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Last Week Marked The Third Year Anniversary Since Ashburn Mother, Bethany A. Decker, Disappeared


Photo of Bethany Anne Decker taken shortly before her January, 2011 disappearance

Bethany Decker was a 21-year-old mother to a 4-year-old child and was pregnant with another when she disappeared on January 29, 2011 under suspicious circumstances at her apartment on Orchard Grass Terrace in Ashburn, Virginia.  She was last seen with her former boyfriend, Ronald Dennis Roldan, who was living with Decker prior to her disappearance. Roldan was last seen in Annadale, Fairfax County, VA.

Bethany Decker had described Roldan’s demeanor to family and friends as “controlling and abusive” according to investigators in court documents.

Roldan’s attorney had said his client was being ‘cooperative’ although sources in the sheriff’s office say he eventually ceased answering questions.

After repeated attempts to contact Decker, her family contacted police on February 19, 2011 and filed a missing persons report. At the time, family members had thought she was with friends, and her friends believed she was staying with family.

According to authorities, there has been no activity on her bank accounts, cell phone, or email account. She was a student attended George Mason University but hasn’t attended any classes after 01/29/11. Kim Nelson, the missing woman’s mother, said her daughter was looking forward to completing her degree and only had 3 more classes left.

Investigators created a timeline which places Decker in Columbia, Maryland the day she went missing. She was there with family members, including her grandmother and her husband, Emile Decker. Her husband, Emile Decker, left for tour duty in Afghanistan on February 2, 2011, three days after his wife went missing. According to the Disappeared show on ID, the couple’s marriage was on the rocks and Bethany did not see Emile off prior to him leaving. Emile has since returned from duty.


Photo of Bethany Deck with former husband Emile Decker

The last person to have seen Bethany, Ronald Roldan, had his attorney make a April, 2012 statement saying that he believed Decker was alive and will return home safely.

Ronald Roldan’s attorney, Andi Geloo, told WTOP, “my client remains hopeful and prays daily that Bethany will come home.”

Decker’s family and loved ones have been desperately searching for their daughter since her 2011 disappearance. Last week marked the second anniversary since she went missing and since then, her family has reached out to the public threw Facebook, and even met with producers of TV show Disappeared on Investigation Discovery (ID) channel to get their daughter’s name and disappearance out there. Click here to see a clip from the ID program.

Recently her family started the Hope Ribbon for Bethany project to keep the public’s attention.

“Our family has an empty place that was filled with Bethany’s laughter,” said Nelson to reporters when speaking about her daughter’s disappearance.

“Her 3-year-old son will ask ‘Where’s Mommy’ and all I can say is that I don’t know but God is with her,” Nelson said. “We are praying that someone has information on the details of her disappearance and will have the courage to come forward.”

There is no evidence in the case that points to foul play, but authorities are looking at all the possibilities.

Find Bethany Decker is a Facebook page created to update the public and share theories and support her family and loved ones.

Bethany Decker is described as a Caucasian female with brown hair and brown eyes. She is 4-foot-11 and weighed 130 pounds and had a baby bump due to being 5 months pregnant at the time.

Case Number: 2011-002659

Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to please contact:
Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office (Int Mack Halley) – 703-777-0475 and/or Detective Mark McCaffrey

Ashburn Patch
Leesburg Patch
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Young woman left a party two decades ago and hasn’t been seen or heard from since

Florida Unsolved Disappearance


Both photos of Joanna Kay Otto

Date Of Birth: August 3, 1973 Age at Time of Disappearance: 19 years old Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 5’7″; 140 lbs. Distinguishing Characteristics: White female. Brown eyes; brown hair. Location: Pensacola, Escambia County, FL

Joanna’s case is listed as ‘Endangered’ and it is unlikely that the missing woman willingly walked off.

Joanna Kay Otto was born in Dothan, Alabama on August 3, 1973. She attended elementary school in Dothan, and than moved to Florida in 1984 and enrolled in Ferry Pass Elementary School, Ferry Pass Middle School and Woodham High School in Pensacola.

In 1992 Joanna moved into the Maison De Ville Apartments in Pensacola with a roommate, Liseth Nelson. All was going well until the Night of November 20, 1992 when Joanna and her Liseth decided to go to a party.

While at the party, Liseth started feeling unwell and decided to head back to the apartment. Joanna was enjoying herself and stayed behind at the party, telling her roommate that she’d catch a ride home with friends, who were also at the party.

