and Weight: 4’10”- 5’1″ (147-155 cm)
•Distinguishing Characteristics: Shoulder length dark blond or light brown hair with a possible reddish tint. Her eye color and weight couldn’t be determined.
•Clothing: She may have been wearing a white with blue broad stripes casual, sleeveless top, size unknown, which was found near the skeletal remains outside of the plastic sheeting. No jewelry was recovered.


The skeletal remains of a murdered teenager were discovered on October 16, 1997, by a hunter in a remote wooded area in Huntsville in Madison County, Alabama, near Indian Creek Road, South of Kelly Spring Road.

Indian Creek Road is near a major roadway – Alabama Highway 53. The highway is a connector that runs between Huntsville, Alabama and Interstate 65 in Ardmore, Tennessee. So it’s possible the person responsible for the homicide came from another state and choose to the area at random, possibly knowing the area was discrete.

According to authorities, the victim’s body was wrapped in plastic sheeting commonly used in construction. The plastic was wrapped with gray duct tape.

The victim is believed to have been deceased for a period of up to 1 – 1 1/2 years before discovery. She was not wearing clothes when she was discovered. The body drifted down the creek, and washed onto the bank, and that’s when the teen was found by a hunter.

If you have any information regarding this case you’re asked to please contact:
Madison County Sheriff’s Department
Criminal Investigations Squad
The Violent Criminal Apprehension Program Unit (VICAP)
Crime Analyst Glen W. Wildey, Jr.,

NCMEC Case Number:

NCIC Number:
Please refer to this number when contacting any agency with information regarding this case.

Missing Maury County Teen Amber Elizabeth Cates


Missing Since 04/11/04 from Maury County, Columbia, Tennessee



Photo of Amber Elizabeth Cates at 16-years-old.



Amber has naturally brown hair but was known to dye her hair lighter at times. According to one of the last people to have seen her alive, she had purchased hair-dye the day of her disappearance.

Amber Cates, then 16, was a teenage girl who grew up in Spring Hill, TN and moved frequently to several States including Georgia and Texas before ending back up in Tennessee where she settled down in a foster home.

According to family and friends, when Amber hit her mid-teens she started rebelling and hanging out with the wrong crowd. She would drink and even occasionally experimenting with drugs, so it wasn’t a surprise that when she went missing in 2004, police considered her just another runaway. However, many who knew the missing teen immediately knew this wasn’t the case.

On April 11, 2004, Amber was seen leaving her mother’s Maury County home with a male friend, James Gordon.  She was supposed to go on a two-day Spring-break trip but when she failed to return a missing persons report was filed with Maury County Sheriff’s Department. Gordon was questioned and he told police that the two of them left her mother’s Tracy Lane home in his car, a gold Mazda. They stopped at a store so Amber could purchase hair-dye and then she met-up with another male friend, Ronald Inzurriaga, who is also known by his street name “California” Inzurriaga.

Authorities tracked down Inzurriaga in an Alabama prison where he was serving time for an unrelated case. He told them he picked up Amber and the two hung out for a short while and during that time the two stopped at a store where Amber purchased hair-dye and he dropped her back off in Columbia with another guy who he didn’t know.

MCSD  were at a dead-end and brought in the Federal Bureau of Investigation to help aid them in this case but despite the added help, this case remains unsolved.

  • Some reports say James Gordon became Amber’s legal guardian several days before she disappeared while other reports say the teen’s sister was her legal guardian.
  • Amber never used her Social Security account number
  • She had a driver’s license, but there’s been no record of any infractions.
  • Some websites list Amber Cates as “Endangered Runaway” but she is considered “Endangered Missing” by both the police, FBI and major missing children websites like NCMEC and Charlie Project.
  • NCMC1110243 Amber’s National Center for Missing & Exploited Children’s Case (ID) Number.


Age-Progressed photo of what Amber Cates may look like at 22. She will be celebrating her 24th birthday in several days on 02/03/13
Date Of Birth: February 3, 1988
Age Then: 16 Age Now: 24
Height: 5’5″
Weight: 100-125 pounds
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Race: Caucasian
Gender: Female

Case Number: 2007-C-02299

Amber Cates Missing FBI Poster is posted on the FBI website which also has contact information for anyone with information regarding the case.

Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to please contact:
Maury County Sheriff’s Department at 931-380-5733 or 931-388-5151
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children 
1-800-843-5678 (1-800-THE-LOST)

FBI Website
Charlie Project
Project Jason

Unsolved Disappearance of Rachel Conger, A Henry County Mother, Remains Unsolved



Photo of Rachel Lyn Conger last seen in Henry County

PARIS, TENNESSEE — Rachel Conger was a thirty year old mother of one who lived in Como, TN with her daughter. She was last seen in Paris, TN on March 13, 2008 in a Ford F-150 with her ex-husband. A store’s surveillance video spotted the truck passing by at 8:07am on West Wood Street and Swan Bay cell-phone tower has a recorded call coming in from Rachel’s phone at 9:30am with her estranged husband answering the call. By 10:15am, the husband was seen alone at his home which is roughly twenty miles from where the phone-call had taken place

She hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

Three days after her disappearance, on March 16, 2008, her estranged husband committed suicide by a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Henry County Sheriff’s Department believes Rachel was killed in a murder-suicide by her husband but no body has ever been located to prove that theory and her case remains unsolved.

Rachel’s family miss her very much and are desperate for answers. They have put alot of effort and held many vigils, both online and offline, but still haven’t received any closure.

Bring Rachel Conger Home (Myspace Page)

Loved ones set up a site titled Bring Rachel Home and the missing woman’s mother also created an account on —

The most recent post on ‘Bring Rachel Home’ was published on March 13, 2012, exactly four years since the mother of one disappeared. The post reads:

We are remembering Rachel today. She has been missing for four years today. Please say a prayer that Rachel is found and say a prayer for comfort for her family.

Your Loved One lives In Your Heart
Many tender memories soften your grief,
May fond recollection bring you relief,
And may you find comfort and peace in the thought
Of the joy that knowing your loved one brought…
For time and space can never divide
Or keep your loved one from your side
When memory paints in colors true
The happy hours that belonged to you.

Rachel (nicknamed Railyn) was born October 11, 1977 and would have turned 34 this year. She is described as a Caucasian female with naturally brown hair which was dyed blonde at the time of her disappearance, green eyes, standing 5’2 inches tall and weighing approximately 130lbs. She was last seen wearing a burgundy tank top with pink lettering and black sweat-pants.

Rachel’s nose and tounge are pierced, she has breast implants and a metal implant in her jaw. She has several tattoos including the name ”Mia Maria” and a paw print on her right ankle, a butterfly tattoo also on her ankle, the name ”Solly Shai” and a paw print on her left ankle, the name ”Lynnia Lane” with a paw print on her left ankle, a lady bug on the top of her foot and a butterfly on a vine which is located on her back.

Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to please contact: Henry County Sheriff’s Department  (731)-642-1672

Tabitha Tuders Disappeared Nine Years Ago After Leaving Her Nashville Home To Walk To Her Bus Stop

Tabitha Danielle Tuders~ missing since 4/29/03

Tabitha Danielle Tuders Missing From Nashville, TN Since April 29, 2003 – Photo above is Tabitha’s families favorite photo. They said she loved eating slim-jims.

Tabithas Parents    Tabitha Danielle Tuders~ missing since 4/29/03

Photo of Tabitha’s parents, taken after she went missing.

Tabithas room remains the same it did 5 years ago    Tabitha Danielle Tuders~ missing since 4/29/03

Tabitha’s parents have left her room untouched in hopes that one day they will see her again. Her bedroom covered in purple, Tabitha’s favorite color.

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE — Tabitha Tuders, then 13, was a 7th grader who attended middle-school when she was last seen in the early morning hours on April 29, 2003 at her Nashville home. She had woken up early to get ready for school and went to catch the bus around 7:15am. but somewhere between her house and the bus-stop she vanished and hasn’t been seen since. She would be 22-years-old as of 2012.

Her family and friends still haven’t given up hope and are still searching for what happened to their loved one who has MySpace page’s set-up in her name with over one thousands friends. More friend’s on social net-working websites then the average person which tells you how missed she is.

Tabitha is listed as ”Endangered Missing” and Police suspect she was kidnapped and not a child who would simply take off. Her disappearance went National and yielded many tips but to date, no-one has been arrested and Tabitha remain’s missing

Age-progressed to 17 in My Photos by Tabitha Tuders

Age-progressed photo of what Tabitha might look like at 17 years of age.

