Both of these unidentified woman were located within a three year time span in the North Saskatchewan River, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Their cause of death is unknown and composite sketches of the two woman are unavailable.

unidentified_jane_doe unidentified_victim_jewelry

First Victim – Found April 11, 2003 in the North Saskatchewan River near the Riverdale area of Edmonton. She was wearing these two pieces of jewelry. A Miraculous Medal on a white medal chain necklace, a saint bracelet. On her right hand she had 4 white metal rings without stones, 1 yellow metal ring with numerous clear and yellow stones. On her left hand there was 1 yellow metal ring with clear stone.

  • Believed to be between 25-35 years old
  • Race: White Gender: Female
  • Approximate Height and Weight: 5’6-5’7″; 180 lbs.
  • Hair: Light orange hair with dark roots.
  • Clothing: Black denim pants, pink briefs, white socks.
  • Agency Case Number: 1005-0058


Second Victim – Discovered on September 28, 2006 near the Edmonton Riverboat Launch in the North Saskatchewan River, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

  • Estimated age: 34-62 years old.
  • Race: White or Aboriginal Gender: Female
  • Approximate Height and Weight: Height is 5’5″-5’6″ and weight is 165 lbs.
  • Distinguishing Characteristics: Brown and gray hair. Eye color is unknown. Race is white or Aboriginal/Metis.
  • Clothing: Black nylon pants, black long sleeve shirt, white t-shirt, black socks, and hiking style footwear.
  • Agency Case Number: 1009-8621

If you have any information regarding one or both of these cases you’re asked to please contact:
Office of the Chief Medical Examiner – 780-427-4987
Or toll-free number 310-0000 if you’re in the Alberta area.