If you would like a case to be posted please email Letsfindthem@hotmail.com with the name of the missing person along with a photo and the county/state the individual was last seen in.


 Caleigh Harrison Missing Since April 19, 2012 from Massachusetts

Caleigh Harrison was last seen by her mother and 4-year-old sister at Rockport’s Long Beach, on the North Shore of Massachusetts, around 12pm on April 19, 2012 – Allison Hammond, the missing tot’s mother claims Caleigh and her older sister were kicking a ball near the shoreline when it went over the seawall, when the mother came back from retrieving the ball, little Caleigh was nowhere to be found.

The sister of the missing toddler, who is two years older than Caleigh, claims she saw “a mean guy” kidnap the her from the beach, though police insist they have no evidence of any “mysterious man” or an abduction.

The missing girl’s father, Anthony Harrison, told HLN‘s Nancy Grace that he believes Caleigh was kidnapped. He bases his belief on what his oldest daughter has told him, as well as drawings by the older sister. Harrison said his daughter, age 4, was with Caleigh when she went missing while their mother went to retrieve a ball.

Many believe the four-year old was scripted to say what she did and now her imagination turned into reality.  Alot of speculation and assumptions are pointing to the mother with many saying a kidnapping wouldn’t have transpired so quickly with anything being seen or heard.

But whatever happened, Caleigh’s whereabouts remain unknown and the investigation is ongoing.

If you have any information regarding this case, please contact: Rockport Police Department or the Massachusetts State Police. You may also leave a tip by contacting the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

What happened to Ayla?

Ayla Reynolds Missing Maine Tot
Photo of Ayla Reynolds taken shortly before her 12/16/11 disappearance

MAINE  Investigators are searching for Ayla Reynolds, a 20-month-old toddler who vanished from her bed while she slept at her father’s home in Waterville, ME.

Ayla’s father, Justin Di Pietro, told investigators he last saw the child at around 8 p.m. on Dec. 16, 2011, when he put her to sleep in her crib. Others were at the home that night as well, but they all claim that they didn’t see anything unusual going on.

The following morning at 8:50 a.m.,  DiPietro claims to have gone in the bedroom to wake Ayla up and noticed she was missing and went to call the police to say her bed was empty. Police, along with the community are suspicious of DiPietro’s account of what happened and believe he knows more than he is telling.

Searches in and around his residence turned up nothing.

December 16, 2012 marked Ayla’s one year anniversary since she disappeared and despite hundreds of tips, no-one has come forward with that one piece of the puzzle that will solve her disappearance.

There was a $30,000 reward that was being offered for information in the case which expired on June 30, 2012.  The reward money was gathered through donations from residents and businesses in the Waterville area, he said. The reward is the biggest ever offered in Maine for a missing person. If you have any information regarding this case, please call in and leave a tip, you can do so anonymously.

 Click here to view a website created for the missing tot. Also, for anyone with any information, please click the link to view contacts, tips can be left anonymously.

You can also leave a tip by going to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

Brittany Wood 19 missing since May 30, 2012 from Mobile, AL

Baldwin County, Alabama – A local family continues to search for a Tillman’s Corner mother who has been missing.

19-year-old Brittany Wood has been missing since Wednesday May 30, 2012  from Mobile, AL. She left her home that she lived at with her mother and two-year-old daughter to go hang out with a friend, then later had gotten a ride to her uncle’s house in Fairhope.
She hasn’t been seen since.

Searches were conducted by family members along Styx River Road in Baldwin County and other local areas.
Family members say they tried to contact Wood last Friday to inform her that her uncle had committed suicide. The young woman’s cellphone was last pinged in the Robertsdale region, which is approximately 30 miles from Mobile and less than a mile from her Uncle’s home.

On June 2, 2012, less than two days after Brittany was last seen alive, her Uncle, Donnie Wood, committed suicide by shooting himself. June 2nd was also the day the young woman’s family reported her missing after not being able to get in touch with her.
“I believe it’s a very odd coincidence. I don’t know if it had anything to do with it or not,” said Stephanie Hanke, Wood’s stepmother.
“Please, Brittney, if you’re out there, call us, call anybody, we need to hear your voice,” she said.

