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Ramsey County Woman Missing Since January 24th


Josephine M. Ray last seen two weeks ago in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Josephine Ray has been missing since January 24, 2013 and was reported missing on February 1, 2013. She was last seen on a greyhound bus from Minneapolis to Phoenix with a person who she has a current restraining order against and they may have travelled to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

There is virtually no information on this case aside from agencies including NamUs.


Josephine had a red tint in her hair prior to her January 24th disappearance

Status: Endangered Missing
Name: Josephine Mary Ray
Nickname: Josie
Missing Since: January 24, 2013
From: Ramsey County, Saint Paul, MN
Age Then: 26
Age Now: 26
Race: White
Sex: Female
Weight: 122 – 130 lbs
Height: 5’0”
Hair: Dark colored hair with red tint
Eyes: Brown (does have nystagmus of both eyes)
Scars/Marks: Josephine has scars on her head under hair, on the left side of her neck and on her stomach from shunt placements.
Other: She wears prescription glasses has her ears pierced with her left hair having multiple piercings.

Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to please contact: Nicole Peterson of the St. Paul Police Department 651-266-5704 (

Unidentified Woman Found In Maricopa, AZ on August 9, 1997



Jane Doe found deceased in 1997

The skeletal remains of an unidentified adult female were discovered on August 9, 1997 on 51st Avenue south of Pecos Road on the Gila River Indian Reservation in Maricopa County, Arizona, south of Phoenix.

The estimated time of death, according to Maricopa County Media Examiners, is approximately four months prior to discovery (early to middle 1997)

Jane Doe is described as an adult woman believed to be either Hispanic, Native and/or Caucasian, between 30 – 50 years old. She had 10 inch long, dark brown hair, stood between 5’1” – 5’4”,  and appeared to have once carried children. The victim’s weight couldn’t be determined.

Case Number: 97-20112

Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to please contact:
Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office 602-256-1000 (all calls can remain anonymous)
Please refer to NCIC Number U-048035317 when contacting any agency with information

Baby Kidnapped Over A Decade Ago Still Missing

This segment of unsolved mysteries was aired on August 28, 2001, several months after the kidnapping. Jacqueline’s case was also aired on America’s Most Wanted (web exclusive.)


Photo of Jacqueline Castaneda taken shortly before she was kidnapped

Birth name: Jacqueline Castaneda-Vasquez
Location of incident: 
Avondale, Phoenix, Arizona
Date of birth: 
January 14, 2001
Date of abduction: 
May 6, 2001
She is described as a Caucasian/Hispanic female with brown hair and brown eyes and a heart-shaped birthmark on her upper arm. On the day the baby was kidnapped, she was wearing a white outfit and was strapped into a green and white car seat. She would be 12-years-old (and turning thirteen in a couple of months.)

Short description of abduction: Jacqueline Vasquez was just a baby when she was last seen at a swap meet located on 12300 West Buckeye Road located in Avondale, AZ.  At the time of her disappearance, Jacqueline was wearing a white outfit and was strapped into a white and green car-seat carrier. She has a heart-shaped birthmark on her upper right arm.
According to police, the baby’s father dropped off Vasquez and her family at the event Sunday morning. An older family member ran a booth at the meet. Despite leads from the local community, Jacqueline has not been seen since she disappeared. Police have no suspect’s, but they would like to speak to the woman in this sketch

Full story: In May of 2001, Olivia Castaneda arrived at a swap meet outside Phoenix, Arizona, with two of her three  children, Niely Castaneda who was just a toddler, and Jacqueline Castaneda who was 4-months-old going on 5-months, and the children’s grandmother (a.k.a Olivia’s mother)

“My husband dropped me off there with my two babies, my two year-old Niely, and Jacqueline, my four month-old baby. I took Jacqueline out of the car with her car seat, and Niely, I took her walking.”

Before meeting her mother inside, Olivia needed to use the rest room. She finally found a portable bathroom. Finding it too cramped and dirty, she made a decision that would lead to tragedy:

“Jacqueline couldn’t fit inside, so I just took my two year-old, Niely, inside the rest room ’cause she could have walked away if I left her outside. I was in the rest room, like, for a minute, when I came out, Jacqueline wasn’t there anymore.”

Hoping that her mother had taken the baby, Olivia rushed into the swap meet:

“I felt more upset and more nervous when I saw my mom was by herself. She didn’t have the baby. And that’s when I felt I was going to die. I mean, I just–I didn’t know what to do.”