The last known person with Joanna that night was an acquaintance, James Gibson, who later told police he dropped Joanna off at her apartment after having taken home two other people from the party. James Gibson is currently serving a 35 year sentence on a kidnapping and rape conviction in an unrelated case.

Joanna Otto has been missing for exactly twenty years and one week and her whereabouts remain unknown. She would be 39 years old this year.

Kathy Gaut, Joanna’s mother, has suffered every parents worst nightmare. She has a website that was created after the disappearance of her daughter called Hawkshaw Memorial.

If you have any information regarding this case, please contact:

Escambia County Sheriff’s Office
Or leave a online tip: Email Form

Agency Case Number:

Oklahoma family offering a reward of $1000 for missing kangaroo

Family offers reward for missing pet

Photo of Lucy Sparkles who was last seen on Thanksgiving Day.

SHAWNEE, OKLAHOMA — The Menhusen family had guests over their home to celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday and believe the crowd and noise was too much to handle for a 11 month old kangaroo.

” … I think Lucy got startled. It was an unusual amount of noise for her … Lucy hopped around the back of our home where her house is and my husband went back there to close up her gate.” said Shayla Menhusen, one of the family pet owners.

The family believes the kangaroo, named Lucy Sparkles, was spooked by people at their home near North Shawnee on the holiday.

Lucy was last seen on November 22, 2012, Thanksgiving Day. Since then, the family has been whistling and calling out Lucy’s name as they look for her in nearby fields and woods. They’ve asked neighbors if they’ve seen their beloved pet and are now taking the disappearance to media.

“We’re certainly heartbroken and sad, we just want her to come home,” said Mrs. Menhusen.

The family’s four-year-old daughter, Layla, choose the name “Lucy Sparkles” back when the family got the Kangaroo.

“We feel like she’s close,” Menhusen said, adding that hopeful Lucy will find her way back home or be found safe. “She’s the only pet we have.”

Menhusen said if Lucy is found that she is very friendly and likes being held. She should be kept in a yard with a fence.

The family was initially offering a $500 reward but that has went up to $1,000 for any information leading to the pet’s recovery..

Lucky Sparkles is described as a red kangaroo, born in Texas 11 months ago, 2′ feet tall, very friendly but nervous/spooked around large crowds of people. She enjoys being held and will look over if you call her name.

She was last seen wearing fur.

Anyone with information is asked to please contact Shayla at If found you can call Shayla Menhusen at (405)-990-4867

Source: KRMG and UPI

University of Florida Student’s Unsolved Disappearance

Grandmother, Tiffany, and Hilary Sessions Tiffany Sessions
Right photo is grandmother,Tiffany & her mother Hilliary Sessions. Left photo is twenty year old Tiffany Sessions 

GAINESVILLE, FL — Tiffany Sessions was a 20-year-old second-semester Junior at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. She promised her roommate that she would be back before the roommate had to leave for an exam, and went out for a power walk on February 9, 1989. She has not been seen since. Tiffany’s car, wallet, keys, and all personal effects were left in the apartment because she promised to be back. The only traceable item Tiff had with her on the walk was her Rolex watch, which was unique because it was an anniversary edition and had a blue face. Although a $250,000 reward was posted for her safe return; only bogus information was received and two people were caught and are serving time in jail for extortion. Tiffany is Hilary’s only child.

Despite distributing nearly five million Tiffany flyers, locally, nationally, and internationally; Tiff still has not been found. Because she was over the cut-off age for a “missing child”; there was only one agency nationally who would take her case: Missing Children HELP Center – because they would not accept any Government funding and as a result they were able to take Tiff’s case. It wasn’t until Tiff had been missing for nearly eighteen years that the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) and the passage of Suzanne’s Law in 2003 allowed Tiff to be entered on NCMEC’s database along with an age enhancement at age 39.

Tiffany’s NCMEC Case Number: NCMA1070181

If you would like a physical description of Tiffany Sessions, along with an age-progressed photo of what the woman (now 44) would look like today, please click here.

Over the course of more than two decades that Tiffany has been missing, her case has gone from hot to cold, from Alachua County Sheriff’s Office (ACSO) to Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and back to Alalchua County. The case is currently listed as one of the twenty-eight cold cases in ACSO. Over 3,000 leads have been followed up and even today, new leads are coming in because of photograph distribution, publicity, newspaper articles, TV shows and interviews on the case.

