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Picture Found In Unidentified Victim’s Wallet

Left: Photo of little girl found in decedent’s wallet; Center: Closeup of child in photo; Center: Touched up photo. She would have been about 4 years old in picture.

Unidentified White Male

The victim was discovered on December 19, 1980 in Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia
Skeletonized Remains. Mandible missing. Most bones were recovered.

Vital Statistics

Estimated age: 50-70 years old
Approximate Height and Weight: 6′ 0″; 175 lbs.
Distinguishing Characteristics: Blond and gray hair;
Clothing : Blue shirt and blue work pants. Shirt size is 16.5 x 34. Brown belt.
Dentals: Had false teeth; lower upper jaw edentulous, denture was found.

Case History

The victim was located near a construction site at Northside Parkway and I-75 in Atlanta, Georgia on December 19, 1980.
Among his possessions were numerous fragmented pieces of paper and a photograph of a young girl.
The young girl, who appears to have brown eyes and reddish hair, is about 4 years of age (she would be in her thirties in 2008, if the picture was taken sometime around 1980).
Another faded photograph had handwriting which appears to read “HR Bow dyeing and finishing, 278-3448” although this is not certain.
Fragments of a handwritten letter addressed to “Dear Dad” was singed with love from “Pam T Dwight” or perhaps “Pam + Dwight.”
Also found was a bus ticket, possibly originating in Panama City, Florida. The writing was faded and mostly illegible.

If you have any information about this case please contact:
Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office
Investigation Section
You may remain anonymous when submitting information.

Agency Case Number:

Source Information:
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UPDATE 9/11/12 – Hannah Truelove Investigators Seek Suspect And Vehicle

PHOTO: Hannah Truelove, 16, of Georgia, is shown in this undated photo.

Hannah Truelove (Pictured) Twitter Account;

Online Guestbook for Hannah Truelove;


Latest update: 09/11/12 –

GAINESVILLE, Ga. – Police are searching for a vehicle in the death of 16-year-old Georgia girl Hannah Truelove, whose body was found in the woods behind her apartment complex.

The vehicle is a late 1990s to early 2000s four-door passenger car, possibly a Chevrolet or Dodge, that may have been in the area of the Lake Lanier Club Apartments on the evening of Aug. 23, when the Gainesville teen was reported missing, according to CBS affiliate WGCL. It is light silver in color, with substantial front end damage and a driver’s door that is either white or a lighter shade of silver.

According to the station, investigators believe the occupants of the vehicle may have important information that will aid the investigation. Police also believe Truelove knew her attacker.

Sgt. Kiley Sargent with the Hall County Sheriff’s Department said police are investigating the death as a homicide, due to discoveries that Hannah received injuries that “were indicative that she died from a violent death.”

Hannah’s father, Jeff Truelove, spoke out about his daughter for the first time on Friday.

“I can’t understand it. I mean, who can do that to somebody? It’s so brutal,” he told WSB-TV.

Truelove told the station he believes his daughter’s death is linked to someone who rode the schoolbus.

Anyone with information regarding this vehicle or with additional information about the case is asked to call the Hall County CID tip line at 770-503-3232 or the GBI tip line at 800-597-8477.


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UPDATE: September 10th, 2012 – Breakthrough in Hannah Truelove Murder Case:

The father of Hannah Truelove, 16, who was  found dead behind her mother’s apartment complex on August 24, has spoken out  for the first time about the horrific ordeal.

Gainesveille, Georgia, officials have refused  to go into detail about her death, stating only that it was ‘violent’. Jeff  Truelove had to identify his little girl’s body.

‘I can’t understand it. I mean, who can do  that to somebody?’ he said. ‘It’s so brutal.’

His statements come at the same time the  police have announced a breakthrough in the hunt for her killer, a vehicle they  say may be connected to the crime.

Hannah was reported missing by her mother on  Thursday night at 10pm. The teenager’s body was discovered in the woods behind  the  Lake Lanier  Club Apartments complex.

Jeff Truelove described his daughter as sweet  and loving. He said that  he had been teaching her how to drive and she had  dreams of becoming a veterinarian.

‘You don’t know her, but I know her. Nobody  would want to hurt her,’ he said to WSBTV.

