Refusal: Desiree Young has asked a judge to force DeDe Spicher to answer all of the questions put to her during a deposition taken earlier this month in which Spicher asserted her Fifth Amendment right to every one


  • Kyron Horman mysteriously vanished in 2010 after not showing up for class at Skyline School located in Multnomah County, Oregon.
  • Kyron was seven-years-old two years ago and would be nine this year.
  • Terri Hormon, Kyron’s Ste[mother is the prime suspect in his disappearance.
  • Biological mother Desiree Young suing stepmother Terri Horman for $10m
  • Friend DeDe Spicher refusing to answer any questions
  • Kyron Hormon’s case was national news and even featured on Oprah and Dr. Phil

Pictured Above; Kyron Horman has been missing since June 4, 2010 from from Skyline School on June 4, 2010

Photo of Terri Hormo, the prime suspect in Kyron’s disappearance. She has not been charged with his disappearance and possible murder because Kyron’s whereabouts remain unknown.


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