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FBI in Tampa Still Investigating the Disappearance of Robert A. Wiles Who Was Kidnapped For Random Several Years Ago

Photo of Robert Wiles taken in 2003

wilesClassification: Endangered Missing
Full Name: Robert Arthur Wiles
Nickname: Rob
Missing Since: 04/01/08
Missing From: Lakeland, FL
Date of Birth: September 23, 1981
Place of Birth: Sylvania, Ohio
Hair: Brown Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5’9″ Weight: 165 pounds
Race: White Sex: Male
Scars/Marks: He has a hernia scar on his abdomen and acne scars below his ears and around his jaw line
Other: Wiles was a pilot, diver, fisherman, and an athlete

Robert Wiles, then 26, was employed by a family owned Toledo-based business, National Flight Services, which is an aircraft maintenance company. He was a business development manager at the company’s branch and on April 1, 2008 he was working one of his shifts at Lakeland-Linder Regional Airport in Tampa, Florida when he suddenly disappeared. A co-worker told authorities he last seen Wiles at approximately 6:30PM and surveillance cameras show no sign of him after that time.

Wiles’ car was located abandoned in the parking lot at the family business, and he had missed a flight from Orlando to Dallas scheduled the day after his disappearance which immediately raised concerns.

robert-wilesA few days after Wiles went missing his parents, Thomas and Pamela Wiles in Ohio received a ransom letter demanding $750,000. The note was signed “Group X” and was emailed to them. His parents followed the notes instructions but no further demands were ever made.

According to reports, Wiles father had purchased kidnapping insurance for his company for the sum of $750,000 back in 2006, two years prior to his son’s disappearance. This indicates that whomever was responsible knew that information.

Authorities gathered enough evidence to arrest Stobert Lindell Holt, also known as Toby Holt, and on January 31, 2012 he was found guilty of manslaughter, extortion, and writing a threatening letter in connection with Wiles’ disappearance. However, Wiles has not been found.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation in Tampa, FL are seeking any information that will lead to the recovery of Robert Wiles.

Foul play is suspected.

Wiles will be turning 31 this year.

If you have any information regarding this case you’re asked to please contact:
Federal Bureau of Investigation – Tampa Florida Office 866-838-1153 and/or
Your local FBI office, or the nearest American Embassy or Consulate.



Unsolved Kidnapping With A Twist

mahughesMichael Anthony Hughes

Photos of Michael Anthony Floyd shortly before he was kidnapped

In 1975, Franklin Delano Floyd, then 32, turned up in Oklahoma City going by the name “Trenton B. Davis.” With him was a young girl named Suzanne whom Floyd claimed was his daughter. Over the next decade, Suzanne and Floyd moved from town to town, using a variety of aliases. In 1988, Suzanne, then 17, gave birth to a son, Michael Anthony Floyd. Floyd claimed to be the boy’s father. He then married the woman he claimed was his daughter. Then in 1990, when Michael was 2, Suzanne was killed in a mysterious hit and run accident. Floyd is the prime suspect, however, he has never been charged due to lack of evidence. After the hit-and-run, Floyd left Michael in foster care and vanished.



These two photos show Suzanne Davis as a young woman and child

Michael was placed with a foster family in Choctaw, Oklahoma City. According to the foster parents, he had many difficulties including limited muscle control, and was nonverbal and often hysterical. They claimed that he was considered at the age of two to be the mental equivalent of a 9-month-old child, but said that when he entered foster care he began to thrive, making good developmental progress.

Six months after abandoning Michael, Franklin Floyd was arrested on a parole violation. At that time a routine blood test revealed that Franklin Floyd was not Michael Hughes’ biological father. When Floyd got out of jail, he requested Michael be returned to him. His request was denied.

On September 12, 1994, six-year-old Michael was a first-grader at Indian Meridian Elementary School when he was kidnapped by Franklin D. Floyd. Floyd walked into the school claiming to be the boy’s father, and forced the principal at gun point to Michael’s first grade classroom. He then kidnapped Michael AND the principal and ordered the principal drive his pick-up truck. When they came upon a wooded area, Floyd forced the principal out of the truck, handcuffed him around a tree and sped off with Michael. Several hours later the principal was discovered and rescued, but Michael Hughes was still missing.

