The Springfield Three

Age-progressed photo of Stacy McCall showing what she may look like at age 38.

Full Name: Stacy Kathleen McCall
DOB: Apr 23, 1974
Date of Disappearance: June 7, 1992
Age Then: 18
Age Now: 38
Missing From:
United States
Race: White
Sex: Female
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5’3″ (160cm)
Weight: 120lbs (54kg)

Age-progressed photo showing what Suzanne Levitt might look like today, at 39-years-old.

Companion Type: Victim (Daughter of Sherrill Levitt)
Full Name: Suzanne E. Street
Nickname: Suzie
DOB: March 9, 1973
Date of Disappearance: June 7, 1992
Age Then: 19
Age now: 39 
Missing From: Springfield, MO
Race: White Sex: Female
Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue
Height: 5’5″ Weight: 105 pounds

Age progressed photo of what Sherrill Elizabeth Levitt might look like at 68 years old

Companion Type: Mother of Suzanne Streeter
DOB: Nov 1, 1944
Race: Caucasian
Sex: Female
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5’0″ (152 cm)
Weight: 110 lbs (50 kg)

On June 7, 1992, the Springfield Police Department were notified of the unexplained disappearances of three females from a residence in central Springfield, Missouri.

Sherrill Levitt her daughter Suzie Streeter and Suzie’s best friend Stacy McCall were missing.

The parents of Stacy  were concerned when they couldn’t reach any of the three, which was highly unusual, and they immediately filed three missing person reports.

Upon officers’ arrival, the house bore no signs of a struggle, but rather the appearance of the missing women being abducted. All personal property were still at the home. Property including purses, money, cars, keys, cigarettes, the family dog, etc, that wouldn’t normally be left behind.

Stacy McCall and Suzie Streeter graduation photo

Graduation photo of Stacy and Suzanne


Photo of Ms. Levitt

Stacy and Suzanne had graduated from high school the day prior and were last seen at approximately 2:15AM on the night of June 7, 1992 when they left a graduation party in a nearby community en route to the Levitt/Streeter home at 1717 E. Delmar, Springfield. It appeared as though they had arrived at the residence because their clothing, jewelry, purses, and vehicles were still at this location.

Suzanne’s mother was last heard from at approximately 11:15PM that night when she talked with a friend on the phone. According to the friend, Sherrill appeared normal and nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary. She was talking about painting a chest of drawers. It appeared as though her bed had been slept in when friends and police arrived to check the residence.

With the assistance of the Federal Bureau of Investigations, Missouri State Highway Patrol, and numerous other law enforcement agencies, an extensive investigation into the lives of the missing women has been conducted. Theres been no positive leads concerning the reason for their disappearance or their location. It’s as if they vanished into thin air. One of the few main tips were from local witnesses who reported seeing a shady green van. Police were never able to locate this van but it looks similar to the one below.


This cold case has received high National Attention and has been aired on many popular TV shows including America’s Most Wanted, Unsolved Mysterious, Investigation ID, etc. The airings drew in hundreds of tips and all of them were followed up on to no avail and over two decades later, this case remains unsolved.

MPD and FBI believe the three females were abducted and believe their disappearance is related to foul play. A reward of over $40,000 is being offered to anyone with information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspect(s) involved.

Anyone with information regarding Mrs. Levitt, Miss Streeter, and Miss McCall is requested to contact the Springfield Police Department (MO) 1-417-864-1810
Or you’re urged to leave a contact: National Center Of Missing & Exploited Children – 1-800-843-5678 (1-800-THE-LOST) and/or Crime-Stoppers – 417-869-TIPS (8477)
All calls/tips are anonymous.

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