The three cases below are missing people from Boise, Idaho.

Kyle Frank Tolley went missing on the night of August 17, 2001 while camping in Pine Flats in Boise. He was 17 at the time and would be turning 29 this year. He is described as a White male with blond/strawberry colored hair, blue eyes, 5’8” tall at the time of his disappearance, and weighing approximately 180 pounds.
There is very few details on this case.


Walter Reynolds Jr was last seen in Boise on May 24, 2011. He hasn’t been seen or heard from since. He was 65 and would be turning 67 this year and is considered disabled.
Reynolds is described as an elderly White male, 5’8” tall, weighing approximately 155 pounds. He had greying hair which was balding, and was last seen wearing a Levi Denim jacket with wool lining, brown short sleeve shirt, jeans, brown shoes and a white Cowboy hat.


Ahren Benjamin Barnard went missing on December 04, 2004 in Boise, ID. He was last seen at approximately 7PM at a McDonald’s on Cole Rd and Overland Rd when he returned his young son to the child’s mother for the evening, but was planning to continue his visitation agreement for the weekend. He never returned and hasn’t been seen or heard from since.
He was driving his vehicle, a green 1995 green Range Rover (SUV) and when police check phone records they seen that his last phone call was 7:15PM that evening, when he spoke to his roommate.
Barnard was 35 at the time of his disappearance. He will be turning 44 this year.
Barnard had lived in Boise his whole life. He has many friends and family who he always kept in contact with. They say it is completely out of character for him to willingly disappear and they believe something happened to him.
He is described as a Caucasian male with brown hair, brown eyes, 6-feet-tall, weighing approximately 220 pounds. Both his ears are pierced one  time. He has a mole beside his right eye, and another mole above his mustache on the right side of his face,  as well as a mole on his right temple. Barnard had broken his arm and foot as a child.
Clothing & Jewelry: Last seen wearing a grey silk shirt, jeans with a money clip attached to it, and a leather jacket. Movado watch, small hoop earrings.
Anonymous tips can be sent to – For more information on this case, please click: Help Find Ahren
Anyone with information on these cases are asked to please contact: Boise County Sheriff’s Office (208) 392-4411 or (208) 373-5401