• Full Name: Rachael Leigh Anderson
  • Missing From: Clarkston, Washington
  • DOB: June 11, 1969
  • DOD: April 16, 2010
  • Age Then: 40
  • Age Now: 42
  • Race: White Sex: Female
  • Height: 5’ 4″
  • Weight: 120 lbs
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair: Black

April 16, 2013 will be the third year anniversary since a Idaho mother vanished without a trace.

Rachael Anderson was 40-years-old mother of four children when she was last seen in the Clarkston, WA area on April 16, 2010. A few days later on April 19, 2010, after not being able to contact their mother, and after she failed to report to work, Amber Griswold and Ashley Colbert filed a missing persons report with the Clarkston Police Department. On April 21, 2010, her SUV, along with her cell phone, were located abandoned near a bus stop in North Lewiston.

According to reports, it appeared that prior to the missing mother’s disappearance she was being stalked. In fact, in the weeks leading up to her disappearance she had been receiving text messages and phone calls in which the unknown caller would hang up. Several complaints were filed with the police and they were working with her to find out who was behind the calls.

“She was confused, scared, didn’t know who it was. She was afraid for her life, we had many conversations where we were talking about how this could end in her death,” said Amber Griswold

On Rachael Anderson’s Facebook page a post by Ashley, posted in 2010 shortly after her mother vanished, states:

“The stalking began three months ago with phone calls. At first with the phone calls, no one would respond. The phone calls progressed into music playing in the background, that was muffled, and no one would speak on the phone. Then she started getting phone calls from various telephone numbers with disguised voices. The disguised voices would tell her what she was doing, what specific lights were on in her home, as if every move she made was being watched.

 During this time my mom had the lock to her shed broken off, eerily men’s cologne was present on her front porch at night, her vehicle tires were slashed in front of her home, and the back windshield of her vehicle was broken in broad daylight at the parking lot of her employer. She had reported this information to law enforcement as she feared for her life. Multiple police reports were filed and she was working with a police detective with whom she checked in with everyday. On the day that my sister and I reported our mother missing, our mother was supposed to meet with detectives to try and find out who was stalking and harassing her. Interestingly, my mother also had documented information which she was compiling together that is now missing.”

However, there is no evidence to prove the alleged stalker is responsible and it appears Rachael had other issues regarding her ex-husband, Charles Capone, who she was in the midst of divorcing.

In the months leading up to her disappearance Rachael filed harassment complaints against Capone. Police questioned him but he denied any involvement. He was never officially named a suspect in the case.

Rachael’s daughters believe he had something to do with it and they believe he had something to do with the stalking as well. They say that he was controlling and tried to isolate their mother from friends and family, which is a common tactic among abusive and controlling husbands.

Capone is a convicted felon and was arrested in an unrelated crime Moscow, Idaho shortly after the disappearance.

The case has since gone cold and Rachael Anderson’s whereabouts remain unknown.

Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to please contact:
Contact Agency: Clarkston Police Department
Phone: (509) 758 -1668
WSP Missing Persons Unit: