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Isabel Celis Still Missing Over Ten Months After She Vanished From Her Tuscon Home

Video was uploaded on YouTube shortly after Isabel M. Celis vanished.


Full Name: Isabel Mercedes Celis
Missing City/State: Tuscon, AZ
Age at Disappearance: 6 Current Age: 7
Race: White/HispanicGender: Female
Height: 3’8″ Weight: 44 pounds
Hair: Strait, Light Brown (she was last seen with her hair braided into two long braids)
Eyes: Hazel
Clothing: Isabel was last seen wearing a blue tank-top, dark (navy) blue basketball shorts.
Other: She is also missing two front teeth. She has had her ears pierced prior to her disappearance.

Isabel was last seen at her Tuscon, Arizona home on the night of April 20, 2012. Her mother had put her to bed at approximately 11PM and then went to bed herself. She woke up early the following morning, got ready for work and left at 6:30AM. She didn’t check on Isabel so had not realized she was missing until shortly after 8AM when she was alerted by her husband (Isabel’s father), Sergio Celis, who had went to wake up the children and noticed Isabel wasn’t in bed.

A search in and around the house yielded no sign of the little girl but Mr. Celis did notice a screen from one of the windows was compromised, the blinds had been shoved aside.

By this point the police were called and a local search was immediate. Authorities asked the family questions and then asked neighbors if they’ve seen the missing child but it’s as if she had vanished.

Many local searches were conducted, posters were created and social media was booming with information on Isabel’s disappearance. Thousands of dollars were spent on her investigation and over $60,000 was raised on a reward for information. But despite the local and National attention and the reward fund, her case remains unsolved.

It didn’t take long before theories started arising among the community and among reporters and journalists.


Candle light vigils were done locally family, friends and community took part in it, holding onto hope that the missing girl would be found safe. One vigil held on the evening of July 27, 2012 was attended by family including Sergio Celis, despite a previous voluntary agreement with Child Protective Services in Arizona that he could not be around his family and sons.

KVOA, a local Tuscon news cast, made an attempt to asked the Celis family about this but they refused to comment. KVOA then attempted to contact CPS but were not given a response.

There has been a good amount of suspicion around the father and family, including Isabel’s mother, had and still has defended him threw all the media assumptions, calling him “a great father”.

Isabel Celis: Mom Attends Vigil, Defends Husband

Earlier that same week, on July 22, 2012, two young children had called law enforcement pretending to be Isabel Celis. The call was immediately suspicious however, despite for clues the police investigated. $5,000 later they had found proof  that the call was a hoax. The callers were two little girls, sisters, who were at home with their mother and used a cell phone to contact police. It’s unclear (and unlikely) that the children’s family had any charges filed against them and the incident was dropped by police.

However, Jane Velez Mitchell, host on HLN and other media sources questioned whether these little girls knew something. Maybe overheard or had some type of link to the case.  It’s odd how children would call pretending to be a 6-year-old missing child. Maybe an adult figure tricked or threatened them into doing it or its possible that they were acting out something they knew about or were afraid of.

Velez-Mitchell acknowledged that as a child she made prank calls. So have many others. Heck, I even called 911 at age 4 pr 5 (it was the only number I had known by heart), but quickly hung up. That didn’t stop police from showing up at my home however. — The point is, most of us made a prank call as a child, but, tell me, have you ever pretended to be a missing child? Would you have done that as a youngster? I wouldn’t and I don’t know anyone who would have.


Isabel’s disappearance has gotten a good amount of National attention including being featured on Nancy Grace and America’s Most Wanted. Each with different theories as to what could have happened to the missing girl.

Bring Isa Home is a website created to bring awareness to this case. On the front page it states a $60, 500 reward is being offered for those with information leading to the (safe) recovery of Isabel or the arrest and conviction of those suspected in taking her.

Find Isabel Mercedes Celis is one of the many Facebook pages created to spread around awareness, information and support regarding the case. It’s the Facebook page believed to be run by loved ones.

If you have any information regarding this case you’re asked to please contact: Tucson Police Department (520) 791-4444 and/or 88-CRIME (520)882-7463 (collect calls accepted)
You can also text the number 274637 and type ”tip259” followed by your message. 911 are urgent for any sightings of the missing child.


Trevor Morse Missing Since 2007

Trevor Morse Has Been Missing Since 2007 (Nevada)

Name: Trevor Paul Morse
D.O.B: October 20, 1976
D.O.D: May 6, 2007
Age then: 30
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Ht/Wt: 5’10” – 165 pounds

Additional Information: Trevor has a crescent-shaped scar on his chin, he underwent an eye surgery (Lazik) Prior too 5/6/07, which is the date he was last seen. Trevor also has hair on his back, at the time of his disappearance, his hair was cut very short, possibly shaved.
It is unknown what he wore on the day he disappeared but according to friends and family, he was known to wear muscle-shirts and dark jeans, he also liked to wear his ‘Ford Mustang’ baseball hat, which was orange.

