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Authorities in Florida and Louisiana Have Issued An Alert For Two Children Abducted By Their Non Custodial Parents (UPDATED!)


UPDATE – According to Yahoo News Joshua and Sharyn Hakken have been arrested after fleeing to Cuba with their non custodial children Chase Hakken, 2, and Cole, 4, whom were kidnapped on April 4, 2013 at their grandmothers Tampa, Florida home where they resided.

The suspects fled on a boat named “Salty” and sailed to Cuba where they were located and apprehended.

Both boys have been returned to their grandparents who has full custodial rights.

Joshua and Sharyn Hakken will appear in court Thursday, April 18, 2013 for the first time to face charges including kidnapping, child neglect, false imprisonment, burglary and interference with custody.


Joshua Michael Hakken, 34, was listed as Endangered Missing on the Louisiana State Police Facebook page three days ago. After doing more research it appears as if he along with his wife, Sharyn Patricia Hakken, 34, kidnapped their two children, Chase Hakken, 2, and Cole Hakken, 4 from their grandmother who had custody of both boys in Tampa, FL.

The abduction occurred on the morning of April 4, 2013 and later that same day the Florida Department of Law Enforcement issued an AMBER Alert for both missing boys.

Both suspects are the biological parents of the two victims however, neither have any custodial rights.

The children may be traveling to or through Louisiana since their abductors have ties to the Slidell area which is the reason for the Louisiana alert. The suspects may be driving in a black 2006 GMC pickup bearing University of Florida license plate U95KT.

The suspects description:

  • Joshua Hakken stands 5 feet, 11 inches tall, weighs 180 pounds and has brown hair and brown eyes.
  • Sharyn Hakken stands 5 feet, 4 inches tall, weighs 150 pounds and has blue-green eyes and short, curly brown hair.

The victims description:

  • Cole Hakken (bottom lefr) stands 3 feet, 9 inches tall and weighs 44 pounds.
  • Chase Hakken (bottom right) stands 3 feet tall and weighs 33 pounds. Both youths have brown hair and brown eyes.

Citizens are advised not to approach the two suspects. Instead, call 911, your local law enforcement agency or the Hillsborough County, Fla., sheriff’s office at (813) 247-8200.

California Toddler Missing Since October Found Underdressed In Stroller With Woman Claiming To Be The Child’s Grandmother

Alouette Day-Moreno-Baltierra


Photo of Alouette Day-Moreno-Baltierra, a missing California toddler who was found alive with a woman claiming to be the child’s grandmother at the University of Kentucky in Lexington

LEXINGTON, KY — Two University of Kentucky police officers have found a toddler whose mother reported her missing to the Los Angeles Police Department a couple of months ago.

Campus police officers Jennifer Ockerman and Emily Smith spotted a woman pushing a stroller with a  little girl strapped into the seat on December 27, 2012.  They were concerned because the child was under-dressed in the cold weather. According to reports, she was not wearing shoes, socks or a jacket and without hesitation, the officer’s approached the two of them.

“It was obvious that the infant looked like she had been out in the weather for a while,” University of Kentucky Police Chief Joe Monroe said. “Her face was red, she was showing some signs of potential frostbite or hypothermia. So, we did take the initiative to go ahead and get the child some medical treatment.”

The woman, identified as 62-year-old Maria Baltierra-Dejesus, tried to shield the toddler’s face, claiming to be the her grandmother and refused to answer questions. She was immediately placed under arrest.

The child was identified as 17-month-old Alouette Day-Moreno-Baltierra and upon further investigation, authorities discovered that the Alouette is a missing child from California. Her mother had apparently reported her missing to the Los Angeles Police Department 10 weeks prior on October 15, 2012.

Alouette has been placed in the temporary custody of Kentucky Child Protective Services while Baltierra-Dejesus faces charges of child endangerment and custodial interference. She could face felony charges in California for taking the child.

Meanwhile, authorities are still trying to figure out why Baltierra-Dejesus, who had a New York address, was in Kentucky or whether she really is the child’s grandmother. They did find Alouette’s birth certificate in Baltierra-Dejesus’s possession along with the a passport with evidence showing she tried to leave the country twice.

Baltierra-Dejesus has been “very uncooperative,” said Monroe.

“We’re not sure exactly who she is at this point. We’re still trying to locate that,” Monroe said. “It’s very strange … Honestly, it was just kind a coincidence that she ended up here.”