If you have any information about Wood’s whereabouts call the family at 251-625-9201 or call your local police department.

Brittany Wood’s Facebook Page

Brittany Wood’s Mother, Chessie Wood, has a Photo of her missing daughter on her Facebook page

The missing woman’s aunt, Sonya Wood, also has her own Facebook

I attempted to look for a Facebook group created but couldn’t find one.

NY Foster Child Once Believed To Be A Runaway Now Endangered


  • $12,000 reward for missing New York Child

Patrick Alford – Staten Island, NY –Patrick, then 7, was last seen on Friday, Jan. 22, 2010, at 9 p.m. in the vicinity of 130 Vandalia Ave., in East New York’s Spring Creek Development.

At the time he went missing, Patrick was 4-feet 8-inches tall and weighed 65 pounds, said police. He was wearing a red T-shirt, blue jeans and black sneakers. Patrick had a scar on his left eyebrow, cops said.

The boy had been placed in a foster home after his biological mother, Jennifer Rodriguez of New Brighton, lost custody of him and her two daughters on Dec. 26, 2009, following her arrest on theft charges. Patrick was placed with foster-mother Librada Moran.

Patrick threatened several times to run away from his new home in order to find his biological mother. On Friday, Jan. 22, 2010, Patrick helped his foster-mother take out the trash and disappeared while assisting with the chores.  At first, police and the foster family assumed he ran away to find his mother and a week after he disappeared, his biological mother was arrested and jailed by a Family Court Judge who believed she was involved with his disappearance. She was released several days later when Brooklyn Police along with the City Administration for Children’s Services determined that was not the case.

It is believed he did run away initially but met with some type of danger along the way. After police interviewed Patrick’s mother and those who knew the child, they came to the realization that he met with foul-play and is no longer listed as “Endangered Runaway” and is now listed under “Endangered Missing.”

There is a $12,000 reward being offered for anyone with information leading to Patrick’s rescue or the identification and successful conviction of the person(s) responsible for any involved crime regarding Patrick Alford.

If you have any information regarding this case, please contact: CrimePAY$ tip-line at 1-888-755-TIPS (8477)

Indiana College Student Lauren Spierer

2011 Disappearance of 20-year-old Lauren Spierer from Indiana

Lauren Spierer, a 20-year-old sophomore at Indiana University, went missing Friday, June 3, 2011. Police believe she may have been abducted during her walk home around 4:30 a.m.

According to the Bloomington Police Department, Lauren and an acquaintance, Corey Rossman, left a sports bar together. Surveillance cameras recorded Lauren and Corey returning to her apartment building around 2:40 a.m. Police say they lingered in the lobby briefly but never entered Lauren’s apartment.

Lauren and Corey then left for his apartment, located just a few blocks from Lauren’s. Police say they stayed at the Lauren’s friend’s apartment for a short period of time, visiting multiple apartments in the building. According to police and information they derived from interviews, Lauren told her friends she was getting tired around 4:30 a.m. and wanted to head home.

“The acquaintance watched her walk away because she said she wanted to go to home, and he watched her to see if she was making it all right, and that’s as far as he watched her,” BPD Lt. Bill Parker said at a June 9 press conference.  Lauren was last seen walking south on College Avenue from 11th Street, just three blocks from her Bloomington residence.

According to Fox WXIN, Corey hired former Monroe County District Attorney Carl Salzmann to represent him. Salzmann said when Corey and Lauren returned to her building, there was an altercation with other people where Corey was punched – and that’s when they left for his apartment.

Salzmann told WXIN Corey was not involved in Lauren’s disappearance and that he is cooperating with police.

WXIN reported that police have at least 10 persons of interest in Lauren’s disappearance, and while they have not spoken to all of them, they do plan on using a polygraph.

A website was created titled FIND LAUREN

UPDATED: Mickey Shunick was located deceased and her killer has been arrested – Click here for additional details

Michaela (Mickey) ShunickMickey, now 22, went missing on May 19th, 2012

Search Continues For Missing La. College Student –

Hometown girl Michaela ‘Mickey’ Shunick, a 22-year-old college student, went missing on May 19, 2012, from Lafayette, L.  She was last seen riding her bicycle from a friend’s house, and hasn’t been seen since.