Details Of Disappearance:

Trevor Morse was a 30-year-old who was employed as an electrician for a major contractor in Las Vegas, the same city he disappeared from.

On Saturday, May 6, 2007, he went to visit some close friends. Earlier that same day, he woke in the morning and wrote checks for his utility bills and then did his laundry. He continued normally with his day and at 3 o’clock p.m. he called a local taxi service who then came and drove him to the Red Rock Canyon area, taking a total of 30 minutes. The taxi driver would later state that Trevor had mentioned going to meet an unidentified individual and stated he was in good spirits and nothing seemed amiss. He said he dropped the missing man off  in front of a furniture store at 3800 Block of South Town Center Drive and West Flamingo in Las Vegas.

He hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

Security footage was later check and Trevor was seen pacing back and forth out the furniture store outlet. Footage also shows him walking southwest, out of view of the camera, apparently off into the desert.

Facts about Trevor and his disappearance:
He didn’t drive his own vehicle the day he disappeared, instead he called a taxi-service to give him a ride.

He also left behind possessions including his cell-phone, I.D., wallet and checkbook. He only took an amount that was enough to cover cab fare. Which was unusual given the fact that he never normally left those items behind.

His behavior in the days leading to his disappearance seemed normal, nothing was out of sorts for the young man, which leaves many to believe he was nor suicidal and did not leave on his own accord.

He was born in El’Paso Texas.

His work required him to travel to many different states, including, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Etc. He met new people from all over the United States.

 He would be turning 35 in 2012.

(Clicking the photo of Trevor Morse will bring you to an article regarding the young mans disappearance.)

If you have any information regarding this case, please contact: Las Vegas NV Police Department (702)828-5678

The Kidnapping Of Jaycee Lee Dugard – Before And After

Photo Of Jaycee Taken Same Year She Was Kidnapped.

Jaycee Dugard was 11-years-old and a fifth grader who was excited about an upcoming field trip that she was supposed to attend. She woke up early in the morning and remembers dressing in her favorite ‘all pink outfit.  There was one particularly embarrassing question she wanted to ask her mother that morning, If she could start shaving her legs. She remembers vividly that her mother was in a rush to get to work and forgot to give her a kiss, something she regularly did. Jaycee didn’t think much of it and knew she would get her kiss later that day when she returned home from school.

Sadly she never made it to school.

She left her Lake Tahoe home to head for the bus stop but not before waving goodbye to her Stepfather, Carl Probyn. As she made her way up the street a vehicle suddenly sped up and swerved, cutting her off. An unidentified man quickly rolled down the window and hit Jaycee with a stun-gun, causing her to fall over in the bushes. He then quickly opened the door, grab Jaycee and sped off.

Mugshots Of Phillip & Nancy Garrido

The only thing Jaycee could do was scream which alerted her stepfather who near the garage at the time. He didn’t have his car keys so he jumped on his mountain bike and chased the car but lost sight of it and had to turn around and rush back home where he contacted authorities.

Carl has told of his anguish at  helplessly seeing his stepdaughter being kidnapped as she made her way to the bus stop that Morning. He remembers being outside that morning, just meters away from Jaycee.

Carl Probyn

Carl Probyn holding a framed photo of 11-year-old Jaycee

By the time police arrived Jaycee was on a frightening three-hour journey to the Garridos Antioch, CA home. When they arrived, she was led to his secluded backyard and tied in one of his sound proof sheds where she was continually abused sexually,  mentally, emotionally and physically for the next 18 years. Garrido threatened her and her family if she ever attempted to run away. Nancy played the “good cop” and pretended to care about the girls feelings. She would also pretend to ‘sneak in’ sandwiches to gain the little girl’s trust.

For years some suspected Probyn of being involved with Jaycee’s disappearance. A couple of years after the abduction, Jaycee’s mother, Tracy Probyn filed for divorce four years after Jaycee was abducted. According to Carl Probyn, the stress of Jaycee’s abduction was too much and he tells how she could never  forgive him for not doing more on that fateful day.

 “I feel very happy that Jaycee is living her life… But I have  to say that right now, I don’t think the odds are very good that I will ever see  her again,” He added: “Looking back, maybe I regret I did not give her more hugs. Terry’s family thought I was mean to her. I think they thought I was the  reason Jaycee did not run away from the Garridos. But I can tell you now, I  really cared for that girl.” Carl said.

Jaycee’s mother, Terry Probyn, was frantic and distraught as most mothers would be. She did everything possible to get Jaycee’s name out there, including making a song called ”Jaycee Lee”

Click here to listen to “Jaycee Lee”

Terry Probyn Pictured, Singing ‘Jaycee Lee’ in a studio

The community came together very quickly and helped Terry and her family. Pink balloons, Jaycee’s favorite color, were tied everywhere. Jaycee’s face was on every pole in Lake Tahoe, California. . Soon her face was on major news channels around the US,  and every year on the anniversary of the kidnapping the community came together to march for justice and answers. Her mother never gave up hope.

