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Chula Vista Teen Missing Since March 3rd (Endangered Runaway)

chula-vista-missing-teenCHULA VISTA, Calif,. — Chula Vista police are trying to locate 16-year-old Cassandra Garcia who is considered ‘at risk’.

Garcia left her Chula Vista residence on the afternoon of March 3, 2013 to visit a male friend in Los Angeles, CA, which is approximately a two-hour distance. She contacted her parents that evening and told them that she was at the Los Angeles bus stop.

She takes medications and has had suicidal thoughts, which concerns her family.

Garcia is described as a Hispanic female, 5’10”, 200 lbs, with long brown hair which is regularly worn in a braid, and brown eyes. She was last seen wearing a white dress, black and brown leopard print belt, black beanie hat and brown shoes.

The photo shown is a recent photo of the missing teen.

Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to please contact:
Chula Vista Police Department (619) 691-5151.

Freddy Murguia Missing In California (Cold Case)


Freddy Murguia was last seen in Los Angeles, CA on July 24, 1986 and has not had any contact with friends of family since. At the time of his disappearance he had a felony warrant out for his arrest, which led many to believe he voluntarily walked off, but as time went on people became more concerned.

Freddy grew up in Hollywood and was currently living in West Hollywood, in the area of Santa Monica Boulevard and Genesee Street. He, along with his sister and her husband ran a moving business at the time. He regularly attended the popular nightclubs in LA and was well known in the area. In 1986, the same year he went missing, he had a small juice stand-off of Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood, just below Melrose on Martel. Many people would see him driving his motorcycle around town, his favorite form of transportation at the time.

He was last seen carrying his wallet, ID, credit-cards, house/truck/car keys, and a comb. He may have also been carrying chapstick, handkerchief and a belt. He always carried his pager on him.

Freddy disappeared along with another person named only as “Jose”. Very little is known about Jose aside from him driving a mid size, dark blue, four-door vehicle. The car has never been located. Jose is not listed as missing and has never been seen again according to Freddy’s family.

  • Last Seen In: Hollywood area of Los Angeles, California (USA)
  • Date Of Birth: 03/30/58
  • Date of Disappearance: 07/24/86
  • Age at Time of Disappearance: 28 years old
  • Age as of 2013: 54 years old
  • Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 5’5-5’8″; 130-140 lbs
  • Physical Characteristics: Hispanic male. Black, full hair; brown eyes. Clean cut, no facial hair at the time of disappearance. Well groomed. Thick eyebrows and dark eyelashes
  • Clothing: Possibly wearing khaki-colored or dark blue pants, a casual light blue or white, button down shirt, with a white t-shirt underneath. Sandals, tennis shoes or dress shoes
  • Jewelry: He may have been wearing a gold ring with a symbol of a pyramid, and a gold chain necklace, with a gold anchor and a rope around it. He also wore a watch. Dark sunglasses, possibly name brand
  • Other: Has silver fillings


Age Progression photos by Martin Bailey in 2009 showing what Freddy Murguia may look like as a mid-aged adult. He will be turning 55 this year.

A MySpace page A Love Lost But Not Forgotten and a Facebook account, both private, is believed to have been created for Freddy by family/loved ones.

Contact Agency:
Los Angeles Police Department
Missing Persons Unit
(213) 485-5381 / 213-485-3225
Case Number: 86-0632325
NCIC # M-211636198

Please refer to this case number when contacting any agency with information regarding this case.

Charlie Project
The Doe Network
Missing In California


Ava Miranda Abducted By Her Mother, Lucy Gragg, Two Months Ago


Ava Lucille Miranda (8)

Ava Miranda was kidnapped from her mother, Laura Gragg, in Los Angeles, CA two months ago on November 26, 2012. Los Angeles Police issued a felony warrant for Custodial Interference for Gragg ten days later on December 06, 2012. The two of them haven’t been seen since.

Gragg has ties to Mexico and may be in the Cabo San Lucas area.


