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Unsolved Kidnapping With A Twist

mahughesMichael Anthony Hughes

Photos of Michael Anthony Floyd shortly before he was kidnapped

In 1975, Franklin Delano Floyd, then 32, turned up in Oklahoma City going by the name “Trenton B. Davis.” With him was a young girl named Suzanne whom Floyd claimed was his daughter. Over the next decade, Suzanne and Floyd moved from town to town, using a variety of aliases. In 1988, Suzanne, then 17, gave birth to a son, Michael Anthony Floyd. Floyd claimed to be the boy’s father. He then married the woman he claimed was his daughter. Then in 1990, when Michael was 2, Suzanne was killed in a mysterious hit and run accident. Floyd is the prime suspect, however, he has never been charged due to lack of evidence. After the hit-and-run, Floyd left Michael in foster care and vanished.



These two photos show Suzanne Davis as a young woman and child

Michael was placed with a foster family in Choctaw, Oklahoma City. According to the foster parents, he had many difficulties including limited muscle control, and was nonverbal and often hysterical. They claimed that he was considered at the age of two to be the mental equivalent of a 9-month-old child, but said that when he entered foster care he began to thrive, making good developmental progress.

Six months after abandoning Michael, Franklin Floyd was arrested on a parole violation. At that time a routine blood test revealed that Franklin Floyd was not Michael Hughes’ biological father. When Floyd got out of jail, he requested Michael be returned to him. His request was denied.

On September 12, 1994, six-year-old Michael was a first-grader at Indian Meridian Elementary School when he was kidnapped by Franklin D. Floyd. Floyd walked into the school claiming to be the boy’s father, and forced the principal at gun point to Michael’s first grade classroom. He then kidnapped Michael AND the principal and ordered the principal drive his pick-up truck. When they came upon a wooded area, Floyd forced the principal out of the truck, handcuffed him around a tree and sped off with Michael. Several hours later the principal was discovered and rescued, but Michael Hughes was still missing.

Police were on a manhunt for Franklin Floyd and the case became National news. During the investigation they discovered that Michael’s mother, Suzanne Davis, was NOT Franklin Floyd’s biological daughter, and they believe she was also kidnapped as a child by Floyd.

Two months after the kidnapping, Floyd was arrested in Louisville, Kentucky. Michael was not with him. When police pressed him for more answers he would only say that Michael was in a foreign country and was being taken care of.

Franklin Floyd is serving a life sentence for kidnapping Michael. He insists that the first-grade boy is alive and safe, but he refuses to tell anyone where Michael is, or who is sheltering him.

However, three years after Michael was kidnapped, Floyd’s sister went to police with new information.

Floyd’s sister, Dorothea Leonard never knew Michael when her brother snatched him at gunpoint and triggered a two-month nationwide manhunt. She claims that Michael was murdered by Floyd shortly after the kidnapping.

Leonard said that Floyd confessed to her in a prison call that he drowned the first-grader in a motel bathtub. She said the boy spent his last tragic moments of his life defying the man who claimed to be his father.

Floyd told her he dunked the little boy under the bath, allowing him to surface three times to angrily ask the “brat” whether he loved him. Michael shoved Floyd and said no, which angered Floyd. When he refused to say yes he was killed for it.

Leonard said she is made the story public because she does not want her brother “to get away with murder.” Floyd has been a suspect in at least two deaths but has never been charged with murder.



Age progressed photo of what Michael Hughes might have looked like as a teenager. He will be turning 25 this year.

Missing From: Choctaw, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma.
Classification: Non-Family Abduction
Date Of Birth: 03/21/88
Date of Abduction: 09/12/94
Age Then: 6 years old
Age Now: 24 years old
Height and Weight Then: 3’10” / 45 lbs
Race/Gender: White male
Hair/Eyes: Brown hair; brown eyes.
Marks, Scars: He has a scar on his forehead
Clothing: Last seen wearing a blue shirt with red sleeves, matching (red and blue) shorts, and black sneakers

If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:

Oklahoma City FBI
Choctaw Police Department
Missing Persons Unit


NCIC Number: M-766727107
Please refer to this number when contacting any agency with information regarding this case.

The Doe Network
Missing 87975
Find A Grave



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Freddy Murguia Missing In California (Cold Case)


Freddy Murguia was last seen in Los Angeles, CA on July 24, 1986 and has not had any contact with friends of family since. At the time of his disappearance he had a felony warrant out for his arrest, which led many to believe he voluntarily walked off, but as time went on people became more concerned.