Jaycee’ would later state during an interview that during the first few days of her captivity, she seen the news casting her story as she layed helplessly tied in a sound-proof shed in the back of the Garrido home.

Over  the 18 years she remained missing, Jaycee suffered sexual abuse at the hands of her captor and two pregnancies. She was in pain as she laid in labor alone in the shed until Philip came home and gave her codeine to ease the pregnancy pains. The two daughters she had were aged 11 and 15 at the time of her reappearance. (Jaycee’s youngest daughter starlit was 11-years-old at the time Jaycee was found, the same age Jaycee was when she was kidnapped. Her eldest daughter, Angel, was 15-years-old in 2009, the same age Jaycee was when she gave birth too her.)

Angel and starlit were made to believe by Garrido that Jaycee was their older sister, they found out the truth in 2009, when Phillip and Nancy Garrido were arrested and Jaycee was reunited with her family. From the beginning Jaycee is very protective of the two young girls, and wants them to live a happy-normal life. She also didn’t want media to snap any photos of them but new curiosity of the public would make this really hard so she allowed one photo of the two girls, neither of their faces are shown, just there backside and hair, their side view is blurred.


Photo Of Jaycee’s Daughters, starlit and Angel

When Jaycee was rescued her case became headlines around the world. Paparazzi tried endlessly looking for Jaycee and her daughters, whose photos were not yet released. FBI placed the family in an undisclosed location and guarded them from the public eye.

Since then, photos have been released and Jaycee has even done an interview with Ann Curry. This was done to keep paparazzi away.

Terry, Jaycee, along with her two daughters have been in away from media trying to live there new-life as normal as possible. Jaycee has does interviews and had been on the cover of people magazine numerous times, she stated she did this to keep paparazzi’ at bay, and to fill in the publics curiosity and let them know how she and her family are doing. Jaycee and her mother Terry have been catching up, they been horseback-riding, cooking, relaxing, going on secluded vacations, etc.

Mother And Daughter: Jaycee And Terry Smiling Together.

Phillip was on parole in 1992 as a high level re-offender and Jaycee wasn’t the first person he kidnapped and raped.  In 1976 when Garrido was a young man in his 20’s, he kidnapped a woman who now goes by her married name, Katherine Hall.  She said she was 25 years old when Garrido attacked her in South Lake Tahoe (The same town from which Dugard was abducted) when she went to buy food. He tapped on her car window saying he needed a lift as his car was broken down. He overpowered her, bound, gagged and handcuffed her. (For more information on the Katherine Hall Abduction in 1976, please click link provided.)

Photo Of Katherine Hall in 2009

As for Phillip and Nancy, well, they won’t be ruining anyones family or life ever again.

Phillip Craig Garrido, 58, and his wife Nancy Garrido, 54, were sentenced for kidnapping and other charges on June 2, 2011. Philip Garrido was sentenced to 431 years’ imprisonment; his wife received 36 years to life. Nancy would be lucky if she was still living by the time her parole comes up and if she is, she most likely will get denied.


Jaycee Lee Dugard Now

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Michaela ”Mickey” Shunick Fought For Her Life – 8/19/2012 Update

The man accused of killing Louisiana student Mickey Shunick pleaded guilty today to her murder and the killing of another woman in exchange for life in prison without parole. The court document explaining the plea deal also reveals a blow-by-blow account of Shunick’s desperate fight for her life the night she died.

The document details how Shunick fought back against her attacker by spraying him with Mace, stabbing him several times and fighting relentlessly until he ultimately shot her in the head. The court filing was posted online today by ABC News’ Lafayette affiliate KATC-TV.

Shunick, 22, was a senior at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette when she vanished May 19. She was last seen about 2 a.m. riding her bike from the home of her friend Brettly Wilson.

Brandon Scott Lavergne, a registered sex offender, was arrested and charged with Shunick’s murder and aggravated kidnapping last month. He pleaded not guilty and would have faced the death penalty had he not agreed to the deal.

On the night Shunick disappeared, Lavergne followed her bike in his truck, according to a statement in support of his plea filed in Louisiana’s 15th Judicial District Court today. He had been driving around Lafayette, La., using his cellphone to call escort services, the document said. Surveillance footage of the white pickup truck would eventually lead police to Lavergne.

Lavergne intentionally hit Shunick’s bike and insisted that she enter his truck, the document said. He put her bike in the bed of his truck and the filing said that Lavergne was in possession of a knife and a semi-automatic handgun, which he kept in his car.

When Shunick attempted to grab her cellphone to call for help, Lavergne threatened her with his knife.

“Micky sprayed mace into the Defendant’s face,” the court document said. “Micky fought off the Defendant who succeeded in wrestling the mace from Mickey. Micky grabbed the Defendant’s knife and proceeded to stab the Defendant several times in what would later be called life threatening wounds.”

The court document misspells Shunick’s first name throughout.

Lavergne tried to grab the knife from Shunick, which caused him to cut tendons in his hands.

