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The Unsolved Murder of Sylena Jo Dalton And The Kidnapping Of Her 2 Month Old Infant Still Unsolved


Photo of Baby Allyson taken in 1998 as a newborn

Allyson Dalton has been missing since the morning of July 27, 1998 when she was just an infant. Her mother, 20-year-old Sylena Jo Dalton, was murdered at their second-floor apartment on 175 South Charles Street, Apartment B-8, Strasburg, Virginia and Allyson was kidnapped at the scene.

Both Sylena and Allyson were last seen alive by a family member at 7:45 AM but when a co-worker arrived at the apartment later that afternoon she came upon Sylena’s body on the couch. She had been stabbed to death and 2 month old Allyson, along with several baby bottles, were nowhere to be found.

Neighbors stated they heard no screams or disturbances.

Authorities believe both the murder and abduction took place between 9:15am – 10:30 am.

In 2001 Sylena’s mother filed a wrongful death suit against her daughter’s former boyfriend, Daniel E. Pompell, seeking $1.5 million in damages. She claims that Pompell killed Sylena and kidnapped Allyson. It is unknown if she was successful in the suit. At the time of the murder Sylena had listed Pompell as the baby’s “probable father” on paperwork filed with the state Division of Child Support Enforcement, according to a warrant filed in Fauquier County. The warrant also stated that he was at Dalton’s apartment “at the approximate time of her death” and “angry about the possibility of additional financial obligations on him if paternity of the child was proven”.

Police did search the Warrenton home of Pompell, then 29, but found no sign of Allyson and no evidence that would point to him.

The murder weapon has never been located and baby Allyson, who would be a teenager today, remains missing.


The photo to the left is a composite sketch showing what Allyson may look at 12 years old.

Classified: Non-Family Abduction
Full Name: Allyson Kathleen Dalton
Missing From: Strasburg, VA
Date of Birth: May 17, 1998
Date of Disappearance: 7/27/98
Age Then: 2 months Age Now: 15
Missing From: Strasburg, VA
Sex: Female Race: White
Hair: Brown Eye: Blue
Height: 1’8″ Weight: 8 lbs
NCMEC Case#: 850707

Anyone with information regarding this case is urged to please contact:
Virginia State Police 540-829-7766
And/Or Virginia State Police – Bureau of Criminal Investigations 1-800-572-2260
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children 1-800-THE-LOST

Janice Pockett Memorial Bench Dedication Ceremony


Photo of Janice Pockett taken shortly before her 1973 disappearance

Friday, July 26, 2013 will mark the 40th anniversary of Janice Pockett’s disappearance and presumed abduction and her family has an invitation for anyone and everyone which they’ve posted on Janice Pockett – missing since July 26, 1973, a Facebook page with over 1, 238 likes.

The town of Tolland, CT is honoring my sister by placing a memorial bench at Cross Farms Recreational Complex, just a short distance from where she disappeared in 1973. A Dedication Ceremony will be held on Friday July 26, 2013, the 40th anniversary of her disappearance. Everyone is welcome – please come and help us remember Janice.

Name of Memorial: Janice Pockett Memorial Bench Dedication Ceremony
Date: Friday, July 26, 2013 Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Cross Farms Recreation Complex Tolland, Connecticut

Janice Pockett was a 7-year-old child from Tolland, Connecticut when she vanished on the afternoon of Thursday, July 26, 1973. She had caught a butterfly earlier that morning about three-tenths of a mile up the road from her home, and hid it under a rock. She left her home on her green bicycle to retrieve the butterfly but never made it. Her bicycle was found on Rhodes Road near the intersection of Anthony Road but Janice was never found.

Janice was born on October 15, 1965 and would be 47 today. So far there have been no main suspects in her alleged kidnapping and nothing to indicate she was murdered however, almost 4 decades later any hopes for a safe return have dwindled.

Anyone with information regarding this cold case is urged to please contact:

Connecticut State Police at (860) 685-8000
You can also email family of Janice Pockett at

A Kidnapping Survivor’s Story


Photo of Sarah Maynard

Interview occurred in February 2011. Less than 4 months after the abduction of Sarah Maynard and the murders of her mother, brother and family friend. — Source: Today

Lying there on a makeshift bed of leaves in a murderer’s basement, Sarah Maynard, then 13, had seen and endured an unimaginable horror. A stranger had burst into her home in November 2010 and stabbed to death Sarah’s mother, her 11-year-old brother and a family friend, then kidnapped Maynard and kept her for four days as his prisoner and the victim of his sexual assaults. And yet, through it all, the courageous young girl never gave up hope that she would be rescued.