Because Tiff would only know to come back to my house; I have not moved since before she disappeared. I do not plan on moving until the case is solved and I know what happened to her. I believe the most difficult issue with a long-term missing child is not knowing and teetering between the euphoria of a possible live return and the depression and grief of remains being found. I chose to live with the hope of a live return because I cannot imagine the other. I also chose not to be a victim and allow the actions of another person to hinder my assistance to other families.

Unfortunately, in April 2009 the missing children charity, Child Protection Education of America, I ran for over five years as Executive Director, lost most of its funding when President Obama said he was going to tax contributions to charities and the charity Board of Directors chose to dissolve, rather than go through a bankruptcy.

Even after more than 20 years since Tiff disappeared, people still know her story because of the ongoing publicity. Every day I make it my mission to do something for (1) Tiff’s case specifically, (2) help another family with a call, assistance, a contact, or encouragement or (3) an educational speaking engagement, a fingerprinting event, or promoting the radKIDS Program.

I want to thank every law enforcement officer, tipster, churches with prayer chains, and the general public for keeping Tiffany in their hearts for all the time she has been missing.

Clock Tiffany Sessions to view an official website created by close sources of the missing woman.

If you have any information regarding this case, please leave a tip at or contact one of the Law Enforcement agencies below.

Alachua County Sheriff’s  Deptartment
Send Tiffany Sessions Leads to:
Case #: 01569-89
Phone: 352-367-4161

Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) 
Send Tiffany Sessions Leads to:
Phone: 386-418-5411

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) 
Report Tiffany Sessions Leads to:
Phone: 800-843-5678


Photo of Kara Nichols appears on Las Vegas escort website: MyRedBook

Missing: Police are hunting two women they think may be linked to the disappearance of model Kara Nichols, pictured, who vanished last month

Above photo of Kara Nichols missing from Colorado

Below photos of unidentified woman described as a ‘brunette’ wanted for questioning

Person of interest: Police are searching for an unnamed brunette, pictured, who was last seen with Ms Nichols Person of interest: Police are searching for an unnamed brunette, pictured, who was last seen with Ms Nichols

UPDATE – 11/30/12 – COLORADO SPRINGS –  Photo of Kara Nichols appears on Las Vegas escort website:

  • Photo of missing Kara Nichols appeared on
  • Police said that the picture was taken from another source
  • The phone number was called but family said voice was not Kara’s
  • The 19-year-old vanished on October 9 on her way to work in Denver
  • Believed she’s been targeted by crime group exploiting aspiring models

Police searching for missing Kara Nichols have discovered nothing to indicate a crime or foul playMiss Nichols took up underwear modelling in February and has described herself as 'very passionate' about the profession

Aspiring model: Police called a number linked to the advert but Miss Nicols’s family said the voice was not hers

A photograph of missing teenager Kara Nichols has appeared on a Las Vegas escort website.

The picture of the 19-year-old aspiring model appeared on but police said the photograph was taken from another source and that Miss Nichols did not post it.

The advert promised that the girl pictured was the actual escort.

But when officers called an accompanying phone number, members of Miss Nichol’s family confirmed it was not her voice on the other end of the phone.

Police leading the search for the model said that claims she was in LA were untrue.

El Paso County Sheriff’s Detective Cliff Porter told Fox News that escorts and prostitutes often use random pictures lifted from the Internet to advertise online.

He said: ‘We have no evidence that supports the claim that she’s in Las Vegas.’

She went missing after leaving her Colorado Springs home on October 9 and was last seen with a brown-haired woman who detectives believe may have information about the young woman’s whereabouts.

Click here for the full updated article by Dailymail


11/22/12 COLORADO SPRINGS, CO — Amateur model may have fallen victim to ‘human exploitation’

An aspiring model has been missing for six weeks and was last seen in Colorado Springs area after telling her friend/roommate she was heading to Denver, CO.

Nineteen-year-old Kara Nichols wanted to be a professional model and would take amateur photos hoping they would fall into the right hands. On October 9, 2012, the young woman left her Colorado Springs home that she shared with a roommate and hasn’t been seen or heard from since. The roommate told authorities that Nichols had told her earlier that day that she was heading to Denver, but left without taking her pocket-book and money. She spent most of the day with two unknown woman who are being described as ‘brunettes,’ and then promptly disappeared.

She hasn’t signed onto any social media websites, including Facebook which, according to those who know her,  is very “uncharacteristic.