Mickey is known to be an avid cyclist, riding around town from place-to-place on two wheels. Investigators say Mickey watched a band play with friends on the night of May 18. She left her buddy’s house at 100 Ryan Street and had a four mile ride home, but she never made it.

Mickey’s family became extremely concerned the next day when she did not show up for her brother’s graduation. They immediately filed a missing persons report with the Lafayette Police Department and quickly assembled volunteers to search the route she may have taken home.

Just three days after Mickey went missing, she missed her 22nd birthday. But family and friends did not give up hope and celebrated her life with a candlelight vigil. Mickey was last seen riding her black Schwinn bicycle with gold handlebars. Her cell phone, a Verizon L-G slider, has not been found and was turned off Saturday after she went missing.

Police have confirmed that they found Mickey’s bicycle beneath the Whiskey Bay I-10 bridge. The bicycle was found by local fishermen. Investigators discovered damage to the rear tire and rim, and await lab results for more clues in Mickey’s disappearance.

Police are looking for information on a vehicle that was seen on surveillance video driving the same direction as Mickey on St. Landry Street. The vehicle is a white, four door Chevorlet Z71 pickup truck. The drivers of two other vehicles seen in the area have since been questioned and cleared.

Mickey has a tattoo of a bicycle on her right ankle and is a student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Linda Gale Reed
Linda Gale Reed has been missing since April 29th, 2012.

Bizarre Disappearance Stumps Cops

Just after 7 p.m. on the evening of April 29, 2012, Linda Gale Reed, 65, left her job as a metal fabrication plant’s accountant in Gallman, Miss.  She told her colleagues she was headed back to a Walmart in Hazelhurst, Miss., where she’d already been earlier that evening.  Her coworkers say she needed to pick up some additional groceries she forgot to get on her first trip out.

Linda, who lives on-site in a trailer behind the plant during the work-week, never returned home that evening.

Security footage shows her leaving the Walmart at 9:30 p.m.  After that, cops have no idea where she went or what happened to her.The next morning, coworkers found the gate to their parking area locked from the outside, indicating she’d not returned home.

That same day, her friends, family and colleagues reported her missing and the Copiah County Sheriff’s Office green-lit a massive search for her.  Later that afternoon, Reed’s GMC Envoy SUV was found in Crystal Springs, Mississippi, hidden deep in the woods off the side of I-55.

Inside the Envoy was Reed’s purse, credit cards, and the $60 cops say she withdrew from Walmart.  But that’s not all they found.  Inside the SUV, they found a fake tooth from a ‘partial’ on the seat.  However, it didn’t appear there was any sign of a struggle.A short distance from the vehicle, cops found a blanket, Linda’s cell phone and her reading glasses.  Again, it didn’t appear as if she was injured or there was a struggle with any unknown subject.

As a matter of fact, there were no tire tracks beside her own leading into the area, and canines were unable to find the scent of anyone else.The local sheriff’s office, unable to unearth any solid leads, enlisted the FBI’s help in the investigation.  Federal investigators tell us the CCSO has done everything in their power to bring Linda home — but there are few clues to go on to speed up that process.

If you know what happened to Linda Gale Reed in late April 2012, you’ve got to call our Hotline right away at 1-800-CRIME-TV. Remember, you can remain anonymous.

Kelli Bordeaux
Search Continues for Missing Soldier Kelli Bordeaux

Search Continues For Missing Soldier

Authorities are searching for Kelli Bordeaux, 24, a combat medic who was stationed at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. Kelli was last seen on April 14, 2012, after leaving a bar in Fayetteville.

Bordeaux has blond hair and brown eyes. She stands 5’1″ tall and weighs 101 pounds. She was last seen wearing a pink tank top and black shorts.

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Kelli Bordeaux please contact the police or leave a tip, which can be done anonymously, no questions will be asked. Kelli was a Soldier doing the right thing for our Country, so please if you know anything, do the right thing for Kelli. – (For updates on this case, join ”Find Kelli Bordeaux” on Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/#!/FindKelli )

For additional information and updates on Kelli Bordeaux, click link: Missing Soldier,Kelli Marie Bordeaux, Missing Soldier Fort Bragg, NC

Paige Valise Johnson, Missing Since September 23rd, 2010 from Covington, KY

Paige Johnson and Jacob Bumpass
A photo of Missing teen, Paige Johnson and Suspect, Jacob Bumpass.

