Kortne Stouffer (pictured) mysteriously vanished over five months ago after a night out in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

DERRY TOWNSHIP,  PALMYRA — Kortne Stouffer is a 21-year-old graduate of North Lebanon High School, and a former  hair stylist who was employed at Ellie Salon in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania.

According to police, Kortne was last seen in the early morning hours of July 29, 2012 at her apartment on West Main Street in Palmyra after a night out with friends, who said that Kortne was involved in more than one verbal confrontation earlier that night. One argument was between her neighbors and another with an unidentified woman who was at the same bar in Harrisburg that Kortne had gone to. It is unclear what started the fight.


Palmyra apartment complex where Kortne lived prior to her disappearance

No part of us believes Kortne is missing because she wants to be missing.” said her parents, Scott and Wendy Stouffer.

“It’s hard to be happy-go-lucky when one of your babies is not around and you have no idea what’s she been through or who might have her,”  “How are they treating her? Is she eating and drinking water? The reality is that we don’t know if she’s dead or alive. But nobody wants to think that we may never see her again.” said Mr Stouffer.

Police searched in and around the apartment with the help of cadaver dogs and horses and later joined friends and family to search locally for any sign of the missing woman. Volunteers also helped with the searches but found nothing to lead investigators conclusively in any direction. Many people have been interviewed including the neighbors and friends and they all have said they have no clue as to what could have happened to her.

Brian Boyer, a family friend, owns Boyer’s Signs & Truck Lettering in the same town. He created posters which featured Kortne and her details on it. He used the money he gained from selling the posters to go towards a reward fund which reached over $34,500.

Boyer described Kortne’s disappearance as “weird” and loved ones say it is very uncharacteristic of her to simply walk off and they do not believe she did that.

Police also labelled her case as “highly suspicious” during a statement made two months after she vanished. They stopped short of calling it  ‘criminal’ simply because there is no evidence to point to that theory. But that hasn’t stopped psychics from starting their own theories and assumptions.

Many self-proclaimed psychics have flocked to the police  with their “visions” which hasn’t helped aid authorities but instead, it has started unconfirmed rumors and although authorities are acknowledging that psychic calls are coming in, the only person seemingly entertaining them is Scott Stouffer, 47, the father of Kortne Stouffer.

Mr. Stouffer said that some of the readings he got “scared him.” One psychic contacted him and claimed to have seen his daughter alive in a cage.

“Some of it I can’t comment to you because it doesn’t express the best outcome,” said Mr. Stouffer.

But although he’s entertaining the idea, he doesn’t completely believe it.

“How can I go to bed at night if I know that I heard something that day and I didn’t follow up on it, as ridiculous as it possibly could be?” he said in an interview back in August, 2012.


Scott & Wendy Stouffer, the parents of Kortne Stouffer

The Stouffer’s have described their daughter as a “flower child” and they miss her very much and remain devastated. They hope anyone with absolutely any information regarding their daughter’s disappearance will come forward.

Kortne Stouffer’s Facebook profile showed activity three week’s after her disappearance which could have been the reason rumors started circulating about the missing woman being alive. Which is untrue.

Kortne Stouffer seemed to be enjoying her life and she gave no indication that she was planning to run off or harm herself. The young woman had written under the ‘about me’ section on Facebook saying:

Livin life 🙂  Life’s an Adventure, full of new beginnings and unexpected endings. Live every moment like ur last and have No regrets!

Her Myspace page, which hasn’t been signed into in a couple of years, shows the young woman was well-liked with an outgoing personality –

Hey!!!, so…. I’m Kortne!! I’m a total blonde but my friends still love me. I’m a cheerleader and I’m in track at Northern Lebanon High. This year is my senior year and I can’t wait for it to be over. I hope to go to school for vet tech but I haven’t figured out where yet. I’m confusing at times but if you stick around long enough you’ll learn to figure me out. I am currently single but that’s okay because I have yet to find a guy who can meet all of my standards. and it wooulfn’t matter anyway because I have learnd that relationships in this world do not last. but hey maybe I’ll get lucky! haha well if ya wanna know more IM me Nlblonde09


Sex: Female
Race: Caucasian
Current Age: 21
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 115 lbs.
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Green
Tattoos: Three
1) Tattoo of a pistol on her hip
2) Tattoo of stars on her foot
3) Tattoo of the words “one love” on her right bicep

Kortne’s case is listed on America’s Most Wanted with the latest airing on August, 2012. Anyone with information can submit a tip under her case.

Anyone with any information regarding this case is asked to please contact Palmyra Borough Police Department – 717-838-8188 or 717-838-8189.