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office calls Nichols disappearance ‘suspicious’ and believe she may have been lured under the pretense of a ‘model career’  by a human exploitation group that exploits wannabe/amateur models. They would not elaborate on what kind of exploitation but many are coming up with their own assumptions and theories, including a victim to a  human sex-trafficking ring.

EPSO say they believe the two woman know the whereabouts of Nichols and are asking the public for help in identifying the two.

Photo of Kara Nichols with bright blonde hair. (Her natural hair color is brown.)

Kara Nichols is described as a Caucasian female with long brown hair, green eyes, 5’8” tall and weighing around 120 pounds. She likes to dye her hair and prior to her disappearance, her hair had been colored light blonde.

Anyone with information about her whereabouts is asked to call sheriff’s detectives at (719) 520-7227. (105 East Vermijo Avenue  Colorado Springs, CO 80903) (719) 520-6000

Disappeared – Lost Highway

Twenty-two year old Bradyn Fuksa vanishes from his new apartment. When his car is found 700 miles away, Bradyn’s parents feel their world turn upside down. But the surprises don’t stop there as it’s revealed that Bradyn has been guarding a dark secret.

Young man mysteriously disappeared after a night out with friends

Photo(s) of Kyle Fleischmann who disappeared four years ago

Charlotte NC — Kyle Fleischmann was 24 years old when he went missing in the early morning hours of November 9, 2007 after hanging out with friends in uptown Charlotte, NC.

After spending the evening at a Dane Cook concert (on Nov. 8, 2007) Kyle and his friends decided to go to a bar in Uptown Charlotte around 11p.m. and they stayed for a couple hours. Around 1a.m. on 11/09/07, his friends left to go home and at this point, Kyle stayed behind.

At 2:18a.m., Kyle attempted to go his sister while at Buckhead Saloon but their was no answer. He left the Saloon two minutes later and walk’s to Fuel Pizza, which is right next to the Saloon.

He makes several phone calls. The first call is placed at 2:42a.m. and the call lasts about 10 seconds. This call was to a place he had visited earlier that day for business. He then immediately calls his voice-mail. After calling his voice-mail, he attempts to call his father’s office phone, no answer. He calls his father 3 more times within the next 15 minutes but his father had already gone to sleep for the night. He call’s his best-friend Daniel at 3:28a.m. but the call only last 4 seconds. Less than one minute later, Kyle attempts to contact his room-mate Bruce which only last 6 seconds. That was his final call before he vanished without a trace.

Kyle is described by those who know him as a popular, outgoing, responsible young man who worked with special needs children, so when he didn’t show up to work and no-one could get in-touch with him, that’s when everyone knew something was wrong.  After a missing persons report was filed, authorities looked at surveillance video’s in various locations and Kyle was seen on the videos.

He hasn’t been seen or heard from since that night and Charlotte police are stumped and would like to speak to absolutely ANYBODY who was at or near the Buckhead Saloon or Fuel Pizza in Uptown Charlotte, North Carolina on November 8, 2007

Richard Fleischmann says this picture of his son shows Kyle

Kyle’s father, Richard Fleischmann says this photo shows his son’s char actor

Age at Disappearance:
Current Age:
180 lbs.
Hair (Color, Description, Facial Hair):
  • Brown
  • Kyle is known to wear gel in his hair occasionally, and this can make his hair appear darker than it actually is.
  • Green
Last Seen:
  • Charlotte , NC
  • Police say Kyle was last seen leaving the Buckhead Saloon in Uptown Charlotte around 2:15 a.m.
Other Possible Locations:
  • North Carolina
Last Known Locations:
  • Charlotte , NC

Kyle’s unsolved case has been featured more then once on America’s Most Wanted, with the latest  airing on August, 2012. 

If you have any information regarding this case you’re asked to please contact: Charlotte Police Department – 704-336-7600

You can also leave a tip on CMPD’s website by clicking here, or mail them at the following address: 601 E. Trade Street  Charlotte, NC 28202

Police are asking Northfield resident’s for help in locating a missing man

Recent photo of Joshua B. Bohlen (39)

11/14/12 NORTHFIELD, MN —  Northfield Police Department is asking hunters who will be out the next few weeks for deer season to keep a lookout for a Northfield, MN resident who has been missing for one month.