Description of Laura Gragg

Relation: Abductor
Birthday: Oct 20, 1966
Last seen: Nov. 26, 2012
Age then: 46 Age now: 46
Race: White Sex: Female
Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown
Height: 5’6″ (168 cm)
Weight: 130 lbs (59 kg)


Description of Ava Miranda

Relation: Victim
DOB: Sep 26, 2004 Sex: Female
Missing Date: November 26, 2012
Age Now: 8 Race: Caucasian
Missing City: El Segundo HT/WT: 4’6” tall, 80 lbs
Missing State : California Country: United States
Hair: Blonde Eye Color: Hazel
Case Number: NCMC1206890

Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to please contact:

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department 1-661-255-1121
Or: National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
1-800-843-5678 (1-800-THE-LOST)

Call your local authorities is you believe you have a sighting.

Los Angeles Model Vanishes After Going For A Jog (UPDATED!)


Feb 28, 2013 UPDATE — Important update from the “Help find Lacey Brooks” Facebook page posted by Loved ones Feb 22, 2013 —

A note from Lacey’s parents:

We have news regarding Lacey. We have received a brief note from her stating she is in a safe place and getting better physically and mentally. She also states she is sorry for the pain and stress she has caused and will contact us again.

We have taken a little time before releasing this information to verify that it was her handwriting, to determine if it was written under duress and to decide what to do next. Although there are still a lot of unanswered questions, for your sake we don’t want to delay sharing this information any longer.

For us this is good news because of the condition she was in and the way she disappeared, but unfortunately we still do not know her exact location. As difficult as it is, we are going to try to give Lacey some time and space even though we are very anxious to see her and won’t be at peace until we do. We are ending the widespread search for Lacey. We are going to give Lacey time to make more intimate family contact.

Some people won’t understand what the big deal was. Not all of you know Lacey personally, but the few family and close friends who saw her just before she disappeared know that she was facing some very difficult challenges.

Lacey’s family truly appreciates what everyone has done to help us; we cannot begin to express our gratitude. You have given your time and support selflessly, and in time Lacey will know of that outpouring of love. We especially want to thank the core group of Lacey’s friends who have given so much of their time and energy to the search.

We don’t know yet what led Lacey to contact us, but perhaps the exposure she was getting may have reached her. Everyone who helped is very important to us. We also want to thank Pauley Perrette, Stacey Butler reporter for CBS, Pauley’s private investigator John Nazarian and Detective Glissman Anaheim PD for their continuing efforts on Lacey’s behalf.

To all of us who know and love Lacey, we know this is out of character for her. Lacey would never intentionally hurt another person. But we are all human and sometimes when we go through a life threatening illness or extreme emotional stress we can get intensely self-centered and it can hurt others. We hope and believe all of you who know Lacey well will be able to forgive her and still love her.

Thank you all so much.

Also, Sharon Brooks, Lacey’s mother, posted a comment Feb 23, 2013 which says;

From Lacey’s Father, Mike Brooks As a father and a Christian, God’s gift to me was all the people and all the efforts that came forward on Lacey’s behalf. We still need prayers for Lacey’s continued safety and recovery. I want to thank all of you in writing, because unlike our normal Lacey, I am not a comfortable “people” person. So God bless you all and thank you from the bottom of my heart. My heart broke today as I heard the news of the family’s missing daughter. Their worst nightmare ended in the horrifying discovery of their daughter’s body in a water tank on top of a hotel. Her poor frightened look in the elevator just before her disappearance was heart wrenching. Let’s all pray for her family.
God, thank you for Lacey’s safety. Please continue to protect her. Bless and protect all who have helped. Comfort and help all other families and friends going through similar situations. This I ask in Jesus name, Amen
Thank you all – Mike, Lacey’s dad


Photo of Lacey Brooks hugging her dog

Jan 15, 2013, LOS ANGELES — Lacey Brooks, 35, is a amateur model from Los Angeles, CA whose been missing for several months.

On November 29, 2012, Lacey, along with her dog went to her father’s home which is in the Downey area of LA, at approximately 10:30a.m. Shortly after arriving to her father’s she decided to go for a walk, leaving her dog and possessions including her wallet, cellphone, etc, behind. Those items and her dog were very important for her but she was planning to come back after a short jog so no one thought anything of it.

