Who is he?

It was February, 2000 when this unidentified adult male woke up in the woods next to a highway. Soaking wet he got up and walked in direction of where the humming sound came from. Proceeding along the highway, police stopped him to ask him who he was and where he came from. And then ….. he realized for the first time that he was completely unaware of his own identity and past, place of origin, who he is, nothing, nothing, nothing. He had no understanding of the Dutch language, he just spoke some English.

Now 3½ years later, he still knows nothing about his own identity or where he comes from. He knows nothing from before he was found along the highway in Holland, by whom he was left there, etc, etc.

All he can now remember are a few scattered memories to do with Norway. Also he was recognized 3 years ago by a man in the street saying he came from South Africa. He is looking for his identity and past. Perhaps his friends and family are looking for him too.
My kind and urgent request is:
Does anybody recognize this man?
Would you be able to spread out this notification in places connected to missing persons?
Could you reply to this request, even if you feel you have little to offer?

Click Resa Africa if you think you know this man.