heather-teagueClassification: Missing (Believed to have been abducted)
Full Name: Heather Danyelle Teague
Birthdate: April 25, 1972
Missing From: Spottsville , KY
Age Then: 23
Current Age: 40
Race: White Sex: Female
Height: 5’2″ Weight: 100 lbs
Hair: Wavy Brown
Eyes: Green
Marks/Scars: Heather has a red, round birthmark on her right buttock. Her spine is noticeably curved as a result of Sculiosis.


Heather Teague lived in Henderson County, Kentucky during the Summer of 1995.

On August 25, 1995 Heather went to a beach on the Ohio River in Spottsville, Kentucky, something she regularly did when the weather was nice. The river was rather secluded and Heather was seen sunbathing by a sole witness who was on the other side with his telescope viewing the surrounding areas.

Shortly after, the witness noticed a bearded adult man grabbing Heather from her lounge chair and forcefully drag her into a wooded area. He later saw her in a red Chevette being held down by her hair. Initially he assumed it was a boyfriend either angry or pulling a prank. It wasn’t until he heard about the woman’s disappearance that he put two and two together and contacted police with his accounts. Kentucky State Police haven’t been able to confirm the witness accounts of events however, they don’t doubt it and the abduction scenario has been the main focus for years.

Her case received national news and was featured on TV shows including America’s Most Wanted. Hundreds have conducted searches threw out the years and many were interviewed but unfortunately, she remains missing.

Mark Hill was a suspect in Heather’s disappearance but committed suicide not to long after being questioned.




Animated photos of Heather Teague which are posted on her family’s website (listed below)

Heather will be turning 41 in exactly one month from today and her family have not moved on and still hope for answers and closure. Her mother, Sarah Teague, has searched endlessly since that Summer day seventeen years ago. She has also kept a diary of all the events. Click Where is Heather Teague to read excerpts from her deepest thoughts for her missing daughter.

You can go to Heather’s Website for additional information and articles on her case or join the Where is Heather Teague Facebook page.

If you have any information regarding this case you’re asked to please contact:
Kentucky State Police (270) 826-3312


Heather’s mother, Sarah Teague (270) 824-8343
You can also email WhereIsHeatherTeague@Yahoo.Com