She never returned and hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

According to her loved ones, Lacey recently spent time at the at Dennis the Menace Park on Arrington in Downey, and may have gone to walk there. Searches have been conducted in Downey but have so far turned up nothing. It’s as if she vanished into thin air.

Lacey was reported to have last been seen wearing a grey fleece sweatshirt, dark blue or light grey leggings, grey tennis shoes and a cream-colored ski hat. Her disappearance has grabbed National attention including the eye of NCIS Actress/Star Pauley Perrette – and America’s Most Wanted. But despite the recognition no one has come forward with the information needed for authorities to locate her and her whereabouts remains unknown.

  • Lacey travels alot and has ties to: California, Arizona, Key West, FL, etc.
  • She has a tattoo on her lower back that reads “Let Love Rule”

Family and friends are very worried and continue to search and look for Lacey. It is uncharacteristic of her to simply walk off and they, along with authorities, feel she is Endangered.


Help Find Lacey Brooks is a Facebook page created by family and friends to spread  awareness and give updates on this case.  The page was created on December 19, 2012 and has reached over 2,200 ‘likes’.

Lacey’s mother, Linda Brooks left a Facebook status in January, 2013. In it she was thanking America’s Most Wanted for their recent help Lacey’s unsolved disappearance.

With a heart full of gratitude, I want to thank Pauley Perrette, Michelle Sigona from America’s Most Wanted, Stacy Butler and cameraman Wilson Posey from CBS/KCAL for their concern for Lacey. They were all compassionate and understanding during our time together and made a difficult task easier.

With all of us working together to ensure Lacey’s safe return I know we will be celebrating our reunion soon. Thank you all so much.

Linda, Lacey’s mom

Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to please contact one or more of the following:

Lacey’s parents at 888-511-9898, and the Downey Police Department by calling the phone-number on Lacey’s missing poster above. You’re also urged to contact: Anaheim Police Department – 714-765-1900 and/or the Missing Persons Hotline 1-800-222-FIND

(Calls can remain anonymous.)

Identity Of Black Teenager Discovered In La County On September 13, 1975 Remains Unknown




Photo is a computer generated reconstruction created by a forensic artist at the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children showing what this unidentified female might have looked like alive

Found: Sep 13, 1975
Height: 5’0″ (152 cm)
Eyes: Brown
Race: Black
Sex: Female
Weight: 100 lbs (45 kg)
Hair: Brown
Los Angeles

Over 37 years ago, on September 13, 1975, the remains of an unidentified victim, believed to be a teenager, were discovered in 700 block of Artesia Boulevard in Compton, La County, CA.

According to pathologists, the victim is a black female between the ages of 14 – 17 years. She was discovered wearing a gold metal ring with a large black stone. The black stone had a gold-colored flower within it.   “Jane Doe” was also wearing two metal bracelets, one silver and one gold. She had a 1-1/2” scar on her left foot.

Nobody has ever come forward with the teenager’s identity and it’s possible she wasn’t from the state of California.

If you have any information regarding this cold case you’re asked to please contact: Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office – Cold Case Unit (California) 1-323-890-5500

Or you may contact:  National Center for Missing & Exploited Children 1-800-843-5678 (1-800-THE-LOST) and/or NCMEC Cold Case Review Unit at 1-877-446-2632, ext. 6235 or 6342

California Toddler Missing Since October Found Underdressed In Stroller With Woman Claiming To Be The Child’s Grandmother

Alouette Day-Moreno-Baltierra


Photo of Alouette Day-Moreno-Baltierra, a missing California toddler who was found alive with a woman claiming to be the child’s grandmother at the University of Kentucky in Lexington

LEXINGTON, KY — Two University of Kentucky police officers have found a toddler whose mother reported her missing to the Los Angeles Police Department a couple of months ago.

Campus police officers Jennifer Ockerman and Emily Smith spotted a woman pushing a stroller with a  little girl strapped into the seat on December 27, 2012.  They were concerned because the child was under-dressed in the cold weather. According to reports, she was not wearing shoes, socks or a jacket and without hesitation, the officer’s approached the two of them.

