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Where is Elaina Steinfurth? Toledo Baby Missing Since June 2nd

eliana-endangered-missing18-month-old Elaina Steinfurth (pictured), known widely as “Baby Elaina” was reported missing on June 2, 2013 when her father went to pick her up along with her 4-year-old sibling at the mother’s Toledo, Ohio home located on the 700th block of Federal Street. When he arrived the child’s mother made excuses before claiming Elaina had been kidnapped.

Police, dive teams, volunteers and search dogs have been trying to locate the little girl for several weeks now to no avail.

June 2nd – HLN Timeline:

Terry Steinfurth Jr. described what happened when he went to pick his two daughters up from his estranged wife on June 2 and he discovered that Elaina was missing.

Angela Steinfurth, Elaina’s mother, had stayed at her ex-boyfriend Steven King’s house the previous night. When Terry went to the Federal Street home of King’s family to get the girls, he says he found Angela sitting on the porch smoking a cigarette.

“I asked her to go get the baby,” he said. “She told me she had just laid her down for a nap and she wasn’t waking her up.”

According to Terry, Angela let their 4-year-old go with him but she refused to go inside and get Elaina. Then he claims King started “yelling and screaming like he wanted to fight, ripped his shirt off.”

At that point, Terry says he left and came back with his father, Terry Steinfurth Sr., who got out of the car and confronted King.

“The boyfriend told me he would fight with me, like he wants to do with my son, and I just told him I wasn’t there to fight with him,” Steinfurth Sr. told Grace Monday. “I wanted to see my granddaughter.”

Steinfurth Sr. claims Angela told him she would not give Elaina up because she thought Terry would never bring her back. She finally agreed to go inside and get Elaina, and King went into the house with her, he says.

Steinfurth Sr. said Angela came back outside about a half hour later and claimed someone had taken Elaina.

According to a police report obtained by HLN Monday, King is believed to have left through the back door during this time without anyone knowing. Angela allegedly said he left to go look for Elaina.

The police report revealed additional information about the timeline of events on June 2. According to the report, Angela said she last saw Elaina when she put her down for a nap around 1 p.m.

She said she and her ex-boyfriend then went to the Family Dollar and, when they returned, the door to the bedroom where Elaina had been sleeping was still closed so she did not go in to check on her.

Around 2 p.m., Terry Steinfurth Jr. arrived. After arguing with Angela, he returned around 2:30 with his father and Angela agreed to get Elaina. 25 minutes later, Angela said Elaina was gone. Steven King had left at that point.

Police arrived around 3 p.m. and began interviewing witnesses and searching the neighborhood. King returned around 4:30 p.m., according to the report.


Recent photo of Baby Elaina taken shortly before her disappearance

The police report described the King house as “unfit for living,” noting sewage overflowing from a toilet and dog feces on the floor.

King and his parents have not returned calls from HLN seeking a comment on the case since Thursday, but his mother and father both told HLN last week that he is cooperating fully with investigators and does not know where Elaina is.

Angela Steinfurth was arrested last Wednesday on a child endangerment charge for allegedly not seeking medical attention for Elaina after she suffered an injury. She remains in custody on $250,000 bond.

Angela’s stepfather, Richard Schiewe, suggested Monday that there is more to the story.

“My daughter screwed up big time, okay?” Schiewe told Nancy Grace. “I’m not making excuses. I can’t forgive and I can’t forget it. The story is she knows what happened to the baby. She got afraid because people threatened, if you say anything, you’re next.”

Schiewe claimed Angela told him she does not know where Elaina is, but she knows what happened to her and who took her from the house.

According to Schiewe, Angela told him she had made a big mistake, but he would not say what the mistake was, stating that the FBI told him not to talk about it. However, he did say his “gut feeling” is that Elaina is dead.

Elaina is described as a White female, brown hair, blue eyes, 2’1″ tall, weighing 21 pounds.

Anyone with information regarding this case is urged to please contact: Your local authorities (911) and/or Toledo Police Department (419) 936-8995

Source of Timeline: HLN

Isabel Celis Still Missing Over Ten Months After She Vanished From Her Tuscon Home

Video was uploaded on YouTube shortly after Isabel M. Celis vanished.