In an exclusive interview Maynard told TODAY’s Meredith Vieira that she’s speaking out now because she “wanted to let people know how I could survive what he did to me.” Despite everything, she still is “making my life go on, and not thinking about the past.”

Sarah Maynard’s father, Larry, appeared in the studio along with his daughter. “It’s still a nightmare every day,” he told TODAY’s Meredith Vieira.

Maynard’s father, Larry, also appeared in the studio with his daughter. “It’s still a nightmare every day knowing that part of our family is not with us,” he said.


Photo of Larry Maynard and his daughter Sarah on the Today’s Show which aired in Feb 2011.

The horrific chain of events that led to the murders and Maynard’s kidnapping began on the night of November 9, 2010 when 30-year-old Matthew Hoffman, a tree trimmer by trade who had recently lost his job, began staking out the house where Sarah, her young brother Kody, and her mother Tina Hermann lived. He spent the night in a sleeping bag across the street from the family home. And though Hoffman would later claim that he intended only to rob the house, he carried with him a knife that he had recently purchased online.

Larry Maynard told Vieira that he does not believe this was just a burglary gone bad. “A thief steals, and a murderer kills,” he said. “If he was there to burglarize the home, why did he stake it out the way he did, why did he purchase a knife online a week prior?”

Gruesome home invasion
It was a little after dawn on the morning of Nov. 10, 2010 when he burst into the Maynard family home. He stayed for about an hour, basking in what he later told authorities was the “excitement” of breaking into someone’s home, when Hermann returned home. He attacked her, knocking her unconscious, he told authorities. After family friend Stephanie Sprang, a 41-year-old mother of three, entered the house, he stabbed both women to death. Hoffman then turned on the family dog, killing it as well. He was loading the bodies into the back of a car when Sarah and Kody came home. “I stabbed the boy in the chest a couple of times,” the killer later told authorities. “I ran into the bedroom after the girl to make sure she was not on the phone for help … I saw the girl was not on the phone, and I could not bring myself to kill her.”


Far left; Sarah Maynard (Survivor) – Center Left; Sarah’s brother, Kody Maynard (Victim) – Center Right; Mother, Tina Herrmann (Victim) Far Right; Stephanie Sprang (Victim)

He had something else in mind for her. He dragged her to his home — a bizarre lair filled with hundreds of bags of leaves, marked with weird, childish scrawling on the door, dead squirrels stashed away in his freezer — and kept her captive in his basement.


Sarah was forced to sleep in a makeshift bed of leaves (pictured) in Hoffman’s filthy basement. “He said he wanted to make my bed comfortable so he just put leaves there,” Maynard recalled.

Hoffman tied her up on a bed of leaves and sexually assaulted her, repeatedly. He never let her up, even to shower, Maynard told Vieira. “I just listened to everything he told me to do … just hoping that someone would find me so I wouldn’t have to live with him again.”
It took four days before authorities got a break. A witness told them about a strange man who had purchased a tarp at a local hardware store, and authorities traced him to his basement in Mount Vernon, Ohio, where they found Maynard bound and gagged.

Coping with grief
It was only after she was rescued that the full scope of the horror the family had suffered became clear. At first, Hoffman refused to talk, but when prosecutors promised that he would not face the death penalty, he admitting to killing the two women and the boy, and then he led the investigators to a hollow tree in a remote area where he had stuffed their dismembered bodies.

Even then, Hoffman tried to excuse his savagery, telling authorities that he had made hamburgers for the sole surviving victim of his bloodlust. “I think he was just trying to say that … to make people think that he felt good about himself,” Sarah Maynard said, “to say that he fed me, and he didn’t.”

Hoffman has been sentenced to life without parole.

In the months since, Maynard has been seeing a grief counselor, and with her father, she has established a nonprofit organization, Healing Hearts, to help other victims of violent crimes. She chokes up when she speaks of her mother and brother. “She took really good care of us, made sure we had food, heat and clothes,” she said, her voice trembling slightly. “And Kody, he was just a really good brother, even though we fought a lot.”

But despite her ordeal, she still found the strength to pen a letter that was read aloud at Hoffman’s sentencing. “I wanted to tell him that I was not scared of him. I just wanted to live my life,” she told Vieira.