Police were on a manhunt for Franklin Floyd and the case became National news. During the investigation they discovered that Michael’s mother, Suzanne Davis, was NOT Franklin Floyd’s biological daughter, and they believe she was also kidnapped as a child by Floyd.

Two months after the kidnapping, Floyd was arrested in Louisville, Kentucky. Michael was not with him. When police pressed him for more answers he would only say that Michael was in a foreign country and was being taken care of.

Franklin Floyd is serving a life sentence for kidnapping Michael. He insists that the first-grade boy is alive and safe, but he refuses to tell anyone where Michael is, or who is sheltering him.

However, three years after Michael was kidnapped, Floyd’s sister went to police with new information.

Floyd’s sister, Dorothea Leonard never knew Michael when her brother snatched him at gunpoint and triggered a two-month nationwide manhunt. She claims that Michael was murdered by Floyd shortly after the kidnapping.

Leonard said that Floyd confessed to her in a prison call that he drowned the first-grader in a motel bathtub. She said the boy spent his last tragic moments of his life defying the man who claimed to be his father.

Floyd told her he dunked the little boy under the bath, allowing him to surface three times to angrily ask the “brat” whether he loved him. Michael shoved Floyd and said no, which angered Floyd. When he refused to say yes he was killed for it.

Leonard said she is made the story public because she does not want her brother “to get away with murder.” Floyd has been a suspect in at least two deaths but has never been charged with murder.



Age progressed photo of what Michael Hughes might have looked like as a teenager. He will be turning 25 this year.

Missing From: Choctaw, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma.
Classification: Non-Family Abduction
Date Of Birth: 03/21/88
Date of Abduction: 09/12/94
Age Then: 6 years old
Age Now: 24 years old
Height and Weight Then: 3’10” / 45 lbs
Race/Gender: White male
Hair/Eyes: Brown hair; brown eyes.
Marks, Scars: He has a scar on his forehead
Clothing: Last seen wearing a blue shirt with red sleeves, matching (red and blue) shorts, and black sneakers

If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:

Oklahoma City FBI
Choctaw Police Department
Missing Persons Unit


NCIC Number: M-766727107
Please refer to this number when contacting any agency with information regarding this case.

The Doe Network
Missing 87975
Find A Grave



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Unsolved Kidnapping of Rolando S. Jusino While Playing At A Puerto Rico Park


Photo of Rolando S. Jusino taken in 1994

Rolando Jusino was 4-years-old when he was abducted on July 7, 1999 at approximately 4PM while he played at a local park at Urbanization Colinas De Plata, Toe Alta in Puerto Rico, not too far from his home. He hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

The San Juan FBI became involved in the case. At the time of the abduction, this case was wide-spread threw out PR. Many theories and rumors were spread, and many tips were called in including unconfirmed sightings of the little boy in the Dominican Republic, United States and as far as Spain.

Full Name: Rolando Salas Jusino
Date of Birth: 10/12/94
Date of Disappearance: 07/07/99
Missing From: San Juan – Puerto Rico
Height: 4’0” Weight: 54 pounds
Hair: Black Eyes: Brown
Gender: Male Race: Hispanic/Caucasian (According to the FBI, although some agencies have him listed as Black/Hispanic.)
Clothing: Last seen wearing a green T-shirt with dark shorts and black and white shoes.
Other: Has asthma. He spoke Spanish at the time of his abduction and went by the nickname Rolandito.


Age progressed photo of what Rolando Jusino might look like as a teenager. He would be 18 today.

If you have any information regarding this case you’re asked to please contact:

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Hato Rey, Puerto Rico

Centro Estatal Para Niños Desparecidos
or 1-787-475-922

The Kidnapping & Murder of Adam John Walsh


Photo of Adam Walsh which was taken the same year of his abduction and murder

Adam Walsh was a 6-year-old boy from Hollywood, FL. On the afternoon of July 27, 1981 Adam joined his mother, Reve Walsh, on a trip to Hollywood Mall, which is right across the street from Hollywood Police Department.  The main reason for the trip was so Reve could stop by Sears Department Store to purchase a few items, including lamps.

Adam was your typical, friendly boy so when he saw a couple of children playing video games in the arcade section of the store he asked his mother if he could stay behind and watch. Figuring she would be less than 75 ft away in the lamp section, she said yes and left her son who was happy and amused with the video games, behind.