After 20 minutes of searching booth to booth, the police were called. According to Sgt. Mark Lucas of the Avondale Police Department, they immediately sealed off the swap meet:

“There was an officer stationed at all the exits and along the fence line. And as cars were leaving, we would check the vehicles as they left. As people were leaving the side exits through the gates, we would go ahead and check them, make sure they weren’t carrying an infant or had a car-carrier.”

Witnesses reported a suspicious woman lurking around the rest-room shortly before the kidnapping and a vehicle speeding away moments after the incident. The vehicle is described as a  red, full-size, (possibly Ford) Pick up truck. According to the website “25missingpersons,” authorities have not yet connected the vehicle to the abduction.

To see a small composite sketch photo of the unknown suspect please click: Charley Project.

Witnesses description of the woman matched and a sketch of the woman was made, but she has yet to be identified.

But despite police standing by exits, the baby was never rescued and her family remains heartbroken.

Many people have had their own theories and assumptions, one being, that the kidnapper was a female who couldn’t have children of her own and desperately wanted a child and jumped at the first opportunity to steal another mother’s baby to raise as her own. Police list her possible locations as “National” however, she could be ANYWHERE and authorities are hoping that somebody is alert and recognizes the child who will be turning thirteen on January 14, 2013. The most identifying characteristic is the heart-shaped birthmark on her arm.

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children came out with an age-progressed photo of what Jacqueline might of looked like at age 6, today, she would be 12-years-old.


Age-progressed photo of what Jacqueline might of looked like as a younger child

If you have any information regarding this case, you are urged to contact: Avondale Police Department (Arizona) – 1-623-932-3660 Or leave a tip by calling: National Center for Missing and Exploited Children 1-800-THE-LOST  — Other options: Contact the nearest FBI Office NCIC #M-321554928

For any possible sighting outside the United States, contact the nearest United States Embassy or Consulate NCIC #M-321554928

Or leave an anonymous tip by going to Unsolved Mysteries Official Site.

Several cases of missing people from the State of Arizona

Pictured above; Justin Richardson prior to his disappearance, below is a age-progressed photo created last year, It shows what Justin might look like at 23 years of age.

Pictured; Justin Richardson

County: Coconino City: Grand-Canyon State: Arizona

Justin Richardson also known as ‘little man’ to those who knew him, was born June 6th, 1988 and had just turned thirteen a month prior to his disappearance on July 2nd, 2001. He had went to Grand-Canyon National Park with some friends who’s names are unknown to the public. They said they were hanging out with Justin when suddenly he walked away. It isn’t mentioned why he walked away and he hasn’t been seen or heard from since. Justin is twenty-four years old as of 2012. Few details are released on his disappearance.

It highly possible that the teen is deceased and somewhere in Grand-Canyon National Park. He could’ve died as a result of getting lost, injured, or worse, foul play. GCNP is a large area and searches were conducted, searching the whole area would’ve took a very long time.

Justin is described as a Caucasian, young male with brown hair and eyes. He was 4’10”, weighing approximately 100 pounds and was last seen wearing a red Chicago Bulls jersey and denim shorts.

If you have any information regarding this case, please contact: Coconino Police Department 928-774-4523

_____ _____ _____ _____ _____

Pictured; Cameron John Sequeira

County: Forest Lakes City: Coconino State: Arizona

— Cameron Sequeira (pictured) was 34-years-old when he was last seen leaving his home on Blue Bird Circle in Forest Lakes on the night of June 26th, 2010 with his dog, a black/whitish-grey healer mix. He appeared to be taking his dog for a walk, nothing unusual until his dog returned a couple days later without Cameron who hasn’t been seen or heard from since. He would be 34-years-old as of 2012. It is unclear what happened to him. There isn’t any main suspects nor was he ever found. Nothing appeared to be stolen although it is possible that something was taken. Cameron has alot of physical characteristics which would help in identifying him, which are:

Hair-Color: Brown
Hair-Style: Wavy, thick, just above shoulder.
Body Hair: Legs, and arms only
Facial Hair: Legs, and arms only
Eye: Brown
Deformities: Right Eye is smaller than the left, and is fake. Very little eye lashes. Eye does not move.
Scars And Marks: Had surgery for pelvis injury. 2 large scars in front just below the stomach.
Tattoos: Tattoos, on his arms an Alien on one and a joker on the other.. a little old man smoking a pipe under a mushroom. On the back of his shoulders there was a VW man and on the other a VW women.
Piercings: One Nipple.
Artificial Body Parts: Plastic eye implant on a piece of coral. Rods and pins in his pelvis.
Other Distinctive: Scoliosis.. one extra rib bone.
Foreign Objects: A piece of coral implanted in the eye sock-it. Rods and pins holding his pelvis together.
Skeletal Information: Has a curve of the spine, (Scoliosis). Has an extra rib bone.

