Photo of Jason Jolkowski taken the year of his disappearance

Classified: Missing
Full Name: Jason Anthony Jolkowski
Nickname: Jay / JJ
Missing From:
Missing Since: June 13, 2001
Birthdate: June 24, 1981
Age Then: 19 Age Now: 31
Race: White Sex: Male
Height:6’1″ Weight: 165 pounds
Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown
Clothing: Last seen wearing a blue Chicago Cubs hat, a white Cubs or “Sammy Sosa” t-shirt, black pants, and black dress shoes.
NCMEC Case #: 992083


Age progressed photo of what Jason might look like at age 27. He will be turning 32 this year.

Jason Jolkowski was less than two weeks away from his 20th birthday when he vanished on June 13, 2001 while en route to Benson High School in Omaha, NE, to meet a coworker who had made arrangements to pick him up and bring him to work. Jason’s vehicle was having car trouble and was currently in the shop so he told the manager that he would walk, but they ended up calling him back to tell him that they could pick him up and bring him. Jason has a difficult time giving directions, and meeting at his former high school which was only eight blocks away seem logical to him. He took a quick shower, got dressed, and was last seen by his little brother, Michael Jolkowski, bringing in the trash cans. A neighbor also saw Jason taking the cans into the garage as well. He then made his way to Benson High School.

He never made it and hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

Witnesses claimed to have seen him walking on foot in the area of 48th and Bedford Street in Benson. Sometime between his house and the eight blocks to Benson High School something happened, and it happened quickly without anyone taking notice.

Jason was a young adult male and unlike a child, he would have somehow made a scene if someone was attacking him. This gives the impression that he was lured under false pretenses, possibly with someone he trusted. He was described as a very trusting individual who seen the good in people. Maybe someone offered him a ride and he accepted? No one knows for sure what exactly occurred that day.

Omaha police investigated and determined that Jason hasn’t used his mobile phone, nor has he accessed his bank account or cashed his recent checks since he went missing.

Family and loved ones have tried desperately seeking answers as to what happened to their beloved child, who wasn’t a trouble maker but instead, a quiet, reserved young man who had alot going for himself. He was smart, shy and a bit trusting which could render him vulnerable. He had no known enemies and was spending his young adult years working and attending community college. It is highly uncharacteristic of him to simply walk off and his family senses something happened to him. It’s been over twelve years and loved ones refuse to stop looking for closure.

Jason’s case received a large amount of attention and has been featured on America’s Most Wanted.

Between November 5, 2006 and November 24, 2006, Pennsylvania philanthropist Joe Mammana offered rewards of $100,000 for information leading to a recovery or a conviction in Jason’s case as well as 19 other cases.

A family website Missing Jason, was set-up to bring awareness to Jason’s case. But this wasn’t enough for the Jolkowski’s and they were determined to stop another family from having to endure what they’ve endured, and on October 6, 2003, two years after Jason went missing, his parents Jim and Kelly Jolkowski, founded Project Jason, a nonprofit organization that assists families of missing persons, and works to prevent more abductions from taking place. The website has been highly successful and has educated and helped thousands victims and families.

Mr. & Mrs. Jolkowski presented LB111, Jason’s Law, to the State Judiciary Committee; it was passed on National Missing Children’s Day, May 25, 2005. Jason’s Law established a missing person’s clearinghouse in the state of Nebraska.

Mr & Mrs. Jolkowski has a statement which has been used on many of Jason’s missing posters;

“Someone, somewhere knows where our son is and could help us find him. It’s been too long to live without knowing. We want answers. We want him back home with us, or at least to know what happened”

The Jolkowski’s have been a huge asset to families of missing people. They have saved many others from going through the same pain they’ve gone threw. But still, they continue to have that missing piece. IF everyone could come together and find the answers that they’ve been searching for, they could finally rest, move forward and have the peace and closure they’ve been desperately searching for.

Law enforcement has entered this case in the FBI National Crime Information Center database

Case#: 85214-T
Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to please contact:
Omaha Police Department (402) 444-5818
Omaha Crime Stoppers (402) 444-STOP
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children 1-800-843-5678 (1-800-THE-LOST)