Freddy grew up in Hollywood and was currently living in West Hollywood, in the area of Santa Monica Boulevard and Genesee Street. He, along with his sister and her husband ran a moving business at the time. He regularly attended the popular nightclubs in LA and was well known in the area. In 1986, the same year he went missing, he had a small juice stand-off of Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood, just below Melrose on Martel. Many people would see him driving his motorcycle around town, his favorite form of transportation at the time.

He was last seen carrying his wallet, ID, credit-cards, house/truck/car keys, and a comb. He may have also been carrying chapstick, handkerchief and a belt. He always carried his pager on him.

Freddy disappeared along with another person named only as “Jose”. Very little is known about Jose aside from him driving a mid size, dark blue, four-door vehicle. The car has never been located. Jose is not listed as missing and has never been seen again according to Freddy’s family.

  • Last Seen In: Hollywood area of Los Angeles, California (USA)
  • Date Of Birth: 03/30/58
  • Date of Disappearance: 07/24/86
  • Age at Time of Disappearance: 28 years old
  • Age as of 2013: 54 years old
  • Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 5’5-5’8″; 130-140 lbs
  • Physical Characteristics: Hispanic male. Black, full hair; brown eyes. Clean cut, no facial hair at the time of disappearance. Well groomed. Thick eyebrows and dark eyelashes
  • Clothing: Possibly wearing khaki-colored or dark blue pants, a casual light blue or white, button down shirt, with a white t-shirt underneath. Sandals, tennis shoes or dress shoes
  • Jewelry: He may have been wearing a gold ring with a symbol of a pyramid, and a gold chain necklace, with a gold anchor and a rope around it. He also wore a watch. Dark sunglasses, possibly name brand
  • Other: Has silver fillings


Age Progression photos by Martin Bailey in 2009 showing what Freddy Murguia may look like as a mid-aged adult. He will be turning 55 this year.

A MySpace page A Love Lost But Not Forgotten and a Facebook account, both private, is believed to have been created for Freddy by family/loved ones.

Contact Agency:
Los Angeles Police Department
Missing Persons Unit
(213) 485-5381 / 213-485-3225
Case Number: 86-0632325
NCIC # M-211636198

Please refer to this case number when contacting any agency with information regarding this case.

Charlie Project
The Doe Network
Missing In California


Identity of Victim Found In A Chimney At A Dorchester Apartment Complex In 2005 Still A Mystery


Both reconstructions were created based on the description of the unidentified woman. The photos should not be the sole identifying factor.



  • The victim was discovered on October 14, 2005 in Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts located in New England, USA
  • Estimated Date of Death: She could have been deceased anywhere from 3 months to five years before discovery
  • Victim is believed to be a woman in her twenties or thirties with a small/medium build
  • She had long, dark brown hair, possibly even black, that went past her shoulders
  • She had plastic nails painted red. It’s unclear if they were drugstore nails or if she went to a nail salon
  • Medical examiners believe she bore at least one child prior to her death
  • An Anthropologist conducted an extensive examination and population profile of the deceased and the results denote strong Caucasian genetics. However there were several other genetic identifiers/traits pointing to population mixture, such as her mouth, and jawline. She may or may not have appeared to be Caucasian by her skin color, or other visual ethnic features. She may also have appeared to be Caucasian, and claimed or been of another ethnic background independently. Therefore, these facts should not eliminate the possibility of her being from either the Caucasian/Hispanic, Black or Asian population.

At first, chimney sweep Mike Scanlan thought the long spindly thing was a tree branch as he pulled it free of the debris behind a piece of particle board at the bottom of a disused Dorchester apartment complex incinerator.

His flashlight showed the object in its beam. Red plastic fingernails glinted.
Scanlan found a body buried in the incinerator cavity. There was not a single broken bone. There were no signs of injury.

Boston Police Sgt. Paul Donovan assumed control of the investigation at 17-19 Winter St., searching for the path by which the woman’s skeleton ended up at the complex.

Without available witnesses, and with only what the bones could tell his team – Donovan faced a difficult prospect.

“Usually the evidence will take you where it takes you,” Donovan said. “In this case, we’re lacking evidence.”

The dead woman was between 25 and 35 years old. She probably stood 5-foot-2-inches. She was deemed of white heritage, but also possessed Hispanic, Asian or black features.

One outstanding identifier: her partial dental plate, either made in the Caribbean, or elsewhere by a Haitian or Jamaican dentist.

A dental expert told Donovan the plate was probably black market or underground. Find the dentist, and Donovan could find her name, her family, where she lived. Unlicensed plate-makers, however, mean unlisted dentists.

Donovan looked for witnesses.