“It was obvious that the infant looked like she had been out in the weather for a while,” University of Kentucky Police Chief Joe Monroe said. “Her face was red, she was showing some signs of potential frostbite or hypothermia. So, we did take the initiative to go ahead and get the child some medical treatment.”

The woman, identified as 62-year-old Maria Baltierra-Dejesus, tried to shield the toddler’s face, claiming to be the her grandmother and refused to answer questions. She was immediately placed under arrest.

The child was identified as 17-month-old Alouette Day-Moreno-Baltierra and upon further investigation, authorities discovered that the Alouette is a missing child from California. Her mother had apparently reported her missing to the Los Angeles Police Department 10 weeks prior on October 15, 2012.

Alouette has been placed in the temporary custody of Kentucky Child Protective Services while Baltierra-Dejesus faces charges of child endangerment and custodial interference. She could face felony charges in California for taking the child.

Meanwhile, authorities are still trying to figure out why Baltierra-Dejesus, who had a New York address, was in Kentucky or whether she really is the child’s grandmother. They did find Alouette’s birth certificate in Baltierra-Dejesus’s possession along with the a passport with evidence showing she tried to leave the country twice.

Baltierra-Dejesus has been “very uncooperative,” said Monroe.

“We’re not sure exactly who she is at this point. We’re still trying to locate that,” Monroe said. “It’s very strange … Honestly, it was just kind a coincidence that she ended up here.”

“This is an example of where the responding officers followed a gut feeling that something just wasn’t right with the situation,” Monroe said Friday.

Alouette Day Moreno Baltierra is said to be doing good and will be reunited with her family soon.

Fourteen years later and (illegal) female still eludes authorities for the murder of one child and the abduction of another


Photo of Alicia Leonor Banuelos

PALATINE, IL — Banuelos, then 31 from Mexico, was living illegally in Illinois when she lost custody of her four year old daughter, Lyric Garcia, in 1997. Around the same time police had charged her for first degree murder for the death of her youngest child, a newly born baby girl.

On April 29, 1997, Banuelos returned to a Palatine home where she was living at the time. She had worked an overnight shift at a grill factory and then slept through the afternoon. She awoke to labor pains and went to her bathroom where she delivered her daughter without medical attention. The infant, who was not given a name, was born healthy and only lived the first moments of her short life before she was drowned by the hands of her own mother.

She was arrested shortly after. Lyric, the eldest daughter, had been placed in a guardian’s custody pending the result of the murder and custody trail.

Banuelos was scheduled to begin trial on October 12, 1999 for the murder. Two days before trail, on October 10, 1999, during a monthly visitation, she had gone by her sister’s house upset over a meeting with her lawyer. It is unknown what exactly transpired at the meeting but her other sister, who was also at the house, suggested that the three of them (her, Banuelos and Lyric) spend their visit at the local Chicago mall, to get their mind off the custody issue and upcoming court date.

While at the mall, Banuelos snatched Lyric and took off and both of them haven’t been seen or heard from since.

For nearly fourteen years, she has been on the run, evading murder and kidnapping charges in Illinois. She is believed to have travelled back to Mexico.

FBI was eventually involved in the case and Banuelos is listed on their website. According to the FBI, calls were made to a hotel in Zacatecas, Mexico, where she is believed to have friends.

There have been no sightings of Banuelos since 1999, and officials said they do not know if Lyric, who would now be around 17 or 18, is still alive.

 Alicia Banuelos will be turning 46 in the year 2013.

Banuelos FBI’s Most Wanted Poster for her physical description and other information.

If you have any information regarding this case you’re asked to please contact:  FBI (Chicago) 312-421-6700.

The Disappearance Of Joseph Pichler

Hope For Joe Pichler

Photo of Joseph Pichler taken shortly before his disappearance.

11/04/12, BREMERTON, WA → Joseph David Wolfgang Pichler was born in Bremerton, Washington on Valentines day (February 14, 1987) and was described by family as a good kid who never ran away or got in trouble. He moved to (Los Angeles) California at six-years-old to focus on acting and even had some success appearing in various TV shows and movies including The Fan (starring Robert Deniro and Westley Snipes,) Varsity Blue, Children and their Birthdays, and his most popular role as Brennan Newton in the third and fourth installments of Beethoven.