It is unclear what type of clothing/shoes he was wearing but those who know him say he was was most likely wearing shorts and his work-boots or black (skater) tennis-shoes.

If you have any information regarding this case, please contact: Coconino Police Department 928-774-4523

_____ _____ _____ _____ _____

Pictured; Tia Payne, photo above taken a year before her disappearance. Photo below taken shortly before her disappearance.

County: Maricopa City: Phoenix State: Arizona

— Tia Payne was 18-years-old when she was last seen and/or spoken to on August 1st, 2010. The young woman from Maricopa County had told family and friends about a modelling-job she got. She was excited believing this would be the door that opens many others. After speaking about the new job, she promptly disappeared and hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

Did Tia meet with foul-play? Sex-trafficking? Did she runaway? Someone knows what happened.

Tia would be twenty-years-old as of 2012. She has naturally brown hair and eyes. 5’5 feet weighing approximately 160 pounds. Tia had a tattoo of a pink-bear with her last name, ‘Payne’ underneath it on left arm. She also had a stick figure tattoo on her right-hip. Her ears were pierced.

To view Tia’s modelling page, click link:

Anyone with any information regarding this cold case is asked to contact: Phoenix Police Department 602-262-7354

_____ _____ _____ _____ _____

Pictured; Ira Jack Josytewa

City: Phoenix State: Arizona
County: Maricopa

Twenty-one-year-old Ira Jack, a father a two hasn’t been seen or heard since August 28th, 2001 when he left a friend’s house in the 3400 block of W. Buckeye Rd in Maricopa. His vehicle, a 1996 teal-green Nissan Altima was discovered abandoned in a (parking-lot) apartment complex near 38th Ave and McDowell Rd. His car door was left open and his possessions were still in his car. It’s as if he opened his door to get out and vanished into thin-air. He never arrived at his job at a warehouse and no-one could get intouch with him nor did he cash the last paycheck he recieved. He would be 32-years-old this year.

Ira is Biracial Hispanic/Native-American with brown eyes and dark hair that was cut short with a pony-tail in the back.. He has a surgical scar on abdomen and another scar on his left knee-cap. Height was between 5’5”-5’7” and weighed approximately 168 pounds (give or take a few pounds.)

He was last seen wearing a gray t-shirt with dark blue jeans and white Nike sneakers.

Anyone with any information regarding this cold case is asked to contact: Phoenix Police Department 602-262-7354

Jeffrey Block Missing from Show Low, Arizona

Photo of Jeffery Block and his dog Blue

SHOW LOW, ARIZONA — 58-year-old Jeffrey Block has been missing since July 25th, 2012 along with his dog, ‘Blue’ and his white pickup truck. The Pinal County Sheriff’s Department and Valley family members are frantically searching for a 58-year-old man who disappeared the afternoon of 7/25/2012 under strange circumstances. Jeffrey Block had been traveling in a white 2005 Dodge Ram SLT pickup truck.

His brother, Dan, said that he was last heard from during a phone call around 3 p.m. to his father, Sherwin, while driving to Show Low from his home in Apache Junction. The phone call with his father was broken up by poor service, but Jeffrey told him that he was west of Show Low and wouldn’t be able to make it to the 5 p.m. dinner they had scheduled. He reportedly said that he wouldn’t be back before 7 p.m. either.

Jeffrey said that he would call his father back because of the poor service, but no one has heard from him since the phone call. “Every hour I try to think how this could happen, but I just don’t have any idea,” said Jeffrey’s father Sherwin Block.”We have even wondered if he had any personal issues that we might not know about, but we just can’t think of anything,”Sherwin said.No one is completely sure why Jeffrey took the last-minute trip to Show Low.

Jeffrey was supposed to go to fishing in Colorado the following morning with his father who lives in Phoenix.

Pinal County Sheriff’s Office said that Jeffrey was not on any known medications and doesn’t appear to be suicidal or at any risk of harming himself.
The family and officials have contacted various police departments, jails, hospitals and other departments in hopes of finding Jeffrey.

Friends describe Jeffrey as 5 feet 10 inches tall and approximately 185 pounds. He was traveling with a large white wolf-mix dog who answers to “Blue.” He was driving a 2005 white Dodge Ram SLT pickup truck with Arizona license plate number 975-SNR.

If you have any information regarding his disappearance please call the Pinal County Sheriff’s Department at 1-800-420-8689.