Joshua Ben Bohlen, age 39, has been missing since Tuesday, October 20, 2012 and was last seen in Northfield, Minnesota walking on foot. His pickup truck and hat were located on Goodhue Avenue and 110th Street in Northfield  and according to authorities, his cell phone records and bank account has had no activity and according to authorities the missing man has experienced recent mental health issues and his family is concerned for his safety and well-being.

On October 30, 2012, ten days after his disappearance, relatives filed a petition in Rice County Court for Emergency Guardianship/Conservatorship, listing him as a protected person. He has been appointed an attorney. Doesn’t that imply the family knows where he is?

“The family had to do this in order to take hold of his personal affairs.” said Police.

Searches were conducted in the local area shortly after he disappeared but nothing came out of it.

Dogs were brought in from three different states and mounted patrols from Rice and Goodhue counties for a search within a 1-mile radius of Bohlen’s last known whereabouts on Oct. 20, according to Deputy Chief of Police, Chuck Walerius.

“There were not hits anywhere,” he said.

At this point, Walerius said hunters and farmers who are still working in their fields may be the best hope of finding Bohlen.

“They’re another pair of eyes that are going into an area that usually doesn’t have people around,” he said.

He said any sign of evidence — a piece of clothing or otherwise, is worth a call to police.

Walerius said there’s consideration to use another sweep by sky with the Civil Air Patrol now that the leaves are off the trees. He said once there’s snowfall, a search becomes increasingly difficult as any potential sign of the missing man would be covered.

Joshua Bohlen is described as a Caucasian adult male, blonde hair, 5’6”, weighing 170 pounds and likes to wear hats.

Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to please contact: Northfield Police Department – 507-645-4475

Alot of the information was gathered threw various northfield.patch. articles.


Body pulled from pond identified as Joshua Swalls

Joshua Swalls

Joshua A. Swalls missing since November 4, 2012 found deceased

UPDATE – 11/26/12 – AVON – A body pulled from the pond identified as Joshua Swalls – UPDATE:  A body pulled from a pond has been positively identified as Joshua Swalls.

The Marion County Coroner Chief Deputy Alfie Ballew told  The Star they did not believe the body found in the pond was Joshua, but at roughly 2:30 p.m. 11/15/12 Joshua’s Facebook page confirmed it was him.

Swalls was pulled out of a retention pond near the Kroger store at 65th Street and Keystone Avenue on Friday.

Earlier during the search a fleece jacket was found in the pond and a  shoe was found outside the fence of the pond.  Another shoe was found at Select Sewing Service which is west of the pond.

Josh Swalls was last seen late Saturday, Nov. 3 going into the early morning of Nov. 4 near the Lakewood Lodge apartments (65th St. & Keystone Ave.) block of Timberly Drive (65th & Keystone Ave.) in Indianapolis, IN. His car was found in the parking lot of the apartment complex and his cell phone was found in the apartment of the friend he had been visiting that

A shoe belonging to 22-year-old Joshua Swalls was found near the pond by family members of the missing man and divers also found a black fleece jacket in the pond, but could not identify it as belonging to Swalls. That was when the pond was searched.


For more information, please go to his Facebook page Find Joshua Swalls.

Source of above article:


INDIANAPOLIS, IN — Joshua Swalls, 22, has been missing for two weeks  and his family and loved ones are desperately trying to locate him.

The last time the Avon man was seen or heard from, was on Sunday, November 3, 2012 when he went to hangout with friends. He was last seen leaving a friend’s apartment at the Lakewood Lodge Apartments in the 2600 block of Timberly Drive (65th & Keystone Ave.) in Indianapolis, Indiana. He hasn’t been seen or heard from since and according to the friend he was with, Joshua was drinking prior to his disappearance and he left his friend’s apartment intoxicated, leaving his cell-phone behind.  The following morning his vehicle was still parked in the parking lot of Lakewood Apartments.

Searches have been conducted in and around the complex and the Indianapolis Fire Department dive team searched a retention pond near 65th Street and Keystone Avenue after the missing man’s family located his shoe near the pond at the apartment complex. The dive team found no additional evidence and called off the search an hour later. Authorities also asked other tenants if they have seen the 22-year-old or anything unusual on the day he disappeared.

The latest search took place November 11, 2012 and family members had listed for help with volunteers to meet at the Library in Glendale Town Center at 9.a.m. which was posted on a web-page set-up for the missing man, titled Find Joshua Swalls – The search focused on wooded areas, river-bends, etc and six K-9’s helped with the search. Update’s regarding the search hasn’t been posted as of yet.