That was the last time she would see her son alive.

“I said, ‘I’m going right over here to the lamp department,’ and he said, ‘Okay, Mommy, I know where that is,'” Reve told Nightline in a 2011 interview.

Police records in Adam’s case released in 1996 show that a 17-year-old ‘security guard’ asked four boys to leave the department store. Adam is believed to have been one of them. It is unknown why they were asked to leave.

Reve noticed fairly quickly (about 5-10 minutes) that the lamp she wanted wasn’t in stock and headed back to the arcade. Adam was nowhere in sight. She wasn’t initially concerned, figuring Adam ran off with some kids she went out to search for him, asking local shoppers if they’ve seen him. After searching for over an hour, Reve began to panick and called police.

By the end of that week this case was National news, thousands of fliers with the smiling, brown-haired boy were published and posted all over cities and towns and eventually made their way out-of-state. But by then, it was too late.

 Two weeks (16 days) after Adam went missing his severed head was found in a drainage canal more than 120 miles away from home. The rest of his body has never been located.

From the beginning, the Walshes were disappointed with the Hollywood Police Department.

First, the Walshes say the cops didn’t take the missing persons case seriously enough. Then they say the police botched the murder investigation.

“It was one nighmare after another,” John Walsh said.

The prime suspect was Ottis Toole, an admitted serial killer who was in prison for many other crimes.

“You keep killing and killing and it gets easier and easier and it don’t really bother you,” Toole once told Texas law enforcement.

Toole made 24 documented confessions to killing Adam Walsh, including a 1984 videotaped interview with Texas Rangers. During the interview, he said, “I kind of feel bad about that Adam Walsh kid.”

“That is,” he said, “the youngest child I ever killed.”

Toole even had the gulls to write to the Walsh family, demanding $5,000 in exchange for telling them where the rest of their child’s remains were.

“I read that letter and went into the bathroom and threw up,” John Walsh would later tell Nightline in an interview. “I said, ‘This son of a bitch. We have to figure out a way for him to tell us what happened.”

In the decades that followed, Adam’s case remained open. Toole continued to recant his confessions about being the killer several times and for years he was never charged. Many people believed he was admitting guilt simply for the fame and to be remembered. They believed this because he never proved his guilt and wouldn’t tell police where the rest of Adam’s body was.

For years the case went unsolved and the Walsh family felt like they were the ones doing all the investigating. It became frustrating but they were not going to let their child’s name go down in vain.


The Walsh Family – John Walsh in the middle, Reve Walsh (right) and daughter on the left

At the time there were no missing faces on milk cartons, no Amber Alert system in place to alert the public if a child goes missing, no National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, nothing. To a family who’s missing a child each minute feels like eternity and the Walsh’s were determined to change this.

They didn’t want other families to go through the tragedy they went threw and for the families who have gone threw unsolved tragedies. They were determined to catch as many predators and criminals as they possibly could.

Prior to his son’s murder, John Walsh was a partner in a hotel management company in Hollywood, Florida. After his son’s kidnapping and murder, he became a strong human and victims rights advocate, criminal investigator and the creator and host of America’s Most Wanted which has helped save thousands of missing people and solve crimes. Walsh is also a part owner of Museum of Crime & Punishment in Washington D.C.


America’s Most Wanted (AMW) Logo

2011 Canon 4 Kids at Bellagio

John Walsh (pictured) has been a strong human and victims right advocate for many years and continues to speak out and help other families of crimes

Reve Walsh rarely speaks out about her child’s murder. In 2011, she sat down with Nightline ABC to discuss a new book “Bringing Adam Home,” which tells the story of her son’s case and the tragedy they went threw.

“When all this was going on, I just thought to myself, I can’t wait till it’s 20 years or 25 years,” Reve said. “I don’t care about getting old, I just want this experience of my life to be that far away from me because I thought it would be different. It’s really not.” Reve told Nightline.

The Walsh family had dedicated their lives to helping other families find their missing relatives, children, etc. Over the years they’ve helped find thousands of missing people and criminals. They were not going to let their son’s horrific murder go in vain. But still, the frustrations grew each year Adam’s case continued to go unsolved.