“Micky fought with the much larger and stronger Defendant who succeeded in taking the knife from Micky,” the filing said. “The Defendant then stabbed Micky at least 4 times and she fell over. Micky lay motionless. The Defendant felt for a pulse but felt nothing.”

Lavergne then drove Shunick’s motionless body to a secluded area 40 minutes away, where he planned to dump ber body and escape, according to the filing.

“Suddenly, Micky jumped up, with the Defendant’s knife she had regained possession of and lunged at the Defendant stabbing him again in the chest,” the court document said. “The Defendant pulled his semi-automatic handgun, which he had armed himself with, and shot Micky in the head, killing her instantly.”

With his additional injuries, Lavergne did not leave Shunick’s body and instead drove to his home to nurse his wounds, with her still in the passenger seat. At home, he also destroyed the clothes he was wearing.

He then drove to the area of an old cemetery in Evangeline Parish to bury the body, but was unable to dig because of his wounds, according to the filing.

“Instead, he left Micky’s body in a nearby tree line, covering her body with branches and debris,” the court document said.

Lavergne returned home to clean up more and formulate his plan. He destroyed more evidence and arranged to stay with an out-of-town friend. He dumped Shunick’s bike in a river beneath a bridge where it was later discovered and became a key piece of the investigation.

He also disposed of the handgun and the knife, the document said.

When Lavergne returned to Lafayette from his friend’s home in New Orleans the next day, he returned to where he had left Shunick’s body and buried Shunick’s body in a heavily wooded area near the old cemetery.

The body was found there in August 2012 and positively identified by authorities.

“The Defendant, and his counsel, affirm and agree that this factual basis is indeed true, correct, and accurate,” the end of the document reads. “The Defendant affirms and agrees that he is, in fact, guilty of the First Degree Murder of Michaela Shunick.”

The document is signed by the district attorney, Lavergne and his attorneys.

The Shunick family did not respond to request for comment today, but released a statement after today’s court  hearing, according to The Advocate newspaper.

“My sister, Mickey Shunick, was a warrior,” Shunick’s sister, Charlene “Charlie” Shunick, wrote. “If it wasn’t for her, our community never would have been able to bring down a dangerous man that harmed multiple people.”

Shunick’s mother, Nancy Anne Rowe, wrote, “She refuses to be a victim. My courageous child faced down a monster. Now I think I can face monsters too. And so can you.”

In the document, Lavergne also plead guilty to killing Lisa Pate in June 1999. He met her in Lafayette, La., and “enticed and persuaded” her to go with him to a place outside of the town. They were together for several days, but when Pate said she wanted to leave, he refused to let her.

Authorities believe Lavergne killed her by putting a plastic bag over her head, the document said. Her body was found in September 1999.

Prosecutor Keith Stutes was not available for comment this afternoon but said in court today that the plea agreement required Lavergne to tell investigators where Shunick’s body was and to re-enact the events surrounding the killings, according to The Advocate.

PHOTO: This undated photo provided by the Lafayette Police Department in Lafayette, La., shows Michaela Shunick, who goes by "Mickey."
Lafayette Police Department/AP Photo
This undated photo provided by the Lafayette… View Full Size
PHOTO: This undated photo provided by the Lafayette Police Department in Lafayette, La., shows Michaela Shunick, who goes by "Mickey."

Lafayette Police Department/AP Photo
This undated photo provided by the Lafayette Police Department in Lafayette, La., shows Michaela Shunick, who goes by “Mickey.”
Mickey Shunick’s Body Believed Found Watch Video
What Happened to Mickey Shunick? Watch Video

Woman Wanted In Florida Since 2006 For A Hit And Run Resulting In Death

Cops also say that Abdala speaks very little English, and is known to frequent sports bars.

 Leydis Menendez Abdala (photo taken in 2006)

HIALEAH, FLORIDA — Leydis Abdala, now 38, is wanted for the August 12th, 2006 hit-and-run of Gloria Hall, 40, who was killed as she was walking to Church in Hialeah located in the state of Florida. Leydis was not only speeding, but also intoxicated when she failed to stop at a red light. Leydis showed little remorse at the scene of the accident and told police she was on the way to another bar when the accident occurred.

Leydis was released from prison temporarily while investigators waited for the toxicology results, which would prove that Leydis was driving drunk. By the time the tests came back, Leydis was already on the run.

Leydis Abdala is a Cuban immigrant living with family members in Florida when the crime was committed. Authorities believe that her family knows where she is, but are not telling and that she may still be in the Miami area or she possibly returned to Cuba. According to AMW, it is also possible that she is hiding out in Southwest US or Mexico.

Abdala is known to frequently change her hair style and color.

(Photo Of Leydis With Lighter Dyed Hair)

Statement from victims sister: ”As an officer I’ve encountered horrible accident scenes, but nothing I have witnessed could ever prepare me for what I witnessed that morning in August that
took my sister’s life.”