And that courage and devotion to life is what makes Sarah a heroine, her father said. “She’s even an inspiration to me,” he said. “As her father I’m supposed to be the teacher … I think she’s taught me far more than I could probably ever teach her about life.”

For more information about the Healing Hearts Memorial fund, which aims to provide grants and assistance to survivors and victims of violent crimes, click here.

The Disappearance of Michael W. Dunahee from British Columbia, CA

March 23, 2013 marks the 22nd anniversary since the kidnapping of Michael Dunahee, then 4. Click here to view anniversary video.


  • Full Name: Michael Wayne Dunahee
  • Missing From:
  • Victoria
  • British Columbia
  • Canada
  • Birthdate: May 12, 1986
  • Date of Disappearance: March 24, 1991
  • Age Then: 4
  • Age Now: 26
  • Race: White Sex: Male
  • Hair: Blond Eyes: Blue
  • Height: 3’0″ Weight: 51 pounds
  • Other: Michael was starting to show freckles when he disappeared

michael-dunahee-age-progressedAge progressed created by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children showing what Michael may have looked like as a teenager.

Michael Dunahee was four when he vanished in Victoria, BC as he played in Blanshard Park Elementary School, also known as Blanshard Street Playground. He has never been found.

On March 24th, 1991 at approximately 12:30PM Michael’s mother, Crystal Dunahee pulled into the parking lot of Blanshard Park. She  was a part of a female football league and practice was being held at the field right beside the playground where Michael wanted to play. Michael’s father, Bruce Dunahee, reminded his son not to wander away from the playground or leave with any of the other children. He then took Michael’s younger sister, 16-month-old Caitlyn, and walked no more than 100 meters away to the side of the ball field to watch the game. About five minutes later Bruce looked over at the playground and it was empty. Michael was nowhere to be found.

Victoria Police were called and a search around the vicinity was immediately searched but he was never found.

Two other witnesses, in addition to Michael’s parents, told the police that they did see Michael playing in the park that day. His family was quickly ruled out as a possible suspect and it is believed that he was kidnapped.

Michael’s disappearance was National news for many year and was reported mainly in Canada and the US.

The case sparked one of the largest police investigations in Canadian history and to date, over 11,000 tips have been received and followed up on. However, despite the large number of tips, and dozen of searches, police do not have any solid leads in the case.

Michael’s mother Crystal has become an advocate for missing children’s issues in British Columbia, and currently serves as the president of Child Find British Columbia. The community of Esquimalt, part of the Greater Victoria metropolitan area, holds an annual charity event called the Michael Dunahee “Keep the Hope Alive” Fund Run to raise money for Child Find. 2013 will mark the 22nd annual run.


Photo of Crystal Dunahee speaking out about Michael her missing, presumed abducted, son.

In 2002, Crystal lent her voice to support the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in calls to introduce an Amber Alert system in BC, stating that she believes her son would have been found had such a program existed in 1991. The Amber Alert system has since been implemented in most regions of Canada.

A reward of $100,000 is being offered for any information on the possible whereabouts of Michael Dunahee, or the arrested and conviction of those responsible for his disappearance.

We Will Never Forget Michael Dunahee is a Facebook page created with hundreds of followers.
A website, MichaelDunahee.Ca, was also created.

Anyone with information regarding this case is urged to please contact:
Victoria Police Department (250) 995-7444
Child Find 1-800-387-7962

Family Still Holding Out Hope For Son Who Was Kidnapped 27 Years Ago As A Baby

CHRISTOPHER-ENOCH-ABEYTANCMC600552e1Photo of baby Christopher and an age-progressed photo showing what he may look like today at 27.

Case Type: Endangered Missing
Full Name: Christopher Enoch Abeyta
Birthdate: November 28, 1985
Missing Date: July 15, 1986
Race: White Sex: Male
Age Now: 27
Height: 2’2″ Weight: 17 pounds
Missing City: Colorado Springs
Missing State: Colorado
Country: USA
Hair Color: Blonde Eyes: Blue
Other: Christopher is of Swedish, German and Spanish decent. His hair may have darkened to brown or dirty-blond over the years. His father and siblings are all of average or above average height so he may be as well, now that he’s older.