“I cannot go to my grave not doing everything I can possibly do,” she said. “We are going to get a cold case detective, we are going to start from the beginning, and have this man work this case. I don’t care if you go to work just to pay the bill of this private investigator.’ And John said, ‘I know the guy.'”

That guy was Joe Mathews, a retired police detective who had briefly been involved in the Walsh case early on and was critical of how it was handled.

After combing through the case file, Mathews made a major discovery: a roll of film from the crime scene of Ottis Toole’s car — it was film that the original detectives never bothered to have developed. Pictures show bloody footprints on the driver’s side of Toole’s car. On the rear floorboard of the car — where Toole admitted to tossing Adam’s severed head — pictures show the bloody outline of a face.

“I have a blood transfer from Adam’s face onto the carpet — you can actually see his image. It’s as clear as the shroud of Turin, Veronica’s veil. It’s clear,” Mathews said.

He showed the picture to the Walshes.

“To me, it was the one thing that a mother knows, is that this is their child, that this picture is their child,” Reve Walsh said. “This is the piece of evidence that ties everything together for me and I can go to my grave knowing that not only that I did everything I could but that I found my answers in that photo.”

In December 2008, based on the evidence presented by Mathews — who is also one of the co-authors of “Bringing Adam Home,” — the new Hollywood Police Department Chief Chad Wagner officially closed the case, definitively naming Ottis Toole, who had since died in prison, as the man who killed Adam. Wagner apologized to the Walshes for mistakes that he said were made early in the investigation.

It’s been over 32 years since the kidnapping and murder of Adam John Walsh and his family never gave up on him and didn’t let his case go down in vain. America’s Most Wanted is still helping law enforcement solve thousands of crimes and they plan to continue for as long as they possibly can.

Click here to learn about the Adam Walsh Children’s Fund & The Adam Walsh Act

America’s Most Wanted
ABC News


The Girl in The Box


Photo of Colleen Stan also known as “The Girl in The Box”

Colleen Stan was a 20-year-old female who was abducted and forced as a sex-slave by a couple on May 19, 1977 while hitchhiking from her hometown of Eugene, Oregon to Red Bluff, California to visit a good friend who lived in Westwood. She had wanted to surprise her friend for her birthday, which was coming up soon and she was willing to travel the 400 miles to do so.

Of course Colleen knew that walking the 400 miles would be crazy. She figured she’d hitchhike down Interstate 5, which was very popular to do in the 70’s despite the obvious dangers.

She made good time, catching rides that took her pretty far along her way. By the afternoon, she had gotten 350 miles towards her destination to the town of Red Bluff and with less than 60 miles to go, she was actually going to be earlier then she initially anticipated.

She evaluated each person who stopped to offer rides to make sure they “appeared safe”, and had even turned down two potential rides when she did not feel right about them, so when a blue Dodge Colt stopped on the road with a man, woman and baby inside, Colleen was relieved and did not hesitate to get in the vehicle.

The couple introduced themselves as Cameron and Janice Hooker. They were young, clean-cut and friendly and Colleen remembered hoping into the backseat overjoyed.

“I was thanking my lucky stars,” she would later say in an interview.


Cameron Hooker (left) and Janice Hooker (right)

The Hookers were making friendly conversation, asking where she was heading, and Colleen was very comfortable until she noticed Cameron looking at her through the rare-view mirror, which gave her a bad gut feeling. But, despite her instincts and an opportunity to run while at a gas station restroom, she stayed and rationalized that man wouldn’t do anything to her in front of his wife and child and got back into the vehicle and they drove off.

They drove for another mile or so until Cameron appeared to make up his mind about something.

The Hookers mentioned that they were very close to some spectacular ice caves and they wanted to make a quick stop. A passive Colleen would have rather forgo the trip to see ice caves and gone straight to her friend’s home but she didn’t object and figured a quick stop wouldn’t hurt. She was already making good time, right?

Cameron drove down a dirt road that seemed to take them to the middle of nowhere and then stopped the car, turning the key to shut off the engine. His wife got out of the car holding the baby. Suddenly Colleen found a knife pointed against her throat. Cameron ordered her to put her hands above her head and asked her if she was going to do whatever he said. She froze in fear. She didn’t know what else to say except, “Yes.” He then handcuffed, blindfolded, bound, and gagged her.

