Photo of Joshua C. Guimond

Joshua Guimond was twenty-years-old when he went missing after attending a college party in Metten Court at the north end of St John’s University in Collegeville, MN. He was last seen around midnight leaving the party to walk to his on-campus dorm in the Saint Maur House, which was only a three minute walk. He never made it to his apartment and hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

Investigators searched Joshua’s dorm-apartment and came to the conclusion that he never made it home and searches around Collegeville were conducted immediately but they could find no sign of the missing student.

Josh wore prescription glasses but wasn’t wearing them the night he disappeared. He didn’t wear a jacket that night, despite the chilly weather. He was however, wearing a gray St John’s College hoodie.

Family and loved ones say it’s out of character for Josh not to attempt to contact anyone.

Joshua’s vehicle was found on campus, and many believe that he didn’t plan to simply take off, and wouldn’t have without taking his car. Family and friends

The parents of Joshua miss him dearly and continue to search for answers and closure. A billboard once had their missing son’s face and details on his disappearance. They also placed a memorial tree called “The Tree of Hope” in honor of their son, who was a bright, young man who didn’t have any known enemies.



A plaque which is placed on the Tree of Hope — It says “Hang in there” Love Mom and Dad

The parents also created a website called Find Joshua Guimond  to keep his name and disappearance in the public eye, and to notify others on their son’s case.

On the front page of the family website, they make a plea to the public, asking them to be on the lookout for their son.

We would greatly appreciate your help in finding our son. Josh has been missing from the campus of St John’s University in Collegeville, Minnesota since November 9, 2002. He was last seen leaving a dorm room three minutes walking distance from his dorm, and never made it. He has not been seen since. Josh did not leave of his own free will. He was without his car, glasses or a coat warm enough for the weather. None of his credit cards have been used and there has been no contact with any friends or family members since that day. Please be on the look-out for Josh. Please let us know if you see him or if you know anything related to his disappearance which might help us find him. – Josh’s Family (2002)

  • Full Name: Joshua Cheney Guimond
  • Nicknames: Josh
  • Last Seen In: Saint Joseph, Stearns, Minnesota (USA)
  • Birthdate: June 18, 1982
  • Missing Since: November 10, 2002
  • Age Then: 20 Age Now: 30
  • Race: White Sex: Male
  • Weight: 175 lbs Height: 6’0”
  • Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue
  • Scars/Marks: Scar on shoulder
  • Clothing: Last seen wearing a gray St. John’s college hoodie with blue jeans

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Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to please contact one or more of the following agencies:
Stearns County Sheriff’s Office (320) 259-3700 / (320) 251-4240
Wright County Sheriff’s Office (763) 682-7600
BCA Tip Line (877) 996-6222