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23-Year-Old Roanoke County Man Missing For Over One Week

scott-wheelingPolice in Virginia are seeking the publics help in trying to locate a young man who has been missing for twelve days.

Scott Dwayne Wheeling, 23, was last seen on March 18, 2013 in the area of Merriman Road and Meadowlark Road in Roanoke County, VA. He was not believed to have been driving any vehicles.

Detective Dan Walters from the Roanoke County Police Department said Wheeling was also seen at the Ruby Tuesday on Virginia 419 and near Tanglewood Mall on the day he went missing. There have been several unconfirmed sightings which police are still actively pursuing.

Friends and family immediately became concerned and have since messaged him on Facebook, but he has yet to respond.

According to his Facebook profile Wheeling is a father of two young children who moved from his hometown of Vinton to Roanoke County within the past couple of years. He also goes on too say that his children and wife are his ‘world’.

Scott Wheeling was last seen wearing a black jacket, dark-colored denim jeans, and light blue Nike-brand tennis shoes. He does not have any tattoos.

Authorities say they have limited leads at this point but are still actively searching for Wheeling and are asking the community to keep an eye out for anyone walking along the road.

If you have any information regarding this case you’re asked to please contact:
Roanoke County Police Department (540) 562-3265

Roanoke County Police Investigating An Attempted Child Abduction; SUV Of Interest

Roanoke County Police name SUV of interest in attempted child kidnapping | Missing and Exploited Children |

Pictured; Roanoke County Police are looking for attempted kidnappers believed to have driven a white-colored SUV, (similar to the one in this photo.)

10/22/12 – ROANOKE COUNTY, VA —

Roanoke County Police released a ‘vehicle of interest’ earlier this month in their investigation of the attempted kidnapping of a child in Roanoke County, Virginia.

Authorities believe based on the description of the SUV given to them by the six-year-old boy, that two men were driving a late 1990s model white Toyota RAV 4, similar to one in the picture above. Investigators believe the SUV may have dark tinted windows, and a trailer hitch.

The investigation started two week’s ago after a police report saying two men attempted to lure a child into a vehicle.

The boy was on Peyton Street in the Summerdean subdivision at about 5:40 p.m. when two men invited him into a white sport utility vehicle. The boy didn’t get inside the vehicle and instead hurried to his grandfather’s house which was nearby and that’s when police where called.

The men were described as Caucasian and in their twenties. Both suspects were wearing baseball hats with possible Indian logos.

RCPD said there have been at least two other reports of people attempting to lure children into a white SUV in late September in the same area.

According to, Mountain View Elementary School Officials asked parents to remind their children how to handle situations with strangers. The memo advised parents to talk to their children and practice keeping a safe distance from strangers, walking away from a situation and making noise to attract attention to a potentially dangerous situation. also said anyone with information is asked to call: Detective K. Saul at 562-3265.