He placed a large, metal-hinged box made out of plywood over Colleen’s head. It was heavy and had dense insulation in between its double walls, and a neck hole that near choked her.  The interior was carpeted, which impeded her ability to breathe. Wearing this, she could not eat, drink, hear, or see.

Cameron then covered her with something heavy which to Colleen, felt like her sleeping bag she brought with her.

She heard the car start back up again and sobbed to herself, wondering what was going to happen. After feeling the car stop for a few minutes, it started back up only to stop again a short time later.

The Hooker’s had taken their new victim to their home.

Google map showing the house that the Hooker’s lived and kept Colleen as a sex slave

Inside a house, Cameron removed the box that he’d placed over her head.  He then led Colleen down some steps into a dark cellar. He indicated that she was to stand on a Coleman ice chest and then told her to lift her hands over her head. Then he used a leather strap to tie her wrists to pipes. As he removed each item of her clothing, she felt him trembling.  She was still blindfolded, but she could sense that he was building up to something.  Uncomfortable as all of this was, it was nothing compared to what came next.

He removed the chest that was supporting her weight, and she hung there, suspended in the air.  Colleen kicked and screamed to be let down.  He then told her, in a sarcastic tone, to “go ahead and scream,” And told her that if she continued screaming that he will cut her vocal chords, like he did with past victims, leading her to believe she wasn’t the first. He then left her hanging in the downstairs cellar by herself.

 He started to hit her with something that hurt, both front and back. Colleen shrieked out for help, but that only made him hit her more.  She realized he was using a whip.  He then left her hanging, with her tiptoes just barely brushing something.  She could see beneath the blindfold that a pornographic magazine lay on the floor, featuring a naked woman hung up just as she was.

Shortly after being tortured, His wife came downstairs and the both of them had sex right in front of Colleen, as some sort of ‘celebration’ for their new ‘sex-slave.’

After that, he made her sit inside another locking box, and when he closed it, she discovered that she could not move.  Then he placed the head box back on her head.  She was now completely immobilized and barely able to breathe.  She began to scream, drawing her captor back.  He placed a strap over her chest that constricted her breathing even more, forcing her to stop making noise.  Then he left her like that for a very long and frightening night. She thought she was going to die. Her simple wish that morning to surprise her friend and wish her happy birthday, had turned into the worst experience of her life, and it had only just begun.

She would spend the next seven years, until she was 27, kept against her will. Raped, tortured, abused, starved and kept in a box, humiliated and degraded to the point that she was considered brainwashed, and was too fearful to ask for help. She was made to wear the head-gear and gag daily and slept in “the box”, which kept her from seeing, hearing, eating, and reduced her capacity to breath.

The box, shown re-constructed as evidence during the trail of the Hookers


A sketch of what Colleen would have appeared like in the box

She was referred to as ”K” and had been so malnourished, her hair started falling out and she started losing a large amount of weight.

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Photo of Colleen Stan which was taken at Cameron Hookers trail


Birthday photo of Colleen Stan

Photo of Colleen Stan, taken decades after her kidnapping ordeal. Colleen had her own words of wisdom for another kidnapped survivor, Jaycee Lee Dugard, the child kidnapped at age 11 and who was discovered 18 years later as a mother of two, still being held captive by her abductors, Phillip and Nancy Garrido. – CBS Exclusive: Woman Imprisoned in Coffin for 7 Years Has Special Message for Jaycee Dugard

Abducted man found bound and gagged in trunk during routine traffic stop – CAUGHT ON TAPE

LOUISVILLE, KY — Newly released dash cam video from a Louisville Metro police cruiser shows the discovery of a convenience store clerk who was bound and locked in the trunk of his own car.

WLKY obtained the video and an interview the victim gave police immediately after his rescue.

Shawn Bloemer was leaving work at a Circle K in Jeffersontown on Aug. 4 when he was accosted by two men and a woman.

Attack: Shawn Bloemer was allegedly kidnapped, gagged and bound and shoved into his car trunk

Photo of Shawn Bloemer, 22, kidnapped for four terrifying hours before his expired license plates saved him

The 22-year-old was beaten, tied up, a towel was wrapped around his head and then he was thrown in the trunk.

“Before they closed the trunk, they said, ‘This isn’t personal. We need your car,’” Bloemer said.

