Family offers reward for missing pet

Photo of Lucy Sparkles who was last seen on Thanksgiving Day.

SHAWNEE, OKLAHOMA — The Menhusen family had guests over their home to celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday and believe the crowd and noise was too much to handle for a 11 month old kangaroo.

” … I think Lucy got startled. It was an unusual amount of noise for her … Lucy hopped around the back of our home where her house is and my husband went back there to close up her gate.” said Shayla Menhusen, one of the family pet owners.

The family believes the kangaroo, named Lucy Sparkles, was spooked by people at their home near North Shawnee on the holiday.

Lucy was last seen on November 22, 2012, Thanksgiving Day. Since then, the family has been whistling and calling out Lucy’s name as they look for her in nearby fields and woods. They’ve asked neighbors if they’ve seen their beloved pet and are now taking the disappearance to media.

“We’re certainly heartbroken and sad, we just want her to come home,” said Mrs. Menhusen.

The family’s four-year-old daughter, Layla, choose the name “Lucy Sparkles” back when the family got the Kangaroo.

“We feel like she’s close,” Menhusen said, adding that hopeful Lucy will find her way back home or be found safe. “She’s the only pet we have.”

Menhusen said if Lucy is found that she is very friendly and likes being held. She should be kept in a yard with a fence.

The family was initially offering a $500 reward but that has went up to $1,000 for any information leading to the pet’s recovery..

Lucky Sparkles is described as a red kangaroo, born in Texas 11 months ago, 2′ feet tall, very friendly but nervous/spooked around large crowds of people. She enjoys being held and will look over if you call her name.

She was last seen wearing fur.

Anyone with information is asked to please contact Shayla at If found you can call Shayla Menhusen at (405)-990-4867

Source: KRMG and UPI