Photo of Kara Kopetsky which was taken shortly before her disappearance

Kara Kopetsky, born in Frankfurt, Germany on February 17, 1990, moved to Belton, Missouri, USA where she attended Belton High School.

Kara’s mother recalled her daughter’s excitement at going to school on May 4, 2007. It was senior picture day and she had woken up a little earlier that morning so she could put extra effort into her hair and appearance. She left for school that morning wearing one of her favorite outs which consists of a gray t-shirt with a white skull printed on it, dark jeans, a black-studded belt, a grey three-quarter sleeve sweatshirt, black and white checkered tennis shoes topped with her black leather hobo bag.

She arrived at school shortly after 7:30AM and within a half-hour she was called her mother to tell her she had forgotten her school books and asked her if she could bring them to her.

A little later at approximately 10:15AM students reported that Kara had gotten into a verbal argument with a teacher and was seen leaving the school premises at 10:30AM. Strangely, she didn’t inform any friends that she was leaving. It’s almost as if she just had a sudden urge to leave, or possibly was told by an unknown person(s) to meet and but to keep their meeting private.

When she didn’t return home or show up to her part-time afterschool job her parents started to become concerned. Their concerns turned to worry when, after multiple attempts, couldn’t reach her and realized that friends hadn’t seen her since the morning. They filed a missing persons report with Belton Police Department.

At first police didn’t know if she was abducted or if she was another teenage runaway. Family knew she didn’t runaway, nor would she have reason too. — Since Kara had called her mother to bring her books to her school, this gave police the idea that she did not have an intent on running away that day either. They interviews with other students and friends, and conducted multiple searches locally but no sign of the missing teen were ever found and she remains missing.

Kara’s parents had gone into her school locker days after she vanished to look for clues to what might of happened. They found makeup, clothes, money (debit-card), iPod and a new carton of cigarettes. Nothing to indicate where she may have gone.

One person-of-interest was a former boyfriend whom Kara had a relationship with. He was reported to be abusive and controlling towards her. One time, on April 28, 2007, Kara had left work and was abducted by him and while he was driving she had managed to open the door, jump out and escape. He was arrested and the following monday but released. Kara was fearful enough to file a restraining order on him and consequently she vanished the day before her court hearing regarding the restraining order was supposed to start. Did her former boyfriend convince the vulnerable teen to sneak a meeting? Right now the only people who know this answer is Kara and her boyfriend and she’s missing while he’s denying any contact with her.

Kara had a bank account with $150 dollars in it that had stayed untouched, which has become Kara’s former boyfriends alibi.

In February, 2012 reports of an abandoned house being connected to Kara’s disappearance surfaced.

According to Examiner, Russ Ptacek, Investigative Reporter for KSHB Channel 41 and a group of secret “Kara” sleuths have gone to a house and an abandoned building in search for clues on missing Kara Kopetsky. They found what they believe the Belton Police have missed. When Ptacek and the group searched the abandoned building, they found graffiti on the walls. One said “Kara is gone” and another says, “I did it.” They also went to the undisclosed home and in the basement, while the cameras were rolling, you can see cadaver dogs repeatedly sitting down, which is what the animals were trained to do if they smell human remains.

“The dogs were hitting on something, I think it is a possibility that, yes, she could be there,” said Kara’s mom, Rhonda Beckford.

However, when Belton Police were told of the possible discovery, they didn’t approve of the groups help and Kara’s parents have been told by police that they would possibly subpoena them for interfering with the investigation.

“The Belton MO Police Department has had conversations with the Cass County Prosecutor’s office about the possibility of utilizing the grand jury to question otherwise uncooperative potential witnesses,” said Police Chief James Person. “The Belton MO Police Department remains committed to the investigation into the disappearance of Kara Kopetsky.”

This is what the “secret group” has been worried about and told Ptacek they have handled over each piece of evidence to the FBI and Kansas City police, but have not given it to the Belton police as they don’t trust them to solve this case.

The Belton Police did show up at the house and according to Kara’s parents were there for about 40 minutes and never returned.

Kara’s parents don’t believe BPD are trying hard enough and could have put in more effort.

“I don’t believe you can do a thorough search in 40 minutes,” Rhonda Beckford told Ptacek. “Those dogs are hitting on something.”

For more information and to watch the video, click KSHB



Kara likes to dye her hair, either with highlights or dying the color completely. This photos above show two different hair-styles. 

Date(s) of Birth Used: February 17, 1990 Hair: Brown and reddish-blonde
Place of Birth: Frankfurt, Germany Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5’5″ (at time of disappearance)
Weight: 110 pounds (at time of disappearance) Sex: Female
Race: Caucasian

A website set-up by Kara’s family titled Find Kara Kopetsky

There’s also a Facebook page set-up titled Help Find Kara Kopetsky which currently has 1, 389 “likes”

If you have any information regarding this case is asked to please contact:

If you have any information concerning this person, please contact: Your local FBI office or the nearest American Embassy or Consulate. You can also submit an online tip by going to the FBI Website where Kara’s case is listed.