 Hope For Joe Pichler

Childhood photo

Joe with Frankie Muniz    Hope For Joe Pichler

Joe Pichler as a child actor. Photo of him standing to the right next to Frankie Muniz

Hope For Joe Pichler

 Joe in his younger years posing with singer/rapper “LL Cool J”

Joe didn’t want to go back to his hometown of Bremerton but his family felt he should come back and finish highschool and, in 2003, with their insistence he left Los Angeles and moved back to Washington. He graduated from Bremerton High School in 2005 and  was planning to move back to LA in 2006 to get back into acting but wanted to wait until his top braces were off which would have taken approximately one year so in the mean time he got a job, moved into his own apartment and spent much of his time hanging out with his friends and family.

Joe went to hang out at a friend’s home on the night of January 5, 2006. There, he hung out with several different friends playing cards and drinking beer. Everyone who was there that night claimed Joe was in good spirits and his behavior was normal but according to one friend his mood changed when the night ended and everyone left.

According to reports, Joe drove his friend’s home after a night of drinking and playing card games. After dropping them off he placed a call at 4:08am to one of the friends that he was with earlier that night. The unidentified friend said that Joe was upset and inconsolable and told him that he didn’t know why he was crying and that he couldn’t stop drinking. He told him he would call him back in an hour but never did and hasn’t been heard from since.

His vehicle, a silver 2005 Toyota Corolla, was located a few days later on January 9, 2006 at the intersection of Wheaton Way and Sheridan Road on Lebo Blvd. All of his possessions including his cell phone were still in his car except his wallet and car keys. He was reported as officially missing by his parents 11 days later on January 16, 2006 after not being able to reach him.

According to reports the young man’s apartment was unlocked with lights on which is out of character and not something he is known to do.

Police initially believed that after leaving his friend’s house that night he committed suicide by jumping off the Port Madison Narrows but search dogs did not pick up any scents and nothing ever surfaced despite numerous searches.

Nobody has ever come forward with any creditable sightings or information regarding his whereabouts.

A letter written by Joe was discovered, in it he says he wished he would’ve been a “stronger brother” for his younger brother and asked that his little brother be given his belongings.

Joe’s family insisted that he met with foul-play, they said he wouldn’t have taken his own life and no hard evidence points to him doing so. His family is still actively searching for clues as to what happened the night of his disappearance.

The Pichlers

Photo to the left is Joe’s mother – photo to the right is Joseph Pichler

Statement written by Kathy Pichler, Joe’s mother:

My son, Joseph Pichler, went missing five and a half years ago. His case was handled SO poorly by police and most of the evidence was lost. Their mistakes were because local police didn’t know the correct procedures for missing children/persons. Since the disappearance of my son, my local law enforcement has learned to handle these cases much better. For that I am very thankful. It helps find some purpose for my family’s tragedy. Joseph is not a runaway; that’s the only thing I know for sure about his disappearance. After nearly six years, we still have no resolution. Since Joseph’s disappearance, my focus has been to help raise awareness of our nation’s epidemic. I also struggle to get through each day without answers as to the whereabouts of my missing son. Our system is so very broken, in so many ways. Through education and prevention, there is hope. I keep looking for purpose in my son’s disappearance. The only way I’ve found anything positive about my loss is when I help others live this nightmare. I do understand the suffering of other parents. Now I try to work for a better future so that others aren’t forced to wear these shoes.

Joe was 19 at the time he went missing and would be 25 today. He likes to wear T-shirts and loose baggy jeans and is described as a Caucasian male with light brown hair, hazel-green eyes, standing 6’2 and weighing roughly 165 pounds. He also has a small scar at the bridge of his nose and although he had gotten his lower braces taken off prior to January 2006, he still had his top braces on.

