Photo of Glenn Warren Pennie, 56, taken on Christmas Day in 2002. Ten month’s before his disappearance.

Published October 28, 2012 POLK COUNTY, OREGON — 

Glenn Warren Pennie, then 56, was last seen at his home at 14970 Airlie Road in Polk County by a neighbor, David Fetter, on the afternoon of Oct. 3, 2004 according to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. Glenn was scheduled to be in Oakland, California on Oct. 5, 2004 for an estate hearing. He never showed up which raised flags.

On Oct. 4, a day before the hearing, Fetter called authorities and said the Toyota pickup Glenn was suppose to take on the trip to Oakland was still parked in his driveway. Police drove out to Glenn’s home the next day to find his vehicle, which was unlocked, still sitting in the driveway, Police went to his door, which was locked, and knocked. No answers. They did find his luggage and other travel items inside his unlocked truck. This raised even more flags.

The next day, on October 6, Glenn Pennie’s daughter, Christina Pennie of Portland, OR contacted authorities to file a missing persons report. She said her father never showed up for the court hearing in Oakland which was out of character.

Polk County Police stated back in 2004 that there was no evidence from cursory searches of Glenn’s residence that indicated foul play but they did say they we’re investigating his case as ”missing under suspicious circumstances.”

Roughly 30 Police Officers from Polk, Marion and Yamhill counties had conducted searches of Glenn Pennie’s property 11 miles south of Dallas. Community and private searches were also conducted to no avail.

Glenn has been missing for exactly eight years, twenty-five days. His case remains unsolved.

Glen Pennie, born March 28, 1948, would be 64-years-old as of October, 2012. He is described as a Caucasian male, with green-eyes,  5’11” tall, weighing approximately 200 pounds at the time of his disappearance. He also had brownish-grey’ing hair in Oct.2004. 

The FBI is offering a reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for the kidnapping of Glenn Warren Pennie.

Anyone with information regarding this cold case, please contact: Polk County Sheriff’s Office at 503-623-9251.