Christopher Abeyta was 7 months old when he was kidnapped as he slept on the night of July 15, 1986. His parents had put him to bed in his crib which was located in the parents room, and he was taken sometime after midnight and hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

The garage door opener was missing and the basement window was open. His parents called police and reported him missing at approximately 6:30AM. When police arrived they couldn’t find any signs of forced entry however, the front door had been left unlocked threw out the night giving anyone the opportunity to sneak in. Like most cases of missing children, family was considered the first suspects. Christopher’s mother and father had separated initially but were working things out and his father had slept at the home on the night of the disappearance. This was the first time since the separation. Investigators haven’t cleared either parent with the case but have no evidence to indicate they are involved.

Quail Lake was drained in the days after Christopher’s disappearance. Nothing was found. Neighbors hadn’t seen anything out of the ordinary and local searchers turned up nothing. In the last 27 years not one trace of the baby boy was found. No clothing, no (confirmed) sightings, nothing.

christopher-abeytaThe parents of Christopher refuse to accept that he is dead and believe someone (who maybe couldn’t bare their own children), abducted their child and raised him as their own. They have created a website, Find Christopher, which is updated regularly and features a “Message to Christopher from his family” on the front page;

We have searched for you for 26 years.
Our lives have forever been changed by this cowardly act done to an innocent baby, and there is no such thing as closure. We have lived with the hope that you were raised with a family whom has loved and cared for you. Your family continues to investigate your disappearance and will not stop until we have answers and justice has been served. You have loving parents and 6 older brothers and sisters who play an active part in your investigation.
We love you!

This pictured of Christopher is posted by the family on their website (mentioned above). Under the photo is a caption which reads ‘The photo is Christopher posing with a Baseball Trophy that his Dad had won for him at a baseball tournament taken a month before he was kidnapped’.

The family is also offering a reward of $100,000 for information leading to the recovery of Christopher Abeyta — They’ve listed some possible locations of where he may be including Texas and New Mexico. It is unclear why they believe he might be in these locations.

Recent article published February 25, 2013 by KDVR speaks of the case – Family offers $100,000 for information in kidnapping from 27 years ago

NCMEC Case#: NCMC600552

Anyone with information regarding this case is urged to please contact:
Colorado Springs Police Department (719) 444-7000
National Center for Missing And Exploited Children 1-800-THE-LOST

Unsolved Kidnapping With A Twist

mahughesMichael Anthony Hughes

Photos of Michael Anthony Floyd shortly before he was kidnapped

In 1975, Franklin Delano Floyd, then 32, turned up in Oklahoma City going by the name “Trenton B. Davis.” With him was a young girl named Suzanne whom Floyd claimed was his daughter. Over the next decade, Suzanne and Floyd moved from town to town, using a variety of aliases. In 1988, Suzanne, then 17, gave birth to a son, Michael Anthony Floyd. Floyd claimed to be the boy’s father. He then married the woman he claimed was his daughter. Then in 1990, when Michael was 2, Suzanne was killed in a mysterious hit and run accident. Floyd is the prime suspect, however, he has never been charged due to lack of evidence. After the hit-and-run, Floyd left Michael in foster care and vanished.



These two photos show Suzanne Davis as a young woman and child

Michael was placed with a foster family in Choctaw, Oklahoma City. According to the foster parents, he had many difficulties including limited muscle control, and was nonverbal and often hysterical. They claimed that he was considered at the age of two to be the mental equivalent of a 9-month-old child, but said that when he entered foster care he began to thrive, making good developmental progress.

Six months after abandoning Michael, Franklin Floyd was arrested on a parole violation. At that time a routine blood test revealed that Franklin Floyd was not Michael Hughes’ biological father. When Floyd got out of jail, he requested Michael be returned to him. His request was denied.

On September 12, 1994, six-year-old Michael was a first-grader at Indian Meridian Elementary School when he was kidnapped by Franklin D. Floyd. Floyd walked into the school claiming to be the boy’s father, and forced the principal at gun point to Michael’s first grade classroom. He then kidnapped Michael AND the principal and ordered the principal drive his pick-up truck. When they came upon a wooded area, Floyd forced the principal out of the truck, handcuffed him around a tree and sped off with Michael. Several hours later the principal was discovered and rescued, but Michael Hughes was still missing.

Police were on a manhunt for Franklin Floyd and the case became National news. During the investigation they discovered that Michael’s mother, Suzanne Davis, was NOT Franklin Floyd’s biological daughter, and they believe she was also kidnapped as a child by Floyd.