He said the only clue he had to figuring out  who killed her was her apprehension to ride the bus to Gainesveille High  School.

‘She wouldn’t go to school sometimes, mainly  because of riding that bus,’ he said.

Officials also believe that she may have  known her killer.

‘Sometimes we have spent literally up to 24  hours a day of nonstop, most of our days are sometimes 12, up to 18 hour days at  times,’ Hall County sheriff’s Major Woodrow Tripp said.

They have also narrowed in on a vehicle they  say may be connected to the crime: a late 1990s to early 2000s four-door  Chevrolet with front-end  damage and a lighter-colored door  panel.

‘This vehicle was certainly in the area. The  vehicle was seen with  Hannah at one point where she possibly exited it,’ Major  Tripp said.

Hannah had mentioned a stalker on her Twitter account and  said in another post that she was ‘scared’.

Friends of Hannah’s have said they wished  they had paid more attention to ominous messages she posted online before she  vanished.

High school student Cristina Robles  told Atlanta  Journal-Constitution: ‘I didn’t take  it seriously. I think I could have helped and talked to her about it and taken  it more seriously.’

Her death was declared a homicide on Monday although cause of death has not been made public and police were releasing few details.

Sgt Kiley Sargent with the Hall  County  Sheriff’s Department said that  authorities don’t believe it was a random assault and have information  that  Hannah may have known her attacker.

Police were analyzing the messages as family  and friends were struggling to understand if Hannah had meant  the tweets to act  as a warning.

Detectives were going through dozens  of tips  they have received about the schoolgirl to try to determine  exactly what  happened to her.

They were encouraging anyone who might have information about Truelove to come forward.

Neighbors at the apartments saw Hannah  sitting at the picnic tables in the  complex around 4pm on Thursday while others  said she was there as late  as 7.30pm.

The teenager’s body was discovered in the  woods behind the gated complex of the Lake Lanier Club Apartments,  where she  lived with her mother.

Authorities have classified the schoolgirl’s  death as ‘suspicious’ and detectives  are questioning her family and friends  about her eerie tweets.


In the days before her death, the teenager  posted a series of cryptic messages on her Twitter account:

August 12,  2.03pm: I got me an uglyass stalker

August 18,  7.23pm:  So scared right now

August 18,  7.38pm: Everytime we talk, I feel sick

August 22,  5.31pm: I need to move out of these dang  apartments

On August 12, she posted: ‘I got me an  uglyass stalker’ and followed it up with a tweet which read, ‘This can’t be  happening…’

The following week, on August 18, she wrote: ‘So scared right now.’

Fours days later, on August 22, the day  before she was reported missing, she tweeted: ‘I need to move out of these dang  apartments.’

However, many of Hannah’s tweets are of song  lyrics and sound typical of a teenager going through a break-up.

On Friday night, a grandfather visiting his  grandchildren found Hannah’s body as he walked through the woods.

As investigators continued to follow every  tip today, grief counselors  attended Gainesville High School, where Hannah was  a student.

‘She had a huge heart. She always put people  before herself,’ friend Joshua Morrow told Fox  News.

Article above was written by Dailymail:


Gainesville, GA 9/4/12→ As of September 4th, 2012 there has been no recent updates regarding 16-year-old Hannah Truelove, the Gainesville teen who was found murdered August 24th.

At first Investigators labelled Hannah’s case as ‘suspicious’ but now have ruled it a homicide. There are a couple of ”persons of interest” and Police have said that there is a good chance the suspect is a teenager.

Major Woodrow Tripp of the Hall County Sheriff’s Office said that several  witnesses reported that Truelove was in the parking lot of the apartment complex  around 7:30 p.m. on Thursday. Some of the witnesses said she was talking with  someone else in the parking lot.

Police have been working around the clock, trying to solve this case. They are still interviewing people who knew the murdered teen which include family, friends, neighbors, etc. According to Investigators, Hannah most likely knew her killer and Police believe she and went out into the wood’s behind her Lake Lanier Apartment Complex.

At this moment her cause of death isn’t being released.