Please help find Joshua Swalls

Joshua has many loved ones and they’re all concerned about his safety.

A comment posted on the internet from a family member reads:

The hardest part of the day is night. It means we have to stop searching, it means we go back home to again realize you are not there and this nightmare continues, it means the your little sis is going to ask for you again, it means we have to deal with the silence and emptiness, it means we will wake up to start all over again, it means we will cry thousand more tears, it means we will feel we failed you, it means once again we will ask God to watch over you and that we only want him to babysit you and pray that he has not called a beautiful angel home because God doesn’t need YOU…WE DO!!!!
Sweet dreams our son as we say goodnight. God you keep him strong, warm and safe again tonight.

As Joshua’s mother was out walking this past Sunday, she found a copy of The Invitation New Testament lying in her path. The book was open when she found it and she began reading it. This is the reading she shared with everyone who attended the candlelight vigil last night:

Let no one deceive you with empty arguments, for because of these things God’s wrath is coming on the disobedient. Therefore, do not become their partners. For you were once darkness, but now you are light in The Lord. Walk as children of the light. For the fruit of the light results in all goodness, righteousness and truth discerning what is pleasing to The Lord. Don’t participate in the fruitless works of the darkness, but instead expose them. For it is shameful even to mention what is done by them in secret. Everything exposed by the light is made clear.

Ephesians 5:6-13

Description: 22-year-old Caucasian adult male, 5’11” tall, weighing approximately 160 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes.  He has tattoos on the insides of both wrists.

Joshua Swalls - Tattoos

Photo of Joshua’s tattoos

If you would like additional information/updates and to show support for Joshua’s family and loved ones, please join: Find Joshua Swalls (a Facebook group created) and Find Joshua Swalls (his Twitter page)

If you have any information regarding this case you’re asked to please contact: Avon Police Department 317-327-6186 (Detective Stevens)

Spokane woman last seen several week’s ago

Sarah Simmons (pictured) was last seen in Spokane, WA several weeks ago

She has a several tattoo’s including a black and white design on her arm (shown above) which is a good identifying factor.

11/10/12, SPOKANE, WASHINGTON — Authorities are searching for clues regarding the disappearance of a Spokane woman.
Sarah Simmons, 29, a Airway Heights resident has been missing for several weeks. According to family members, the last time they heard from her was during a phone conversation on October 21, 2012 and they are very concerned for her safety.  They have said it is  uncharacteristic of her to not contact them after so long.
On October 31, she borrowed a friend’s vehicle, which ran out of gas, sometime during the day at the new Walmart on East Sprague in Spokane.  She was on the phone with a friend at the time the car ran out of gas but ran out of minutes before the friend could come help her. The car she was driving was later located, still parked at the same Walmart. Aside from her wallet and cell-phone, her  other possessions were still inside the vehicle.  She hasn’t been seen or heard from since and any attempts to reach her have failed.
Sarah is very close to her family and although it isn’t completely unusual for her to go a few days without contact, by November 2, 2012, almost 2 weeks after her family spoke to her, they knew something wasn’t right and filed a missing persons report with Airway Heights Police.
Sarah Simmons is a 29-year-old Caucasian female with long brunette hair, 5’9” tall and weighing approximately 130 pounds.  She also wears glasses and has several tattoos, including one on the back of her neck, a large tattoo on her arm (posted above), a ‘Navarro‘ across her upper chest area, and a couple additional small tats.
A Facebook page has been set-up titled Help FIND Sarah Simmons was created by family who are very concerned and are asking the public for assistance in locating here.

One of the comments posted on the Facebook page:

Sarah is 29 yeas old. 5’9″ tall and weighs approx. 130 lbs. She ran out of gas at the new Walmart on East Sprague in Spokane. We are very worried. As far as the waiting we wanted to make sure she was not with friends before going this route. No one thinks that this would ever happen to their family. We wanted to be Absolutely sure before we filed a report. She was on the phone with someone when sh

e ran out of gas they were unable to help her at the time she ran out of minutes for her phone. It was not uncommon for her to get upset and not hear from her for a couple of days. She always checked in with someone, anyone. she has NEVER gone this long without contacting someone! PLEASE HELP US FIND HER AND NOT WORRY ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE!! THIS IS ALL WE KNOW. STOP ATTACKING HER FAMILY!!!

If you have any information regarding this case, please contact: Airway Heights Police Station (509) 244-3707 Officer Suniga or Detective Kelly Justice