Newest Age-progression. age-progressed to 19 years    Tabitha Danielle Tuders~ missing since 4/29/03

Age-progressed to 19 years. She would be turning 23 in 2013.

Tabitha was born February 15, 1990 and is a Caucasian female with Sandy-Blonde hair and blue eyes. She is petite and weighed approximately 100 pounds and stood 5’1” at the time of her disappearance.A good identifying factor is a birthmark on her stomach and a scar on her finger. She also had both ears pierced.

A website was created for Tabitha’s disappearance called ‘Tabitha Tuders’ – – The woman who run’s the website has also been threw a unsolved tragedy regarding her nine-year-old daughter. Below is a editor’s note taken from Tabitha’s website. It reads:

To the Editor:

Sunday, Gail Kerr brought attention to the unsolved murder of my daughter, Marcia Trimble. (”Police don’t want a repeat of unsolved ’70’s case.”)

Our nine-year-old daughter, Marcia, disappeared Feb. 25, 1975 , and was found 33 days later in a neighbor’s garage. She had been strangled to death and sexually assaulted.

Search dogs were flown in to pick up her scent. Many volunteers joined police and rescue units in the search. A command headquarters was set up in our home. Policemen were there day and night.

News media camped in our front yard with their strong lighting ready to broadcast live at any given moment. We discovered that having policemen and news people surrounding our house gave us much comfort.

What did we know about dealing with all this? We did the best we could, as I believe the Tuders are doing under great stress and horrible circumstances. Dogs and men searched for Marcia just as they have for Tabitha. My prayer is for Tabitha’s safe return and much peace for her family.

I think about the Tuders’ family, knowing the sleepless nights, the fear that floods their souls, fear of what could be happening to Tabitha, trying to be positive and calm in the middle of chaos. Not knowing whether your child is dead or alive is a terrible thing.

My words for Debra and Bo Tuders are, ”Don’t give up hope in finding your precious daughter. Her sweet face has captured many hearts, and Nashville stands with you.”

Virginia Trimble

Nashville 37212

The FBI is offering a reward of up to $25,000 for information leading to the recovery of Tabitha Tuders and the identification, arrest, and conviction, of the person(s) responsible for her disappearance.

Help Find Tabitha Tuders!!!

If you have any information regarding this case, please contact: Nashville Metro Police Department at 1-615-862-8600

More Family Photo’s of Tabitha Tuders Below

Her nephews last b-day party she went to    Help Find Tabitha Tuders!!!

Pictured Above: Tabitha at her nephews birthday party. The last party she went to before she went missing.

Another favorite picture    Help Find Tabitha Tuders!!!

Another family favorite

This is her Cake that we had for her 19th B-day celebration    Help Find Tabitha Tuders!!!

Her family still celebrates her Birthday. Even buying her a cake, frosted with her favorite color (purple)

This was her at the hospital when my oldest son was born. 2001    Help Find Tabitha Tuders!!!

Photo taken when Tabitha was 10-years-old. She was at the hospital to welcome her new baby brother who was born in 2001, just two years before she vanished.

This was her 7th grade picture the year she came up missing. She looked so pretty in this picture imagine what she looks like now. - Photo of Help Find Tabitha Tuders!!!Karen Earps

Tabitha’s 7th Grade Yearbook Photo Taken The Same Year She Disappeared.

Yes this is me with my sister many many years ago. That is also tyler with us about 13 years ago. Dont laugh. in My Photos by Missing Nashville Child

Tabitha (far-right) in her younger years, having a photo taken with her siblings.

Me Tabitha and our cousins Brittany and Beth 13 years ago    Help Find Tabitha Tuders!!!

Tabitha (far-right) in her younger years. She is shown in the photo with her big sister, her cousin and another cousin (or friend?)

Tabitha making a funny face.    Help Find Tabitha Tuders!!!

Tabitha making silly faces in her younger years.

Pictures were uploaded and shared by Tabitha Tudor’s family. Tabitha’s older sister has a MySpace page created for Tabitha. To view the MySpace page which has over one thousand friends, either click the link provided or copy/paste:!