Hannah Truelove’s classmates returned to Gainesville Highschool mourning the loss of their classmate.
The superintendent of Gainesville City Schools says there was  a moment of silence at Gainesville High School for Truelove, who was a junior at  the school. Grief counselors were also available for students who knew Truelove,  and needed to talk about her death.
“She had a huge heart. She always put people before herself,”  said friend Joshua Morrow.

Sidney Morrow, a friend of Truelove, said she thought something was wrong when  Hannah did not respond to phone calls, texts, or postings on Facebook.

Investigators have been quiet these past few days, going over dozens of tips, hoping to find out what happened to Hannah Truelove, who they said was reported missing Thursday, August 24th, 2012 by her mother. Less than 24-hours later she would be found deceased by a Grandfather visiting his Grandchildren who stumbled upon the horrific scene.


LATEST UPDATE; Hannah Truelove ”Violently Killed” To Be Laid To Rest Wednesday ↔ Sixteen-year-old Hannah Truelove will be laid to rest Wednesday, but police have yet to identify her killer. Truelove’s funeral will be held at 11 a.m. at Timber Ridge Baptist Church. Family and friends filtered in and out of the Little and Davenport Funeral Home near Gainesville on Tuesday afternoon to pay their respects.

Photo Of Hannah Truelove Provided By Family

In a Monday afternoon press conference, Major Woodrow Tripp said 16-year-old Hannah Truelove was “violently killed.”

Detectives with the Hall County Sheriff’s office spent all weekend fielding phone calls and e-mails from people with potential tips about the death of 16-year-old Hannah Truelove. And according to detectives, several “persons of interest” have been identified. Some witnesses said they saw Truelove on Thursday night around 7 p.m. or 7:30 p.m. in the parking lot near the woods where she was found.

Truelove was reported missing by her mother, whom she lived with at the Lake Lanier Club Apartments. The teen’s body was discovered Friday evening in the woods behind the complex, which overlooks Lake Lanier. A man visiting his grandchildren at the complex found Truelove’s body as he was walking along a trail in the woods. He said he has been questioned and released by the police, and was told not to release any information about what he saw.

Truelove’s friends have been expressing their grief over her loss on Twitter. And a day before her body was found, a tweet from Truelove’s account read, “I need to move out of these dang apartments.” Hall County investigators are aware of that message, and are asking friends and family members about its meaning.

Sgt. Stephen Wilbanks of the Hall County Sheriff’s Office said they do not believe the general public has any cause for alarm, as it does not appear Truelove was the victim of a stranger.

According to Major Tripp in Monday’s press conference, police believe she was killed where she was found — and they don’t think she was forced into the wooded area.



UPDATE; Published 8/28/12 ↔ ‘Hannah Truelove’s Friends Regret Not Taking Her Tweets Seriously’ –


UPDATE; Published 8/28/12 ↔ Missing Teen Found In Woods Was Murdered.

→ A 16-year-old girl whose body was found near Lake Lanier was murdered, officials confirmed Monday.

But investigators declined to comment on how Hannah Truelove was killed. Still, perhaps the question that many are asking is why anyone wanted the Gainesville High School student dead. Days before a resident found her body near her Lake Lanier Club Apartments home, Hannah sent out some disturbing messages on Twitter. Now investigators are trying to determine if they were simply the mere musings of an emotional teen – or a cry for help.

“Was Facebook, Twitter and other social networking media devices part of her life? It was. Whether it played a part or not, we are not sure about that at this point,” Hall County Sheriff’s Maj. Woodrow Tripp said, according to a media report.

At 2:03 p.m. on Aug. 12, the 16-year-old sent out a message saying, “I got an ugly (expletive) stalker. But this was followed by more light-hearted tweets. At 7:23 p.m. on Aug. 18, she posted, “So scared right now.” At 5:31 p.m. on Wednesday, the day before she disappeared, she tweeted, “I need to move out of these dang apartments.”

Location: 1701 Dawsonville Highway, Gainesville, GA

Hannah was last seen about 7:30 p.m. Thursday at Lake Lanier apartments, where she lived with her mother, according to the Hall County Sheriff’s deputies. Her mother reported her missing about 10 p.m. that night. About 7:30 p.m. Friday, a resident at the apartment complex found her body in a wooded area behind the complex, near Lake Lanier, Sgt. Stephen Wilbanks said. Read more…