Leydis was 33-years-old in 2006. Police say that without makeup, Leydis almost looks like she has a black eye. She has naturally brown hair but likes to change her hair color and style of her hair quite often. She is hispanic, 5’4”, weighing approx 180 pounds at the time the crime was committed. She is known to wear green or blue contacts and often wears a lot of make-up to cover distinct, dark skin pigmentation
underneath her eyes.

Cops also say that Abdala speaks very little English, and is known to frequent
sports bars.

Gloria Hall’s friends and family, including her two daughters, miss her greatly and want justice and for Leydis Menendez Abdala to be held responsible. It has already been six years since they lost Gloria and the wounds are still there.

Gloria Hall with her two daughters.

(Photo Of Victim: Gloria Hall With Her Two Daughters)

There is a warrant for her arrest in Miami and a $5,000 reward for information leading to her arrest.

Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to please contact: Hialeah police at 305-687-2525, or Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS (3477).

Missing Soldier,Kelli Marie Bordeaux, Missing Soldier Fort Bragg, NC

PHOTO: Kelli Bordeaux, a Fort Bragg soldier, has been missing since April 14, 2012 and was last seen at the Froggy Bottoms bar.

Photo Above Is Kelli Bordeaux’s Default Photo On Facebook.

UPDATE – 11/21/12 – FORT BRAGG, NC — Remains discovered near Fort Bragg could be missing soldier Kelli Marie Bordeaux – 

Police have found remains at Fort Bragg and are now investigating if they could belong to the 23-year-old, Private First Class Kelli Bordeaux, who went missing in April.

The remains were discovered at the Eastern Training Area on the U.S. Army base in Fayetteville, North Carolina on Tuesday night but police will not specify if they are animal or human remains.

Searchers began combing the area when they received a tip about a possible body in the area. The remains are currently under review at a forensic laboratory for identification.

GoneGone: Private First Class Kelli Bordeaux was reported missing on April 16 by officials at Fort Bragg, after not showing up for duty

New cluesNew clues: Police discovered remains at the Eastern Training Area on the U.S. Army base in Fayetteville, North Carolina on Tuesday night

The combat medic was last seen on April 14, leaving a bar in Fayetteville, called Froggy Bottoms, early in the morning.

She was reported missing on April 16 by officials at Fort Bragg, after not showing up for duty.

Her husband, Mike, was visiting family in Florida at the time of his wife’s disappearance.

She was assigned to the 601st Area Support Medical Company, 261st Multifunctional Medical Battalion, 44th Medical Brigade, as a health service specialist.

A native of St. Cloud, Florida she joined the military in April 2011.

In loveIn love: The married 23-year-old was alone in North Carolina. Her husband Mike (right) was visiting family in Florida

Since her disappearance her family has held on to hope that they will find her but there have been no charges and few clues in the case.

Her family is still holding on for hope and in July hosted a charity event to pray for the search and raise awareness of her disappearance.

‘I know it’s scary to do the right thing, especially if you know a hard truth, but you can’t imagine how difficult it is for my family,’ Bordeaux’s older sister, Olivia Cox, told FOX News, pleading with the public for help.

‘Her birthday is a month away and she’s not here. She’s not going to be here for Thanksgiving.’

Click here to read the rest of this article written and published by

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August 15, 2012 – FORT BRAGG, NORTH CAROLINA — Female Soldier Missing From Fort Bragg –

Authorities are searching for Kelli Bordeaux (23-years-old), a combat medic who was stationed at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. Kelli was last seen on April 14, 2012, after leaving A Ramsey Street  bar, Froggy Bottoms, in Fayetteville (NC). Kelli was supposedly dropped off at around 1:30 pm by the entrance to Meadowbrook at Kings Grant apartments 6707 Water Trail Drive  Fayetteville, NC 28311.  This location is on busy route 401 just blocks from the entrance to Interstate I-295. The private first class, who is stationed at nearby Fort Bragg, was reported missing the following Monday by base officials when she didn’t show up for work on April 16th.

Kelli is assigned to the 601st Area Support Medical Company, 261st Multifunctional Medical Battalion, 44th Medical Brigade, as a health service specialist. She is a native of St. Cloud, Florida ., and joined the military in April 2011. She arrived at the unit in November 2011.

Police believe Kelli is in possible danger. “There is some information we’ve gathered that makes us concerned for her safety,” said Fayetteville Police spokesperson Gavin MacRoberts. He declined to go into more detail due to the ongoing investigation.

Kelli’s mother, Johanna Henson, has stated she was having difficulty coping with her daughter’s suspicious disappearance. “I can’t function not knowing where she is. How can someone hurt her?” Henson said. “I lost my mother and my husband within a three months span. I can’t deal with losing my child. I can’t deal with anymore loss.”

During the past four decades, at least 459 people may have been killed at the hands of highway serial killers, FBI statistics show.  “There is some information we’ve gathered that makes us concerned for her safety,” said Fayetteville Police spokesperson Gavin MacRoberts. He declined to go into more detail due to the ongoing investigation.