“I think she was there since 2002,” Donovan said. “Somebody who had some association with the building — a resident, an employee or someone familiar with a resident or employee — has some knowledge about whatever happened.”

Between January 2002 and January 2005, Donovan said, an access door to the building basement was typically left unlocked. Whoever buried the woman knew that, he said, and knew of the chimney as a hiding place.

Another way to break the case, Donovan surmised, was to find anyone who knew the woman before she disappeared. He needed a picture of her in life. He turned to Boston Police forensic artist Gregory Mahoney.

Mahoney was able to produce a computer reconstruction of the woman’s features.
Until someone recognizes her picture, Donovan is in charge of a file full of questions.

“In all my other cases, you try not to let your gut influence you too much,” he said. Now, for Donovan, gut feeling is critical to the completion of his investigation.

He’s watching Winter Street, waiting, and reaching out to Boston once again for anyone who saw anything around that basement.

If you have any information regarding this case you’re urged to please contact:
Boston Police Department Homicide Unit
Sergeant Paul Donovan


Massachusetts State Medical Examiner’s Office
Official Cold Case Investigations
The Boston Channel
The Doe Network


Indiana Wesleyan University Student Missing Since 1993 After Leaving Her Dorm To Buy A Soda


Photo of Tricia Lynn Reitler

Tricia Reitler was born in Ohio to Garry and Donna Reitler. In 1993, she was a freshman studying psychology at Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, located in Grant County, IN.

On March 29, 1993 at approximately 8PM, Reitler left her dorm and walked a half a mile to Marsh grocery store to purchase a root-beer. She planned on returning to her dorm in Bowman Hall but never made it and hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

Searchers located Reitler’s blood-stained clothes in a field near Seybold Pool, which is between her dorm and Marsh grocery store.

Police have three potential suspects in Reitler’s case including Larry D. Hall, a  long time suspect. He is serving a life sentence for the abduction and murder of a 15-year-old teenager from Illinois, whose body was found in Indiana. However, he denies any involvement in Reitler’s case and although authorities found circumstantial evidence in Hall’s possession, he was never charged with the abduction and presumed murder of Tricia Reitler because there’s no body to link him to a crime and this case remains unsolved.



Age progressed photo of what Tricia Reitler may look like at 34 years of age. She would be turning 39 years old this year.

DOB: 02/09/74 Missing Since: 03/29/93
Gender: Female Race: Caucasian
Age Then: 19 Age Now: 39
Height: 5’3” (160 cm) Weight: 103 lbs (47 kg)
Hair: Brunette Eyes: Blue
Missing From: Marion – Grant County – IN – USA

TriciaReitlerTricia’s family believe she is deceased and hope one day they will get closure. They have purchased a grave and headstone (pictured) and wish now to just find their daughter to bring her home and lay her to rest in Ohio.

Agency Case Number: 1993-65081
NCMEC Case Number: NCMA780520
NCIC Number: M-633946073
Please refer to this number when contacting any agency with information regarding this case.

Anyone with information regarding this case is urged to please contact:

Marion Police Department
Sergeant Dorsey

The Doe Network
Help Find The Missing
Find A Grave

Picture Found In Unidentified Victim’s Wallet

Left: Photo of little girl found in decedent’s wallet; Center: Closeup of child in photo; Center: Touched up photo. She would have been about 4 years old in picture.

Unidentified White Male

The victim was discovered on December 19, 1980 in Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia
Skeletonized Remains. Mandible missing. Most bones were recovered.

Vital Statistics

Estimated age: 50-70 years old
Approximate Height and Weight: 6′ 0″; 175 lbs.
Distinguishing Characteristics: Blond and gray hair;
Clothing : Blue shirt and blue work pants. Shirt size is 16.5 x 34. Brown belt.
Dentals: Had false teeth; lower upper jaw edentulous, denture was found.

Case History

The victim was located near a construction site at Northside Parkway and I-75 in Atlanta, Georgia on December 19, 1980.
Among his possessions were numerous fragmented pieces of paper and a photograph of a young girl.
The young girl, who appears to have brown eyes and reddish hair, is about 4 years of age (she would be in her thirties in 2008, if the picture was taken sometime around 1980).
Another faded photograph had handwriting which appears to read “HR Bow dyeing and finishing, 278-3448” although this is not certain.
Fragments of a handwritten letter addressed to “Dear Dad” was singed with love from “Pam T Dwight” or perhaps “Pam + Dwight.”
Also found was a bus ticket, possibly originating in Panama City, Florida. The writing was faded and mostly illegible.

If you have any information about this case please contact:
Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office
Investigation Section
You may remain anonymous when submitting information.

Agency Case Number:

Source Information:
Doe Network