“This is an example of where the responding officers followed a gut feeling that something just wasn’t right with the situation,” Monroe said Friday.

Alouette Day Moreno Baltierra is said to be doing good and will be reunited with her family soon.

Police admit they DID overlook evidence that ‘would have convicted Casey Anthony’ after search for ‘foolproof suffocation’ on day daughter Caylee was last seen alive

  • A mis-spelled term was searched on Anthony family computer on June 16, 2008 when Casey Anthony visited her parents with her daughter, Caylee
  • Whoever conducted the Google search looked for the term “fool-proof suffication,” misspelling “suffocation.”
  • Caylee disappeared that day – but Casey didn’t report her missing until ONE MONTH later.
  • Her body was found six months later in December, 2008
  • Casey was deemed ‘the most hated woman in America’ and is now in hiding after being acquitted in the murder of Caylee Marie Anthony

Troubling: On the day that two-year-old Caylee Anthony disappeared, someone at the Florida home searched ‘fool-proof suffocation’. Casey (pictured) was acquitted of her murder in July 2011

ORLANDO, FLORIDA —  The Florida sheriff’s office that investigated Caylee Anthony’s death confirmed Sunday that it overlooked a computer search for suffocation methods made from the little girl’s home on the day she was last seen alive.

Orange County sheriff’s Capt. Angelo Nieves said the office’s computer investigator missed a June 16, 2008, Google search for “fool-proof” suffocation methods. The agency’s admission was first reported by Orlando television station WKMG. It’s not known who performed the search. The station reported it was done on a browser primarily used by the 2-year-old’s mother, Casey Anthony, who was acquitted of the girl’s murder in 2011.

Anthony’s attorneys argued during trial that Casey Anthony helped her father, George Anthony, cover up the girl’s drowning in the family pool.

WKMG reports that sheriff’s investigators pulled 17 vague entries only from the computer’s Internet Explorer browser, not the Mozilla Firefox browser commonly used by Casey Anthony. More than 1,200 Firefox entries, including the suffocation search, were overlooked.

Photo of Casey Anthony and little Caylee as a baby, less than two years later, she was National news due to her disappearance and murder

Acquitted: Casey Anthony reacts as she is found not guilty in the murder of her daughter Caylee. She is flanked by her attorneys, Jose Baez, left, and Dorothy Clay Sims, right

Acquitted: Casey Anthony reacts as she is found not guilty in the murder of her daughter Caylee. She is flanked by her attorneys, Jose Baez, left, and Dorothy Clay Sims, right


July 17, 211 In this file photo: Casey Anthony, right, walks out of the Orange County Jail with her attorney, Jose Baez, left, after she was aquitted for the murder of her daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony

Article originally published on 11/25/12

Click here for full article written and published by FOXNEWS

What happened to Baby Lauryn?

What happened to Baby Lauryn?

10-month-old (although some sites report she was 9-months) Lauryn Dickens disappeared September, 2010 and still has not been found.

Lauryn lived with her mother, Shakara Dickens, 19, at the Raleigh Village Apartments on Yale Road in Tennessee when she went missing.

In the days when Baby Lauryn first went missing, her Mother was out getting a tattoo, partying, taking photos of herself at a club event called ”Swagged Out Sunday”, these photos showed a stylish young ‘Mother’ smiling without a care in the world. (Baby Lauryns Mother reminds me much of Casey Anthony, days after little Caylee went missing.)

Shakara told police that she had given Lauryn to a stranger who identified herself as a friend of the baby’s father on September 7th, 2010 but did not report her missing until 1 week later, according to a police spokesman. She said the woman came because she had told Lauryn’s father that she could no longer care for her.

The father, Benjamin Norfleet, 19, is in jail on charges related to vehicle break-ins. According to an affidavit, Norfleet has not talked to Shakara since August.

Lauryn said that the woman was described as 40-50 years old, white with gray shoulder-length hair. She wore glasses and a white blouse with khaki pants. Shakara has been charged with aggravated child abuse of a child under 6.

Lauryn is described as:

Black hair, Brown eyes, 1’9″, 17 pounds. Her hair was pulled into two afro puffs. She was last seen wearing a brown onesie with a pink flower and pink dots. She has a skin rash on the back of her forearms and knees.

Lauryn Dickens’ body was never found, but cadaver dogs indicated there had been a corpse in her mother’s Raleigh apartment and around a car she had been driving.

– For more infomation on Baby Lauryn’s Case, Please click this link/copy an paste this link for the March 2012 latest report –