He has a tattoo of a red Star Wars emblem on his right forearm

If you have any information regarding this case, please contact: Bremerton Police Department – 360-308-5400 or # 360-473-5228

You can also contact: National Center for Missing & Exploited Children at 1-800-843-5678 (1-800-THE-LOST)

The Worlds Worst Phychic Continues To Deceive For Profit

Sylvia Browne (born Sylvia Celeste Shoemaker October 19, 1936) is an American author who describes herself as a psychic and spiritual medium. She has made several appearances on Larry King Live, was a weekly guest on The Montel Williams Show, and hosts her own hour-long show on Hay House Radio, discussing paranormal issues and giving callers advice in her role as a psychic. She has made millions of dollars by manipulating and exploiting thousands of people with her false predictions. Many families of missing or murdered loved ones have contacted Sylvia in a bid to get some closure only to find out that her predictions were nothing more than her own assumptions, theories and guesses.
In 1992, Browne was convicted of investment fraud and grand theft. Her claims and predictions have caused numerous controversies and reports of her failed predictions have appeared in several newspapers. Critics such as James Randi, with whom she has had a long running feud, say that she is a cold reader whose readings are indistinguishable from those achieved by mentalists using cold and hot reading techniques. Recent press coverage has asserted that she is inaccurate overall.
__________ __________ __________ __________
The most extensive study of alleged psychic Sylvia Browne’s predictions about missing persons and murder cases reveals a strange discrepancy: despite her repeated claim to be more than 85 percent correct, it seems that Browne has not even been mostly correct about a single case. To many she is an obvious fraud yet she is allowed to continue and make a fortune over exploiting and defaming emotionally fragile people.
__________ __________ __________ __________
Browne’s predictions have a history of being wrong or unhelpful. In the course of this research, we examined a variety of sources to study Browne’s involvement with law enforcement. Browne was sometimes paid by families of the victims, charged at least one police department $400, and received money as well as publicity from her appearances on television. She is a member of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and, as reported in 2004, earned a minimum of $847 for each talk show appearance. Yet in all these cases, Browne has never supplied independent proof that she has ever helped law enforcement. More than that, she is repeatedly wrong. During the Sago Mining Disaster, she claimed the miners were alive when they were actually dead. She also said Richard Kneebone was alive in Canada, but his decomposed body was discovered a few days later in California. More recently, she predicted that a 9/11 firefighter was alive, but his body was found in the World Trade Center rubble two weeks later.
Browne’s tendency to mess with the emotions of family who have missing/murdered loved ones never fails, using their suffering and pain for her personal gain. Read below for more.
Browne is not only wrong in many of her ”guesses,” but also tells suffering families horrible things. In 1999, Browne did a reading for Opal Jo Jennings’ grandmother, who wanted to know what happened to Jennings, a six-year-old abducted from her front yard in Texas. Browne told the grandmother, “She’s . . . not . . . dead. But what bothers me—now I’ve never heard of this before, but for some reason, she was taken and put into some kind of a slavery thing and taken into Japan. The place is Kukouro. Or Kukoura.” Browne was wrong. Child molester Richard Lee Franks was charged with the kidnapping that same year and convicted the following year. Jennings’ remains were discovered in 2003. Medical examiners concluded that “Opal was killed by trauma to the head with[in] several hours of her abduction.”

Photo of Opal Jo Jennings (November 24, 1992 – March 26, 1999) – Victim of child abduction and murder. Opal’s loved ones were a victim of Sylvia Browne’s false ”predictions”