Two months after the kidnapping, Floyd was arrested in Louisville, Kentucky. Michael was not with him. When police pressed him for more answers he would only say that Michael was in a foreign country and was being taken care of.

Franklin Floyd is serving a life sentence for kidnapping Michael. He insists that the first-grade boy is alive and safe, but he refuses to tell anyone where Michael is, or who is sheltering him.

However, three years after Michael was kidnapped, Floyd’s sister went to police with new information.

Floyd’s sister, Dorothea Leonard never knew Michael when her brother snatched him at gunpoint and triggered a two-month nationwide manhunt. She claims that Michael was murdered by Floyd shortly after the kidnapping.

Leonard said that Floyd confessed to her in a prison call that he drowned the first-grader in a motel bathtub. She said the boy spent his last tragic moments of his life defying the man who claimed to be his father.

Floyd told her he dunked the little boy under the bath, allowing him to surface three times to angrily ask the “brat” whether he loved him. Michael shoved Floyd and said no, which angered Floyd. When he refused to say yes he was killed for it.

Leonard said she is made the story public because she does not want her brother “to get away with murder.” Floyd has been a suspect in at least two deaths but has never been charged with murder.



Age progressed photo of what Michael Hughes might have looked like as a teenager. He will be turning 25 this year.

Missing From: Choctaw, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma.
Classification: Non-Family Abduction
Date Of Birth: 03/21/88
Date of Abduction: 09/12/94
Age Then: 6 years old
Age Now: 24 years old
Height and Weight Then: 3’10” / 45 lbs
Race/Gender: White male
Hair/Eyes: Brown hair; brown eyes.
Marks, Scars: He has a scar on his forehead
Clothing: Last seen wearing a blue shirt with red sleeves, matching (red and blue) shorts, and black sneakers

If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:

Oklahoma City FBI
Choctaw Police Department
Missing Persons Unit


NCIC Number: M-766727107
Please refer to this number when contacting any agency with information regarding this case.

The Doe Network
Missing 87975
Find A Grave



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Texas AMBER Alert Issued For Infant Who Is Believed To Be In DANGER


Victim – Missing Child
Name: Rayden Dominguez
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Skin Color: Age: 2 months old
Height: Unknown Weight: 11 pounds
Gender: Female
Description: The baby has a strawberry birthmark on her upper lip.

Name: Silvia Menchaca
Hair Color: Dark Brown Eye Color:
Skin Color: White/Hispanic Age:
Height: 5 feet 6 inches Weight: 120 pounds
Gender: Female Race: White/Hispanic
Tattoos: The suspect has a Marine emblem tattoo on her lower back with “Dillon” underneath.

Missing From: Humble, TX
Issued for: Texas: Austin, Brazoria, Chambers, Colorado, Fort Bend, Galveston, Harris, Liberty, Matagorda, Montgomery, San Jacinto, Walker, Waller, Wharton
Circumstances: Humble Police Department has issued an Amber Alert for missing 2-month-old Rayden Dominguez. She is believed to be with her biological non-custodial mother, Silvia Menchaca, who was last seen with the baby in Humble yesterday, Saturday, February 9th around 7pm.

The mother suffers from depression and is off her medication and the child is believed to be in danger.

Anyone with information about the suspect or child is asked to call the Humble Police Department immediately at: 281-446-7127.

If you have information, please contact Humble Police Department, 281-446-7127

Bell County Child Kidnapped In 1985 Two Blocks Away From Her Home


Above photo was taken within one year of Angelica Gandara’s disappearance — Below photo is a age-progression of what Angelica might look like at 33. She turned 39 several days ago.


Classification: Non-Family Abduction

  • Full Name: Angelica Maria Gandara
  • Birthdate: February 5, 1974
  • Missing Date: July 14, 1985
  • Last Seen In: Temple, Bell County, TX
  • Age at Disappearance: 11 years old
  • Age Now: 39 years old
  • Race/Gender: Hispanic Female
  • Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 4’10” tall, 85 pounds
  • Hair/Eyes: Black hair; brown eyes.
  • Marks, Scars: Mole on her nose
  • Clothing: Last seen wearing a black and white short sleeve pullover shirt with the word “Sasson” printed on the front, black shorts, white socks and white shoes.