COVINGTON, KENTUCKY – Paige Johnson has been missing since September 23rd 2010. Paige went out for the night with a friend, Jacob Bumpass, Age 23. He told police he last saw her when he dropped her off on the corner at 1am in Covington Kentucky. While Bumpass’ cell phone indicates he was near Paige’s home at 1 a.m., it later shows he traveled to East Fork State Park near Batavia, Ohio at about 4 a.m., before returning through Cincinnati and back to his home by 10 a.m. That would indicate that someone was very busy in the early morning hours when Paige disappeared.

In the days after Paige disappeared, Jacob’s brother, Caleb Bumpass, was seen cleaning his vehicle from the inside, and out. When media interviewed the next door neighbor of Bumpass, he told them he rarely, if ever, witnessed the young man cleaning his car, until then.

By the time police got to Caleb’s car to run a search, he had already cleaned it. They did manage to find a tiny drop of blood and many people had their fingers crossed hoping it wasn’t Paige’s blood. When the results came back, authorities said the blood was NOT that of Paige Johnson but the DNA did belong to a human and it was determined to be that of an unidentified female.

By this time, Jacob had stopped speaking with investigators and he quickly retained a lawyer. Bumpass was arrested on a parole violation shortly after Paige’s disappearance due to giving an underage Paige, alcohol and for leaving state lines (he was already on parole and not allowed to leave the state but left KY on the night of 09/23/10) He spent over a year a year and a half in jail and was released in the Summer of 2012

However, Paige Johnson remains missing and without that last piece of the puzzle, it will stay unsolved so I urge you to please, at the very least, spread her face and story around to put more pressure and attention on this case.

Paige went missing on September 23, 2010 when she was 17-years-old. As of today, she is 19-years-old and there is ZERO clues regarding her disappearance. Donna Johnson, Paige’s mother, along with the rest of her loved ones are desperate for answers, please don’t make them suffer any longer, if you have any information regarding Paige Johnson please contact: Covington Police Department –

If you would like updates straight from Paige’s family, and if you would like to support her family, please join Donna Johnson’s Facebook page titled: Real Supporters Brainstorming for Paige Johnson

Candice Shields from Texas hasn’t been seen for almost one year

Cover Photo

Information posted here regarding Candice Shield’s was originally posted by a known individual of the missing woman so I apologize for any spelling errors.

GRAHAM, TEXAS – A 20-year old Graham woman has been missing since December 11, 2011 and her parents are frantic as they look for her.

Candice Shields was last seen at the home of her grandparents, Johnny and Diana Salinas, in the 1300 block of Pearl Street on the evening of Dec. 10.

?The last time they saw her was at 9:30 or 10 p.m. She was starting a new job at Whataburger in Graham the next morning. She gathered her things to go to bed,? said Shield?s mom, Michelle Quillin. ?My dad got up in the middle of the night around 2:30 or 3 a.m. and checked on her, and she was gone. He looked all over the house. He noticed the front door was still locked, but the back door of the house was unlocked. He looked out the back door and didn?t see her, and he called us the next morning and told us she was missing. She was not in her bed.?

Shields, who is three months pregnant, left all of her belongings behind.

?She just mysteriously left her grandparents? house in the middle of the night. She didn?t take any of her things ? no clothes, personal belongings, no personal hygiene things, nothing,? said her stepfather Ronnie Quillin. ?She?s practically welded to her cell phone, but she left her cell phone, her purse, her ID, money, everything.?

Michelle said she and her husband have talked to neighbors to see if they saw anything that night but to no avail.

?Nobody saw anything, and they have three dogs in the back and two Dachshunds that bark at the drop of a hat. They bark if a leaf gets turned over, and my dad gets up and looks out, and they did not bark that night whatsoever,? she said.

The Quillins, who have recently moved to San Antonio, spent four days in Graham searching for their daughter. Michelle said she knew something was wrong when she didn?t get a call from Candice last week.

