Police are searching for Linda Fellenbaum, 33, from Joliet in Illinois, who was last seen alive on Sunday October 21

Pictured: Linda Barr Fellenbaum with one of her three children

UPDATE 11/07/12 JOLIET, ILLINOIS — Searches being conducted in Plainfield, Romeoville for missing mother of three: 

Family, friends and volunteers combed areas along Renwick Road near Plainfield Sunday, searching for clues in the disappearance of a young Joliet mother,according to the Herald-News.

Deborah Barr said her daughter, 33-year-old Linda Barr Fellenbaum, was last seen leaving her boyfriend’s home at 3608 Crockett Court in Joliet’s Old Renwick Trail subdivision, located off Renwick Road near I-55.

According to the Herald-News, nearly 50 people showed up to search for Fellenbaum, including her mother and her sister, Sarah Ogeto. Friends, family and volunteers knocked on doors and searched fields, but ultimately did not turn up any hard clues, Ogeto said.

“I’m hoping that we find some information from someone — some kind of evidence of what direction she was going in that can help us to find her,” Ogeto told the newspaper. Click here to read the entire article.

Based out of the parking lot at Mistwood Golf Club in Romeoville, searchers walked fields and marshy areas near Renwick Road, looking for signs of the missing mom in a search area that stretched into Romeoville, Plainfield, Crest Hill and Joliet.

Barr told Patch her daughter was last seen Oct. 21 walking away from boyfriend Donald Wolak’s Crockett Court home — leaving behind her car, cell phone and even her shoes, her mother said.

Wolak, meanwhile, filed a report with Joliet police, alleging Fellenbaum stole a “large sum” of cash from him, along with a gun. Police said the couple argued over the missing money on Oct. 21, and Wolak told police she then fled the house. According to police, a neighbor backed up Wolak’s story, saying he saw Fellenbaum leaving the Crockett Court home.

Barr said the mother of three would not willingly disappear for weeks without telling her family where she was going.

“This is 100 percent out of character for her,” she told Patch.

The day she vanished, Fellenbaum had reportedly met with a Chicago man for tryst the two allegedly set up on Craigslist, the man claimed. But after meeting with the man in Naperville, Fellenbaum reportedly changed her mind and backed out.

Source of above article: Romeoville.Patch.Com

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11/05/12, JOLIET, ILLINOIS —  Joliet mother missing after argument with boyfriend – 

A mother-of-three has been missing for two weeks following an argument with her boyfriend over ‘a handgun and a large sum of cash’.

Police are searching for Linda Fellenbaum, 32, (also some report her age as 33) from Joliet, IL who was last seen alive on Sunday October 21, 2012 by Donald Wolak, 40, who had been in a relationship with Linda for two months after meeting on the Internet.

According to Wolak, Linda showed up at his Crockett Court residence on Sunday, October 21 and they both started arguing. Apparently Wolak was accusing Linda of stealing a large amount of cash and a gun and in the heat of the argument Woklak said Linda fled on foot leaving her vehicle, shoes, cell-phone and other possessions behind.

She hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

The missing woman had reportedly planned to pick her son up from her mother’s home the day after her disappearance, but never showed up, which Barr told the Herald-News was unlike her daughter.

Less than a week before Linda’s disappearance, on October 16, 2012 Wolak filed a police report. In the report he wrote an alleged theft of his gun. He then told officers he assumed she had returned on October 21 to give him back his gun and his money and when she didn’t he got upset but so far claims he had nothing to do with her disappearance.

Family and friends don’t believe Wolak’s story and don’t believe Linda just ran off especially without her possessions and vehicle and without contacting them.

In a surprising twist, a unidentified man from Chicago, IL has come forward, telling police that he had replied to a ad on Craigslist posted by Linda and the two met up at a Naperville hotel for a discrete hook-up just hours before her disappearance. According to the unknown male, Linda wrote in the ad that she was just visiting the town and would be leaving within the next day. He said the two of them met at 4pm on October 21, ‘in the hotel parking lot’ but Linda ended up backing out last minute, she went missing four hours later. The unknown man added: ‘We never ended up doing anything.’ 

Pictured: Craigslist logo

A Facebook group was set-up by the missing mother’s family titled Linda Barr Fellenbaum Missing Person

Family joined with police Yesterday to search for the missing woman in Romeoville and the neighborhood where she was last seen, but so far nothing has come up and Linda’s whereabouts remain unknown. Authorities are now asking the public for assistance.

A release from the family describes her as an African American female adult, 5′ 9″, weighing approximately 145 lbs, with brown hair and brown eyes, a mole on the top edge of hairline and a scar on her left knee.

According to the release, Linda’s mother says she grew up in Rockford, Ill., and attended Marquette University in Milwaukee.

She had reportedly moved to Joliet from the nearby Hinsdale, Ill., which is located about 20 miles from Chicago.

If you have any information regarding this case, please contact: Joliet State Police Department – (815) 740-5160