Missing person Holly Krewson was a similar case, one in which Browne needlessly tainted the memories of a family’s loved one on national television. In 2002, Browne told Holly’s mother, “She is in Los Angeles, and when she was calling you, she was on drugs. But she’s still alive.” Browne also said that the girl was a dancer in an “adult entertainment nightclub,” and “you might get a Christmas card postmarked Los Angeles.” Holly’s family made regular visits to the Los Angeles area, scanning the clubs for their missing loved one, but to no avail. Holly’s mother, Gwendolyn Krewson, died of an aneurysm in 2003. Three years later, Holly’s body was identified. As it turned out, Holly was murdered, and her body was discovered in 1996. The remains were only identified as Holly in 2006, after sitting in the medical examiners office for ten years. Needless to say, Browne was completely wrong in every aspect of the case and hurt an already devastated family.
Photo of Holly Krewson – Murder victim who was slandered and defamed by Sylvia Browne’s false ”predictions”
In a 2006 appearance on Montel, Browne did a reading about Robert Hayes, who was serving in the Army National Guard when he was killed at an ATM. Browne told Hayes’s crying fiancée that he met a man at a casino who “took Hayes,” then robbed him to get the casino winnings. The police later found that although Hayes told his fiancée he was going to a casino, he actually went to meet another woman, and there are no reports in the press about him being at a casino. In fact, Hayes was the victim of a conspiracy by four people, including a local beauty queen, who lured Hayes to meet her so they could rob him. Browne said Hayes was shot three times “in the head, chest, and over to the side,” to which the fiancée replied, “I didn’t know he was shot in the head. The police never said that.” The fiancée then added, “The police said he got shot in the hand.” When asked if the case would be solved, Browne said, “Yeah, but it’s gonna take them at least a good two years.” However, the police announced they arrested four people in connection with the murder on April 11, 2006. The first airing of Browne’s predictions occurred on April 26, 2006. Browne was wrong about who did it, the conspiracy, where he was shot, who was involved, and when the case would be solved. By October 2007, three of the suspects pled guilty and were sentenced for Hayes’s murder. The Montel Williams Show and other media outlets have been silent about this and other cases. In fact, a full transcript of this show no longer exists on LexisNexis; instead, there is only a brief summary that excludes the aforementioned details. The authors had to seek the transcript and video by other means to include the details in this article.
Browne’s failures are too extensive to explore in detail here, and more famous ones, such as the Shawn Hornbeck case, have been explored in this magazine before. Below is a list of names of people Browne has performed readings about. Some of the cases marked “unknown” were already de facto solved by law enforcement. They know who most likely committed the crimes, but the suspects were never brought to justice and the cases went “cold,” so they are still officially unsolved and open. In other cases, Browne was consulted to confirm the families’ suspicions, determine how to bring the likely perpetrator to justice, or provide more information. This makes her predictions even less impressive, as she is “solving” exhausted cases that the police have already in large part solved and about which she can say almost anything, since any new developments are highly unlikely. On the other hand, some are official accidents and suicides that the families feared were actually murders.
Among the many harmful things that Browne does is convince the loved ones of victims of untimely deaths that foul play was involved and, conversely, convince the loved ones of murder victims that no foul play was involved. However, if the families are correct in their suspicions and these are actual murders, the last thing they need is a psychic involved in the case.

__________ ___________ __________ __________


If you’re a skeptic of Sylvia Browne then I think you might like James Randi Foundation – James Randi is a very smart man and retired magician who knows all the tricks Sylvia uses to fool victims. He has offered Sylvia ONE MILLION DOLLARS in a ”$1,000,000 challange” and all Sylvia would need to do is prove her abilities. Years later, the one million dollars remains on hold.

If you believe Sylvia Browne should be stopped and/or would like to read other false predictions then you will enjoy – a website created by an individual who believes Sylvia should face legal action and her victims should be entitled to a refund for every failed prediction she makes. She of-course will not adhere to this for obvious reasons (psst. she’d be out of a job.)

__________ __________ __________ __________ Read more…

Missing Fox Executive’s Sister Speaks Out On His Disappearance

Gavin Smith Headshot - P 2012

Pictured; Gavin Smith (born December 10, 1954 — disappeared May 1, 2012)

Where could he be?

On the night of May 1, 2012, Smith left a friend’s house in Oak Park, California, where he had been staying due to reported marital difficulties. It does not appear as if he had planned to be away for an extended period. When he failed to pick up one of his sons for school the next morning, his family reported him missing.The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is investigating.

His sister and his wife talk with THR about their struggle for answers as his office is packed up, clues remain scarce and a dramatic turn dead-ends.

In late August, the personal effects of missing 20th Century Fox executive Gavin Smith were quietly removed from his Calabasas, Calif., office and delivered by the studio to his West Hills home. But the 57-year-old Smith’s wife, Lisa, says the boxes, which contain such items as framed family photos and golf trophies — “everything the sheriffs didn’t take” — remain on her porch. More than four months after Smith disappeared May 1, the distribution executive’s belongings are a painful reminder that he still is gone.