Full Name: Isabel Mercedes Celis
Missing City/State: Tuscon, AZ
Age at Disappearance: 6 Current Age: 7
Race: White/HispanicGender: Female
Height: 3’8″ Weight: 44 pounds
Hair: Strait, Light Brown (she was last seen with her hair braided into two long braids)
Eyes: Hazel
Clothing: Isabel was last seen wearing a blue tank-top, dark (navy) blue basketball shorts.
Other: She is also missing two front teeth. She has had her ears pierced prior to her disappearance.

Isabel was last seen at her Tuscon, Arizona home on the night of April 20, 2012. Her mother had put her to bed at approximately 11PM and then went to bed herself. She woke up early the following morning, got ready for work and left at 6:30AM. She didn’t check on Isabel so had not realized she was missing until shortly after 8AM when she was alerted by her husband (Isabel’s father), Sergio Celis, who had went to wake up the children and noticed Isabel wasn’t in bed.

A search in and around the house yielded no sign of the little girl but Mr. Celis did notice a screen from one of the windows was compromised, the blinds had been shoved aside.

By this point the police were called and a local search was immediate. Authorities asked the family questions and then asked neighbors if they’ve seen the missing child but it’s as if she had vanished.

Many local searches were conducted, posters were created and social media was booming with information on Isabel’s disappearance. Thousands of dollars were spent on her investigation and over $60,000 was raised on a reward for information. But despite the local and National attention and the reward fund, her case remains unsolved.

It didn’t take long before theories started arising among the community and among reporters and journalists.


Candle light vigils were done locally family, friends and community took part in it, holding onto hope that the missing girl would be found safe. One vigil held on the evening of July 27, 2012 was attended by family including Sergio Celis, despite a previous voluntary agreement with Child Protective Services in Arizona that he could not be around his family and sons.

KVOA, a local Tuscon news cast, made an attempt to asked the Celis family about this but they refused to comment. KVOA then attempted to contact CPS but were not given a response.

There has been a good amount of suspicion around the father and family, including Isabel’s mother, had and still has defended him threw all the media assumptions, calling him “a great father”.

Isabel Celis: Mom Attends Vigil, Defends Husband

Earlier that same week, on July 22, 2012, two young children had called law enforcement pretending to be Isabel Celis. The call was immediately suspicious however, despite for clues the police investigated. $5,000 later they had found proof  that the call was a hoax. The callers were two little girls, sisters, who were at home with their mother and used a cell phone to contact police. It’s unclear (and unlikely) that the children’s family had any charges filed against them and the incident was dropped by police.

However, Jane Velez Mitchell, host on HLN and other media sources questioned whether these little girls knew something. Maybe overheard or had some type of link to the case.  It’s odd how children would call pretending to be a 6-year-old missing child. Maybe an adult figure tricked or threatened them into doing it or its possible that they were acting out something they knew about or were afraid of.

Velez-Mitchell acknowledged that as a child she made prank calls. So have many others. Heck, I even called 911 at age 4 pr 5 (it was the only number I had known by heart), but quickly hung up. That didn’t stop police from showing up at my home however. — The point is, most of us made a prank call as a child, but, tell me, have you ever pretended to be a missing child? Would you have done that as a youngster? I wouldn’t and I don’t know anyone who would have.


Isabel’s disappearance has gotten a good amount of National attention including being featured on Nancy Grace and America’s Most Wanted. Each with different theories as to what could have happened to the missing girl.

Bring Isa Home is a website created to bring awareness to this case. On the front page it states a $60, 500 reward is being offered for those with information leading to the (safe) recovery of Isabel or the arrest and conviction of those suspected in taking her.

Find Isabel Mercedes Celis is one of the many Facebook pages created to spread around awareness, information and support regarding the case. It’s the Facebook page believed to be run by loved ones.

If you have any information regarding this case you’re asked to please contact: Tucson Police Department (520) 791-4444 and/or 88-CRIME (520)882-7463 (collect calls accepted)
You can also text the number 274637 and type ”tip259” followed by your message. 911 are urgent for any sightings of the missing child.