Bordeaux, who is from Orlando, FL  has been married to her husband Mike Bordeaux for nearly two years, according to her Facebook page which can be  viewed by clicking here.

Kelli’s loved ones have also set up a Facebook page called ”Find Kelli Bordeaux” –!/FindKelli

Kelli’s case will be featured on the Jon Lieberman “The Crime Line” show – When: Tuesday Aug. 14 @ 4:30 EDT –  To watch the show please click on the Official website for Kelli Bordeaux (linked below)

For the latest updates, please visit The official website for Kelli Bordeaux –

Bordeaux has blond hair and brown eyes. She stands 5’1″ tall and weighed approx 101 pounds at the time of her disappearance. She has a Scar on her left eyebrow from a surf boarding accident where she got six stitches, Shooting star tattoo on top of her right foot, Tribal tattoo on her upper left thigh and Trickling stars going down the back of her neck all the way down her spine. She was last seen wearing a pink tank top and black shorts.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Fayetteville Police at (910) 433-1856 or CrimeStoppers  at (910) 483-TIPS (8477).

Dyer County Awaiting Arrest In Karen Swift Murder Case

Photo Of Karen Swift Taken From Facebook Page  In Loving Memory Of Karen Swift

UPDATE: 11/29/12 – DYERSBURG, TN – Karen Swift murder investigation almost in completion:

Dyer County investigators say the investigation into the murder of Dyer County mom Karen Swift is getting close to being complete. Sheriff Jeff Box said even though it has been a year since Swift was murdered, investigators are moving toward an arrest or indictment.

They plan to go to Nashville next week to pick up evidence the TBI just finished processing.  Box says there are no witnesses to Swift’s murder so investigators have to rely on evidence.

As the investigation is winding down nerves appear to be frayed among her loved ones and friends.

To read the rest of this article, go to: WMCTV

– – – – – – – – – –

UPDATE: 09/21/12 – Dyersburg, TN – Dyer County Awaiting Arrest In Karen Swift Case:

The Dyer County Grand Jury meets the second week of October. It’s unclear if they will take up the Karen Swift murder case. It’s been almost an entire year since Swift was murdered in Dyersburg. The sheriff’s department has never made an arrest. They say there is a person of interest, but so far they aren’t naming any names.

Some people in Dyer County are concerned the killer could still be living among them.

“They need to find out who did that because everyone is on edge as far as getting out and riding in the country,” said Rob Roberson.

Dyer County Sheriff Jeff Box says his office has looked at several people they think could be connected to the swift murder and narrowed it down to one.

Box says they are waiting on nearly a hundred pieces of evidence still being examined by the TBI before an arrest is made.

“It makes me feel uncomfortable you know. If there is a serial killer running around or something my wife goes out to the store at to places,” said Roberson.

A judge ordered Swift’s cause of death be sealed and not released until the trial.

The Dyer County Sheriff’s Department and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation are jointly investigating Karen Swift’s murder. The Dyer County Sheriff’s Department requests any person with information about this case contact them at 731-285-2802 or call the TBI at 1-800-TBI-FIND.

– – – – – – – – – –

Updated: 09/05/12 – Swift murder suspects narrowed to ONE – DYERSBURG, TENNESSEE (FOX13)

→ Dyer County Sheriff  Jeff Box said his detectives  have eliminated all but one suspect in the probe of the Fall 2011 slaying of  44-year-old mother Karen Swift.

The name of the suspect and his or her relation to Ms.  Swift has not been released.

“I think it gives everybody a little hope,” said James  Brown, Dyersburg resident. “Lots of wondering. I think everybody just wants to  know what happened to tell you the truth.”

Sheriff Box said Monday that his department has had a  person of interest for months, but it’s the high community interest which pushed  his department to make some of the investigation details public.

“In order to ensure a successful prosecution, we will  continue to protect the integrity of this case to the end,” he said in a  statement released to the media on Monday. “The cardinal rule of law enforcement  is to do the job, but do it right.”

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MORE: Karen Swift’s Body Found in Dyersburg (video)
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MORE: Swift’s Body Found, Police Search for Murderer
MORE: Swift’s Body Found, Police Search for Murderer  (video)

Christmas photo of the Swift family with Karen in the middle wearing a red top

Ms. Swift disappeared from her home October 30, 2011 after a  Halloween party. She lived about three miles from Bledsoe Cemetery, where a  caretaker found her remains.

Her 2004 Nissan Murano, which had a flat tire, was found a  mile from her home.

So far, no  eyewitness have come forward.

Sheriff Box estimates between 50 to 100 pieces of evidence have been collected. Investigators have received much of  the lab results back, but Box stated they are looking forward to receiving  everything back that is needed to prepare this case for trial.

“Our investigators have done a very good job in compiling  the evidence and we will use all of the results of the investigation and  evidence from these agencies, in unison, to see that an arrest and conviction is  obtained,” Sheriff Box said.