If you have any information regarding this case you’re asked to please contact: Nashville Metro Police Department at 1-615-862-8600

The Unsolved Disappearance Of Zaylee Fryar And The Unsolved Death Of Her Mother, Shauna Fryar

Pictured Above: Zaylee Grace Fryar — And Pictured Below; Shauna Marie Fryar

Zaylee’s Description:

Date of Birth: January 14, 2011

Biracial (Black/Caucasian) Female

Height: 2’0”     Weight: 12 lbs

Hair: Black     Eyes: Brown

Missing Since: May 1, 2011 Location: Millersville, TN

Distinguishing Features: Brown Birthmark on her Right Leg.

Published: October 27, 2012

→ Shauna Fryar was the 28-year-old mother of Zaylee Fryar. She had gotten married to Michael in 1999 and although Zaylee and Michael share the same last name, Michael is not the biological father of Zaylee.

Pictured: Michael Fryar, Shauna’s former husband, came home on 04/29/11 to find Shauna and Zaylee Fryar gone.

Shauna and Michael remained married for six years until they separated in 2005. During their separation they both dated other people and had children with other people, but remained legally married.  Shauna had 8 children at the time of her death, 2 of them being with Michael.  Michael regularly let Shauna stay with him when she needed to.  Shauna and Zaylee were living in Nashville and were homeless before they moved in with him again on April 29, 2011, just days before their disappearance.

According to Millersville police, on the night of Shauna and baby Zaylee’s disappearance, Michael Fryar had told authorities that he left his apartment around 9:00 pm on the night of  January 14, 2011 to go to the store and when he returned, both Zaylee and Shauna were gone.

He (Michael) said he became concerned when he noticed his wife didn’t take her vehicle, cell-phone, wallet and other important possessions including Zaylee’s diaper bag which she always brought with her just in-case.

The last confirmed sighting of the two came four month’s later, on Saturday April 30, 2011, when the two visited relatives in Pegram, TN and they were said to be in good spirits. Their family said that Shauna was happy at the time and appeared to be a loving and responsible mother to Zaylee.

An AMBER Alert was issued for Zaylee two days later, on Monday, May 1, 2011.

Almost a week after the amber alert was issued, a body was found in the Cumberland River, near the Jefferson Street Bridge in downtown Nashville. Sadly, on 05/10/11, it was positively identified as the body of Shauna Marie Fryar. Metro Police Spokesperson Don Aaron said there was no visible trauma to Fryar’s body and an autopsy should determine how she died. Unfortunately the cause of death could not be determined. Police have stated however that they do not believe it was a suicide and suspect foul play.  Shauna was 28-years old.

Shauna does have a history of drug addiction, and it is believed that she may have been trying to obtain illegal drugs around the time that she and Zaylee went missing.

Shauna has disappeared for days at a time at least four times before and had always come home safely, so Michael did not report her and Zaylee missing until 05/05/11.

Zaylee’s father, Thurman McMurry was in jail for assault at the time of the her disappearance and Shauna’s death and he is not considered a suspect in either case.

As of October, 2012 Zaylee Fryar’s has not been located and is believed to be in danger. Her whereabouts remains unknown.

If you have any information regarding both cases please contact: Millersville Police Department – 1-615-859-2758 — You can also contact (NCMEC) National Center For Missing & Exploited Children at: 1-800-843-5678 (1-800-THE-LOST)


Parental Abduction of Two Tennessee Children

Audie Patterson (8) (above) and Sherryana Patterson (6) (below)

Missing: April 01, 2012

Parental Abduction

Abducted in Tennessee and taken to Wisconsin

Audie Patterson, 8, and Sherryana Patterson, 6, were last seen with their non-custodial mother Felicia Patterson. Felicia came to Tennessee and took the children with her to Wauwatosa, Wisconsin on April 1st, 2012. Felicia refuses to return the children after visitation and is wanted by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations (TBI.)

She and the children may also be in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area.

There isn’t much information on this case and the photo’s above are the only photos found. When a case is labelled ”parental abduction,” many people over-look it. It’s just as important as any missing children cases. Felicia Patterson lost custody for a reason and need’s to be caught and the father of these children deserves justice.

If you have any information regarding this case, please call: 1-800-TBI-FIND
to report any information or Email TIPs to TBI

(or contact your local police if you have a potential sighting)