Dashcam video: Kidnapped clerk found in trunk

Bloemer told police he was driven around for three hours with his kidnappers making several stops, including one to buy drugs in the downtown area.

As the suspects headed back toward the store and contemplated what to do with Bloemer, a Metro officer pulled over the car and almost immediately became suspicious.

“There was a small gap in the tail light of my car where I could see the red and blue flashing lights,” Bloemer said. “He came back and started asking about insurance; that’s when I began pounding and kicking the hood yelling.”

Saved: Police pulled over the vehicle for a routine traffic stop and heard thumping coming from the trunk

Not knowing what to expect or who might be inside the trunk, officers pointed their weapons at the back of the vehicle as the trunk was popped.

Discovery: The dashboard cam footage shows police finding Bloemer tied up in the trunk

Still-shots from the police cruiser showing Bloemer being rescued

Video also show’s the abductors getting arrested.

Watch raw dash cam video  | View images from dash cam

Click WLKY for part 2 of this article published 11/30/12

The Polly Klaas Foundation

Who is Polly Klaas?

Polly Hannah Klaas was a twelve-year-old girl from Petaluma, California. Polly was a pretty, brown-eyed, fair-skinned youngster with dimples. She wore her wavy, dark hair past her shoulders and had a lifelong fear of the dark.  She could not get to sleep unless there was a little light on.  She was scared of a mysterious bogeyman and of the possibility of being kidnapped.  It was something she had discussed often with her parents. Her father, would recall with bitter irony how he had assured his daughter “that everything would be all right, I would always be there to protect her.”

School photo of Polly Klaas

According to loved ones, Polly had a good sense of humor and enjoyed dressing up like an old lady and hobbling about with a cane, which she would use to suddenly whack someone on the behind.  She also enjoyed making people laugh by imitating a chihuahua by sticking her tongue out and rolling her eyes.  Friends thought she did a good Elvis Presley imitation.  Polly also had a sarcastic streak.  Once when the family was trying to eat dinner through little sister Annie’s loud crying, Polly commented, “Gee, that’s relaxing.”

On the night of October 1, 1993, Polly was having a slumber party when a strange man holding a knife snuck into the Klaas family home and entered Polly’s room, frightening Polly and her friends. He then tied up all the girls and put pillow cases over their heads. The intruder then took a sobbing Polly off into the night.

Her friends stood back-to-back trying to untie themselves. When that didn’t work, one girl was able to bring her hands under her feet to free herself. The girls then awakened Polly’s mother, who immediately called the police.

People in her home town and throughout the world helped search for her and two months after her abduction, she was located deceased.

Polly’s body was found on December 3, 1993 and by that time over 2 BILLION images of Polly Klaas had been distributed worldwide.

From the very beginning the search for Polly Klaas was conducted using the Internet, which had never been done before.

Previously, missing child posters were blurry reproductions that were photocopied, faxed, and hand distributed.

But this was 1993, the dawn of the “Information Super Highway.” The day after Polly was kidnapped, two Petaluma residents, Gary French and Bill Rhodes, contacted the police department to inform them that Polly’s missing child poster could be digitized, resulting in a crisp recognizable image.

French and Rhodes were joined by a third person, syndicated computer columnist Larry Magid, who contacted several Internet networks with world-wide clientele of more than 20 million users.

Polly’s crisp, recognizable, missing child poster soon received a far wider distribution than any previous missing child poster, which is one of the reasons why so many people know about Polly Klaas.

Polly was very close to her family but especially her father, Marc Klaas, the founder of the Polly Klaas Foundation.

Marc Klaas, Polly's father

Photo of Marc Klaas

Barry Bortnick wrote in Polly Klaas: The Murder of America’s Child, “Polly spent most holidays and weekends with her dad, who ran a Hertz rent-a-car office in San Francisco’s Fairmont Hotel. Wherever Polly’s family moved, Marc Klaas was there. He worked as a teacher’s aide in some of Polly’s schools.” Joe Klaas said, “They had an incredible relationship” and remembered that “If anyone made a joke about Marc, she would jump to his defense.”

The Polly Klaas Foundation is a national nonprofit dedicated to the safety of all children, the recovery of missing children, and public policies that keep children safe in their communities. Since the founding in 1993, the Foundation has used our compassion, experience and professionalism to help more than 7691 families find missing children.

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