Some of the evidence includes Ms. Swift’s cell phones,  which sheriff detectives hope will help pinpoint her whereabouts before, during,  and after the murder.

While the  Secret Service is using high-tech processing to analyze Swift’s cell, the  Tennessee Bureau of Investigation in Nashville is sifting through forensic lab  work.

“This processing with the Secret Service may provide  highly detailed data, which may include the time of every movement that was made  before, during, and after the murder,” Sheriff Box said. “I know the community  would like to see an arrest made, so would we. However, patience is the key and  it is paying off as time has been beneficial in making sure a conviction is  rendered, after we make an arrest.”

The Dyer County Sheriff’s Office would have named the  person of interest a suspect, but Sheriff Box said the woman or man is not on  the run from authorities or is not in danger to others.

“She was sweet, just happy person, fun  to be around,” said Kayla Wright, family friend.

“I don’t have any ideas who it could be, but hopefully it  will be resolved soon,” said Bill Revell, former Dyersburg mayor.

In what has been a tight-lipped investigation, this latest  information reveals this is an active cold case. The case will lean on DNA and  highly detailed data that will be ready for a court presentation.

“I have made additional requests top expedite the  processing of the remainder of the DNA and forensic evidence that is needed,”  Sheriff Box said. “Some of the processing includes not only lab work, but taking  the results of the investigation and having it preparing in a courtroom  presentation display format.”

“Well I’ll be glad when it comes to a solution, is  solved,” Revell said. “It’s been a very tough thing for our area.”

The Tennessee Highway Patrol Response Team is also working  with Dyer County investigators to help determine the distance her white SUV  traveled from the time Ms. Swift arrived home.

Ms. Swift’s autopsy results, which were performed by the  Shelby County Medical Examiner’s Office in Memphis, were sealed under a court  order citing the ongoing investigation.

Dyersburg is 75 miles northeast of Memphis.

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UPDATE; September 4th, 2012 – MEMPHIS, TN – Arrest may be near in Karen Swift Murder Investigation:

Stunning news out of Dyer County, investigators may be close to an arrest in the murder of Dyer County mother Karen Swift.

It’s been almost a year since Swift disappeared and was later found murdered near her home.

Dyer County mom Karen Swift disappeared after a Halloween party last October.  She was last seen by her husband David at their home on Willie Johnson Road.  Her family hasn’t spoken out since last November, less than a month before Swift’s body was found.

“If my mother is out there, we are very worried, very concerned,” said Swift’s son Preston in an earlier interview.

“People’s naturally upset.  Feel for the family…and feel, for her too,” said Dyer County resident Homer Reeves.

The 44-year-old body was discovered December 10th near Bledsoe Cemetery.  That’s when investigators began treating the case as a homicide.

There is now a person of interest in the case.

Dyer County Sheriff Jeff Box says he’s hoping results from forensic lab work will be back very soon.  He says that evidence will be prepared in a courtroom presentation format.

“Currently we are not naming any suspects and will not name anyone until we feel it will benefit the case,” stated Box.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol is trying to determine Swift’s movements before and after her disappearance.  They’re trying to figure out how far her vehicle traveled from the time she arrived home October 30th until it was found parked along the Millsfield Highway.

They’re using cell phone data to help determine her whereabouts.

“I don’t want to speak badly about Karen,” said attorney Steve Farese, “but there were some things going on that were quite unusual.” Swift was divorcing her husband David.  David Swift has hired Farese as his attorney.  He has not been charged with any crime. Farese told Action News Five in May 2012 that he thinks very little of the talk that his client could be his wife’s killer. “A lot of people say that.  Those people are ignorant and don’t know what they’re talking about,” said Farese.

David Swift’s attorney did tell us that he didn’t know who the person of interest was in this case. The Dyer County Sheriff says 50 to 100 pieces of evidence have already been collected in this case but he’s waiting on more.

He hopes this will lead to an arrest in this nearly year-long case.

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UPDATED; September 3rd 2012 The Dyer County sheriff’s office continues to investigate the death of Karen Swift:

→ Karen Swift was 44-years-old when she disappeared on October 3rd, 2011. She picked up her daughter from a Halloween party and shortly after she went missing. Soon after, her car was found abandoned with her tires slashed. A couple of months later in December, 2011, her body was found in Dyer County, Tennessee. According to Dyer County Sheriff Jeffery Box, they have ruled out every person of interest, except for one. He says you have to be very careful in assessing anyone with lab and DNA results that are still out, or even making any statement about how many persons are involved until you complete it with all results.

According to the Jeffery Box, Investigators are still doing a great job compiling the case.

”Everyone would already like to have seen an arrest, but time is not the important issue here, the important thing is doing the job right.” Said Box.  And, he says his department has been putting this case together a one piece at a time. They stated in an earlier article that they were confident this case will get solved and that solving cases takes time and isn’t like the TV shows that portray a fast suspect, fast arrest, fast conviction.

