Left photo taken in 2002 – Right photo age progressed to 14 years

Alexis Patterson was 7-years-old and a first-grader when she vanished on May 3, 2002 on her way to Hi-Mount Elementary School on Garfield Avenue in Milwaukee, WI, less than one block from her home. Family regularly walked her up the street or watched her go, however, on this particular morning, at approximately 8AM, her step-father Laron Bourgeois, walked her half way. The school said she never showed up. Her mother, Ayanna Bourgeois, found out her daughter didn’t make it to school around noon time. She called police and filed a missing persons report.

Her mother and step-father initially believed that Alexis missed school because she was upset due to an incident the night before where she failed to due her homework and as a result, she wasn’t allowed to bring cupcakes to school the following day. However, the missing girl does not have a history of skipping school and had a perfect attendance prior to her disappearance.

Searches were immediately conducted, and tips flew in leading police all over Wisconsin and even as far as Louisiana. Witnesses reported seeing the little girl near Hi-Mount on the morning of her disappearance. Children who attended the same school claimed to have seen Alexis that morning on the playground crying. They also told police that they remember seeing a red truck park near the school during the week.  The truck never picked anyone up or dropped anyone off and hasn’t been seen since Alexis went missing. The trunk has never been identified, and it is unknown if it’s connected to the case.

  • Name: Alexis S. Patterson
  • Nickname: Pie and Lexi
  • Location Last Seen: Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co, Wisconsin
  • Birthdate: April 4, 1995
  • Date of Disappearance: 05/03/02
  • Age Then: 7
  • Age Now: 17
  • Race/Gender: Black Female
  • Height/Weight: 3’5” / 42 lbs (in 2002)
  • Hair: Brown; just below shoulder length (Alexis frequently wore her hair in a pigtail with braids)
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Marks/Scars: Scar under right eye. Bump on her left pinky finger.
  • Clothing: Last seen wearing a red jacket with gray stripes, a purple shirt, blue jeans, and white sneakers.
  • Other: She was carrying a pink Barbie backpack, had both of her ears pierced and was wearing diamond, sunflower earrings. She is right-handed.

The Charlie Project has more detailed information on this case.

Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to please contact: Milwaukee Police Department (414) 935-7360 and/or Milwaukee FBI Office (414) 276-4684