?My birthday was Dec. 14, and my husband and I have six children. Out of our six children, she is the first one to call me in the morning, she said. She didn’t call, text, send me anything in the mail. By that evening, I knew in my gut, in my heart of hearts, I knew something was wrong with my baby. We immediately packed and left and headed to Graham Wednesday, and we started asking around and talking to people. We went to the police and filed a missing person?s report.

There?s also been no online activity for Shields since her disappearance.
”She?s a constant Facebook updater. Shes always on it and there’s no activity” Michelle said.

The last status update for Shields is dated Dec. 11 at 12:38 a.m.

Shields also has not spoken to her friend she usually relies on in times of need, Marissa Munn. She is the one that Candice goes to when she’s in trouble, needs anything. Marissa even said this is not like Candice, Michelle said.

Munn, along with the Salinas, inventoried the belongings Shields left and determined what she was wearing. Marissa knows everything she owns. They were roommates in Midland. She said her black hoodie, her black sweatpants with the Xbox logo and her white Nike sneakers are missing so we know that?s what she was wearing, Michelle said.

The Quillins fear that because their daughter is an adult, the police are not taking the investigation seriously, but they also know they may not have much to go on.
They think because she’s 20 that she’s just gone missing because she doesn’t want to be found. But I don’t think so. I think she’s gone because something desperately wrong has happened to her, or she doesn’t want to be found because shes scared, said Michelle.

Shields was recently threatened by the ex-girlfriend of a man she was dating.
We have heard word that’s she’s running for her life, said Michelle. Shes been threatened because of a former boyfriend that she was seeing. His ex threatened to take Candice out because she wanted him back. She made threats in front of witnesses that she was going to take out Candice anyway she could to get (him) back. Police said they have already talked to her, and she denied making the threats.

Graham Police Chief Tony Widner said Monday that the search for Shields is ongoing. ”We are still inquiring. We are receiving sketchy reports and trying to check them out. We still ask anybody in the public that has spoken with her or seen her to contact us and let us know and if they know where she is, that she contact us to let everybody know that shes safe.” Widner said.

The Graham PD has entered Shield as a welfare concern/missing person on the Texas and National Law Enforcement computer systems as well as contacted law enforcement agencies in areas where she has been in the past.

We’re contacting any agency that we have any reason to believe that she might be in their jurisdiction, said Widner.

The Quillins said as a teenager, Shields did some foolish things, but nothing like this. Michelle said her daughter never went more than 24 to 36 hours without letting her know where she was. ”Everything is adding up to something is wrong, and we hope to God we’re wrong. We’d love nothing more than for her to pop up and go, Ha, ha, the jokes on you,?but it’s not looking like that.” said Ronnie.

The worst possible outcome is very real for the Quillins because the family has seen firsthand what can happen in a situation like this. They were close to Bridget Herard, the teenage girl who disappeared in December 2009 and whose body was found six weeks later. ”She was a friend of my daughter. She spent the night at our house two weeks prior to her disappearing. We don?t want this to end up like another Bridget case.” said Michelle. This does not need to be taken lightly. We can?t let this go that far. Hailey Dunn, the girl from Colorado City, Dec. 18 is a year for her and nobodys heard anything. We dont want her to go this far. This is just something that … Graham does not need this to happen again.

She said the rumor mill is not helping in any way.
?There are so many rumors going around that Candice is with somebody or that she has been found. We, as the parents through the media, will let you know when she?s been found,? Michelle said.

She said she is appreciative of the support but hopes the community will continue to look for her daughter

?It?s great we?ve had so many people post her picture on Facebook and so many people call us and say they?re praying for her safe return, but with as many people looking, there?s been nothing ? absolutely nothing,? Michelle said. ?I hope everyone will comb the fields or if they?re driving or riding their bike, go down a different path and just see. Look for anything unusual. Hopefully, everybody will say a prayer, keep the lights on and let her know that you?re there for her and take another path everyday and maybe they will see something.

?It?s really hard to stay focused, but I?m trying to focus and pray and keep an open mind. I?m trying to stay optimistic, and I know that the Lord will guide her home. I hope that?s enough.?

https://www.facebook.com/profile.php…535214&sk=wall – personal FB
https://www.facebook.com/groups/223972177689097/ – Find Candice FB

Jennifer Andersen Missing Since March 9th, 2010 – Omaha, Nebraska

EDGAR COUNTY – Jennifer Andersen has been missing for over two and a half years. The 33-year-old was last seen at approximately 1am on 03/09/10 at her apartment complex near 120th and Blondo Streets, Omaha, NE. Her vehicle, a Maroon 2001 Chevrolet Lumina, was located abandoned six days later in the parking lot of Rick’s Boatyard Cafe on Riverfront Drive in Omaha. Her wallet was still in the car untouched, as her items were still in it. Jennifer would be 35-years-old as of 2012.

Pictured; Jennifer Andersen (now 35) remains missing.

Despite extraordinary search efforts, including a search of the nearby Missouri River, the Edgar woman’s disappearance still remains unsolved.

The missing woman had never cut off contact with her family and friends, whom she was very close to. Yet police didn’t see any signs of foul-play her whereabout’s still remain a mystery. Her family said they ”fear the worst.” “Those are the places your mind keeps going and it worries you sick,” said Josh Andersen, shortly after Jennifer’s disappearance.

Date of Birth: 02/12/1977
Date Missing:  03/09/2010
Age at time of 
disappearance: 33
City: Omaha
State: NE Gender: Female
Race: Caucasian
Height: 5 ft 7 in
Weight: 110
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair (other): Shoulder-length
Eye Color:
Complexion: Fair

Identifying Characteristics: Very large eyes,
pierced ears, shamrock tattoo on buttocks, flower tattoo on ankle and salamander
tattoo on toe, scars on left outside ankle and on right wrist, and a scar above
left eye close to eyebrow

Clothing: Charcoal gray jacket with blue front,
dark navy blue jean leggings,gray sweater.

Other: Jennifer has several medical conditions which require the need for medicine. It was also said that she had ”pouts of depression” although her family doesn’t believe she would harm herself and leave them heartbroken and worried.

If you have any information regarding Jennifer Andersen’s disappearance, please contact: Douglas County Sheriff’s Department (402) 444-6000
Investigative Case #: B34667

Eric Franks Missing Since 2011 After Leaving A Motel In Michigan

Photo of Eric Franks – The last time his family saw him, he was a little heavier than these photo’s depict

Date of Birth: 09/18/1972
Date Missing: 03/21/2011
Age at time of disappearance: 39
City Missing From: Saginaw
State Missing From: Michigan
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Height: 6′ 1″
Weight: 175
Hair Color: Black
Hair/Other: Hair may be short to chin-length
Eye Color: Brown
Complexion: Fair

The Buena Vista Township Police Department is investigating a case of missing persons that stretches back to 2011.

Authorities said in November, 2011 the family of Eric Franks filed a missing report with the Archbold Police Department in Ohio, because he had not been seen or heard from for several months.

Investigators learned that Franks went to Saginaw, MI, and met with a former girlfriend who is the mother of his’ child. According to reports, he then checked into the Miller Motel in Bridgeport, Michigan sometime in the end of 2010 and stayed for about five months. He then checked out on March 21, 2011, and promptly vanished.

Buena Vista police became involved in the investigation in December, 2011 after learning Franks had regular contacts with the mother of Franks’ child. Detectives interviewed the woman several times. She stated that she last show Franks  when he checked out of the Miller Motel on 03/21/11, they were at the motel and went their separate ways , heading south on Dixie Highway. She has not heard from him since.

At this time, detectives have not been able to establish any evidence of wrong-doing but do suspect something happened to Eric Franks and believe he may possibly be dead.

A tan 2001 Chevy Malibu. Stock photo.

Franks was last seen driving a tan four-door 2001 Chevy Malibu with Ohio registration EMH4902.

Franks is described as a Caucasian adult male, 39-years-old, standing 6’1” tall and weighing approximately 175 pounds. His ears are pierced ears and his left large toe was partially cut off and has no nail. Eric has full dentures.

Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to please contact:

Investigative Agency: Buena Vista Police Detective Bureau
Agency Phone: (989) 233-2363