“It’s been tough to bring them into the house,” says Smith.

STORY: Gavin Smith Mystery: Family Resumes Search for Missing Twentieth Century Fox Exec

There had been some cause for hope. The case appeared to take a dramatic turn in early June, when authorities searched the residence of Chandrika Creech, a woman with whom Smith is alleged to have had an affair, and her husband, John Creech, an admitted middleman in Los Angeles‘ illicit drug world. But Smith’s sister, Tara Addeo, and John Creech’s attorney, Daniel Teola, tell THR that it’s their understanding that nothing has come of the search.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department still considers the Smith investigation a missing person’s case and not a homicide probe, according to department spokesman Steve Whitmore. But Addeo says that while she has hope, her optimism is waning. “Where could he possibly be?” she asks. “I know that Gavin would not hurt himself, and I have a hard time believing that Gavin would ever walk away from his sons. The only other alternative is that there would have been foul play.”

Smith was last seen on the night of May 1 at a friend’s residence in Oak Park, a Ventura County community not far from his office. He departed from the property in his black Mercedes-Benz E420 sedan between 9 and 10 p.m.; the 6-foot-6 Smith, who played basketball for UCLA during the mid-1970s, was last seen wearing purple pants and black and gray shoes.

Forensic pathologist Michael Baden says that even though investigators have not publicly named a suspect, they could have people in their sights — assuming foul play was involved. “The police are waiting to get some information,” he says. “Pieces of clothing, somebody who saw him walk into the woods and never come out — and that might be sufficient to bring charges.”

STORY: Missing Fox Exec Gavin Smith Had Relationship With Woman Whose Home Was Searched (Report)

Although no suspects have been named, on June 8, investigators and a SWAT team swooped into the West Hills house where the Creeches reside, searching it for several hours and leaving with boxes, a computer and a black Audi Q7 SUV in tow. But no arrests were made, investigators have not said how the Creeches relate to the Smith case, and Smith never met John Creech, according to Teola. A June 21 E! News report that cited an unnamed source said that Smith had met Chandrika Creech in therapy in 2008 and began an on-and-off affair with her. “I believe Chandrika and Gavin Smith had a prior relationship, and so that is the reason for the search,” Teola tells THR.

Baden says that an affair would catch investigators’ attention, “but that doesn’t prove anything,” he adds. According to Addeo, who says that she speaks with detectives on the case regularly, the search of the Creech residence didn’t reveal anything. “That was very frustrating,” she says. Lisa Smith, who has sons Evan, Austin and Dylan with her husband, declined to discuss the Creeches.

Whitmore would not confirm Addeo’s account of detectives’ investigation of the Creeches. “They wouldn’t release that [information] if indeed that were true because it is an ongoing investigation,” says Whitmore.

Teola notes that his client was not questioned by police and has not been contacted by the investigators since his house was searched. “I’m just letting sleeping dogs lie; they haven’t asked me anything, requested anything,” says Teola. John Creech, however, has other legal issues. On Sept. 25, he will be sentenced in a drug case that stems from a 2010 bust in Glendale. Teola, a criminal defense attorney, says Creech has admitted to police that he was a middleman between drug dealers and producers and pleaded no contest to one count of selling and transporting cocaine. He faces up to 10 years in prison.

STORY: Authorities Search Home in Hunt for Missing Fox Exec Gavin Smith

An 18-year veteran of Fox’s distribution department, Smith was the branch manager for theaters in Dallas and Oklahoma City, serving as a liaison between the studio and theaters. A source with knowledge of the situation says the studio plans to fill Smith’s position (co-workers have been divvying up his duties) but has yet to do so. Fox declined comment.

Smith and Addeo say they remain confident investigators will solve the case, and the family’s $20,000 reward remains in place. But apparent breakthroughs — such as a reported sighting of the Fox exec on May 7 in Morro Bay — have turned out to be false. “We are devastated,” says Smith. “My sons, they can barely talk. We can’t even have a memorial service for my husband.”


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