On July 14, 1985, after visiting her grandmother, Angelica headed to her home in Temple, TX, on foot. The walk was only two blocks away from her house and it was something she had done numerous times before.

She never made it home.

Angelica was allegedly seen in a 1977 Chevrolet pickup truck with an unidentified white male and female. The pickup’s hood, front fender and bed were red and white in color, the doors were blue and white, and the top was white. The pickup was dented, dirty and unkept. She hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

In 2007,  over 22 years after Angelica disappeared, authorities named serial killer David E. Penton as a possible suspect in her case, as well as several other missing girls. He has been serving a prison sentence in Texas since 1987 and allegedly signed a plea deal admitting responsibility for three missing girls from Texas. He didn’t admit to the kidnapping of Angelica however.


Mugshot of David Penton


David Penton kidnapped and murdered 5-year-old Christi Lynn Meek (pictured) as she played outside an apartment complex in Mesquite where she lived with her mother.

Another suspect, Ramiro R. Ibarra is another possible suspect. In 1997, he was convicted and sentenced to death for the rape and murder of a 16-year-old from Waco, Texas. He was an acquaintance of the victim’s family and broke into their home and committed the crime.

Other witnesses claimed to have seen Angelica in San Antonio, TX but those claims are unconfirmed.

As of 2013,  the whereabouts of Angelica Gandara remains unknown.

If you have any information regarding this cold case you’re asked to please contact:

Temple Police Department 1-254-298-5500
Texas Department of Public Safety, Missing Persons Clearinghouse
PO Box 4087, Austin, Texas 78773-0450; or by phone at 512-424-5074 or 1-800-346-3243

Agency Case Number: 08503877
NCMEC #: NCMC601422
The Doe Network: Case File 92DFTX

ATTEMPTED ABDUCTION; Mystery hero teens save mother from crazed man as he tries to kidnap her children in Florida par

  • Sharaya Smith, 28, was playing with daughter Tatiana, 4, and newphew Dante, 3, when at Lisa Lake Park in New Port Richie, Florida, at dusk on Saturday
  • Bienvenido Cintron, 34, approached her wearing a dirty trench coat and uttering strange phrases and attempted to grab her daughter and nephew
  • Group of teens made a human barricade between her and the man after he tried to snatch the children

A group of teenagers helped a Florida mother fight off an alleged kidnapper as he tried to snatch her four-year-old daughter and three-year-old nephew from a park playground on Saturday.

‘I don’t think that they realize they saved two children’s lives,’ Sharaya Smith said of the strangers after the frightening incident at Lisa Lake Park in New Port Richie.

The 28-year-old was playing with her daughter, Tatiana, and nephew, Dante, on the equipment when Bienvenido Cintron, 34, approached her uttering strange phrases.

Bienvenido Cintron,

Sharaya Smith, 28, pictured below with her little girl, said the teens saved them from Bienvenido Cintron, above

Saviors: Sharaya Smith, 28, pictured with her little girl, said the teens saved her kids' lives


Click here for full article published on Feb 6, 2013 by MailOnline


Unsolved Kidnapping of Rolando S. Jusino While Playing At A Puerto Rico Park


Photo of Rolando S. Jusino taken in 1994

Rolando Jusino was 4-years-old when he was abducted on July 7, 1999 at approximately 4PM while he played at a local park at Urbanization Colinas De Plata, Toe Alta in Puerto Rico, not too far from his home. He hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

The San Juan FBI became involved in the case. At the time of the abduction, this case was wide-spread threw out PR. Many theories and rumors were spread, and many tips were called in including unconfirmed sightings of the little boy in the Dominican Republic, United States and as far as Spain.

Full Name: Rolando Salas Jusino
Date of Birth: 10/12/94
Date of Disappearance: 07/07/99
Missing From: San Juan – Puerto Rico
Height: 4’0” Weight: 54 pounds
Hair: Black Eyes: Brown
Gender: Male Race: Hispanic/Caucasian (According to the FBI, although some agencies have him listed as Black/Hispanic.)
Clothing: Last seen wearing a green T-shirt with dark shorts and black and white shoes.
Other: Has asthma. He spoke Spanish at the time of his abduction and went by the nickname Rolandito.


Age progressed photo of what Rolando Jusino might look like as a teenager. He would be 18 today.

If you have any information regarding this case you’re asked to please contact:

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Hato Rey, Puerto Rico

Centro Estatal Para Niños Desparecidos
or 1-787-475-922