Investigators will use all results of this Investigation to lead to an arrest and conviction. Investigators are fortunate to have made all the advances that they have in this case. There are many other cases of this type where the victims are still missing and other cases that it took many years to find those missing. He says everyone should keep those families along with Swift’s love ones in our prayers.

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Update on Karen Swift homicide investigation five months after the autopsy came back:

It has been almost 5 months since Karen Swift’s autopsy report was complete. Investigators will not comment about the findings of the report because it’s sealed under a court order. A family friend says if anyone talks, the judge will throw out the case.

Neighbors say the Swift family is taking it one day at a time. Karen Swift is the Dyersburg mother who disappeared last Halloween. Her body was later discovered a few miles from her home, but no arrests have been made and neighbors say it’s hard for the family to move on.

“You don’t hear much about it anymore,” a family friend, Dalton Craig, told

Craig knows the Swift family well. He says the 44-year-old mother would come to his grocery store all the time. It’s less than a mile from her home. Her estranged husband, David Swift, still comes there with their kids. “He doesn’t say much. He comes and eats and don’t say much,” said Craig.

The Dyer County Sheriff told the Karen Swift case is active and ongoing. He says if we wanted detailed information to contact the District Attorney, Phillip Bivens. We did, but we were told he was in court all day Friday. Bivens never returned any of our calls and wasn’t at his office.

The TBI is keeping quiet too. The assistant DA practically ran from us after leaving the court-house Friday, saying he had “no comment” about the Swift case. Her family and especially her estranged husband, David Swift, can’t talk to their friends about it, let alone the media.

“It’s just on hold,” said Craig. “The judge won’t let (David) say anything or he’ll close the case, close it down on him.”

Karen Swift filed for divorce October 11, 2011. She disappeared on October 30, 2011. The case turned into a murder investigation when her body was discovered on December 10, 2011 near a cemetery. Then on March 20, 2012, her autopsy report was complete. It’s sealed from the public. Today there are no suspects, no arrests, and not a peep from officials.
“There hasn’t been anything said about it and nobody has come up with any new evidence,” said Craig.

But people like Dalton Craig remain hopeful Swift’s killer will be brought to justice.

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 karen swift nissan car

Photo of Karen Swift and photo of her vehicle which was located shortly after her disappearance with a flat-tire on Millsfield Highway

Earlier information Regarding this Case

In November 2011, A friend of the missing woman told the Huffington Post:
She had picked her daughter up from a Halloween party around 1:30 that morning because [her daughter] was not feeling well.
She added: “She went to bed with her daughter, and when the girl woke up around 6 a.m., her mother was gone.”

Where is Karen Johnson Swift?

The missing Tennessee mother’s car was found near her home with flattened tires. A neighbor of the missing woman discovered her abandoned vehicle. “I noticed it was her vehicle, so I pulled in behind it and shined my lights, and I could see that she wasn’t in her vehicle,” said Marty Lamb.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, who doesn’t have the most positive track-record with solving missing persons cases, is in possession of the missing woman’s vehicle and it’s undergoing forensic testing. Hopefully they are also investigating the possibility of a serial abductor or murderer in the central and west Tennessee regions. There are just far too many cases of missing women in the area that share similarities telling of serial killer behavior. The appearances of these women, their names and their professions are just some of the numerous connections that have been made online in various sources.

The friend of the missing woman, who made the above comments, doesn’t think she would’ve willingly disappeared. She stated that Karen Swift is an avid jogger and would’ve simply run home if her car was incapacitated.

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New clues in the disappearance of Karen Swift

It’s been released that cell phone records indicate that someone accessed the missing mother’s cell phone at around 5:00 a.m. However, police are not commenting any further on this. It’s probably safe to say whatever this internet usage pertained to, it could be relevant to her disappearance.

Her husband has been interviewed by police and hasn’t spoken to the media. He isn’t considered a suspect at this time, but it’s hard not to speculate considering the circumstances. Karen Johnson Swift filed for divorce from her husband, but the two of them still lived together “under good terms.” It just seems too convenient that she vanished in the middle of the night with her daughter in her
bed with her, only to disappear without a trace. Her abandoned car just reeks of familiarity with another similar case a couple hundred miles away in Missouri. The case of missing Jacque Sue Waller is quite similar, but not connected. Her husband is currently in jail and has allegedly confessed to murdering the missing Missouri mother of triplets  to his father.

With cases like these in the news, it’s easy to speculate on the possibility that the missing Tennessee mother’s husband could know where she is. However, there are just too many disappearances in the state of Tennessee to draw such conclusions. With this woman missing in an area surrounded by several high-profile missing women cases, anything is possible.


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Karen Johnson Swift, a mother of four children, was last seen at her
home in Dyersburg, Tenn by her husband around 1:30 a.m. Sunday, October 3, 2011 after she had returned from a Halloween party.

Her car was later found with a flat tire on Millsfield Highway, about a quarter-mile from her home. She was discovered murdered months later and the investigation as to who killed the mother and wife remains unsolved.