Tracie Mosley.. Missing 4/17/95.. Reisterstown, Maryland in Missing People, Jane/John Does; Eastern States by Peter Henderson

Pictured; Tracie Lynn Mosley (18) Missing Since Apr.17,1995

State: Maryland Name: Tracie Lynn Mosley (although some reports have spelt her name ”Lynne.”)Date of birth: June 11th, 1976 Date of disappearance: April 17th, 1995 HT/WT: 5’10”, 150-lbs Hair/Eyes: Brown hair, Hazel eyes. Race: Caucasian Gender: Female. Marks/Scars: Fractured right clavicle, fracture right shoulder.

Description: Tracie was wearing a white shirt with a black jacket along with black pants and shoes. She was carrying a black purse as well.

Prior to the disappearance: Tracie Mosley was an 18-year-old aspiring actress who lived at 100 block of Westminster Pike located in Reistertown, Maryland. She came from a troubled past. Her mother was a heroin addict and her parents got divorced when she was in elementary school due to her mother’s addiction. Her mother moved to NY and Tracie lived with her father for several years. According to Tracie’s friends and family, she didn’t get along with her father and eventually moved in with her Grandparents in Reistertown. Both her Grandmother and mother have since passed away.

Photo of Tracie and her father shortly before her disappearance.

Disappearance: On the night of April 16th, 1995, Tracie went to dinner around 10pm at Jasper’s in Resiterstown with a friend. Later that night she planned on meeting up with her ex-boyfriend at the Harryman House on Main Street to hang-out and have some drinks.

The ex-boyfriend told police that he and Tracie left Harryman House at about 2am (04/17/95) and went to her friend’s apartment on Pittston Circle to pick up a six-pack of beer he had left there earlier. After picking up the beer, they went to Franklin High School to sit and talk. He told her he was getting tired and wanted to go home. He says they threw away the rest of their beer and left.

Tracie wanted to go back to her friend’s house on Pittston. During the car ride she asked if she could smoke a cigarette in the car, but her ex told her no. In his statement he told police that Tracie asked him to drop her off a on the corner (intersection) of Pittston and High Falcon Drive so she could walk the short distance back to her friend’s apartment and smoke a cigarette, so he did.

That was the last time Tracie was seen or heard from.

On the night of April 17th, 1995, at approximately 10pm, someone found Tracie’s purse on the curb, at the same corner her ex-boyfriend claimed to have dropped her off at.

The person who found the purse turned it over to police. When an officer went through the purse he found Tracie’s wallet, money, and other personal belongings. Police say the only thing that appeared to be missing from the last remaining piece of evidence was a pack of Tracie’s cigarettes.

Police say they knew something was wrong almost immediately. They began a full investigation: interviewing Tracie’s friends and family, talking with neighbors on Pittston Circle, and taking a close look at the man who saw her last.

Right away, detectives also began receiving strange phone calls from a woman claiming to be Tracie’s friend. The woman fed police wild stories about Tracie. She would call every couple of days and tell them something different. She told them Tracie had run away to be with her mom in New York. She said Tracie was dealing drugs in New York. She even told them Tracie was a manic-depressive and had checked herself into a mental institution.

Detectives followed every lead the woman gave them. Calls to the mental hospital were met with confusion. No one by the name of Tracie Mosley had ever walked through their doors. Tracie’s mother was just as confused.

During interviews, some of Tracie’s friends thought her former boyfriend did something, others theorized to Police that she might’ve left willingly. But those who were very close to Tracie say it isn’t possible. She wouldn’t just leave.
Suzanne Porter had met Tracie in the 8th grade. They both went to the same School and quickly became best-friends. According to Susan, Tracie was ”Intensely charismatic, she was very passionate about creativity and self-expression.”

“She owned a room whenever she walked into it,” Susan said.

Susan said she last saw Mosley while on spring break from her college in Indiana in March 1995, but kept in touch regularly and had just spoken to her two days before she disappeared.
They spoke about their plans for the summer, about possibly spending it at the beach, Tracie had dropped out of Westminster High-School a few years prior to her disappearance, to pursue an acting career, and Susan said she arranged to take a leave of absence from school to help Tracie get her GED.

Those plans are some of the reasons why Porter doesn’t think Mosley would have just taken off without telling anyone, as some of her friends hypothesized to police after her disappearance.

Investigator’s believe Tracie was the victim of foul-play.

Tracie was declared legally dead in 2000. The court assumed she had been murdered. Her case remains unsolved.


If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Tracie Lynn Mosley, please contact: Baltimore County Police: 410-887-3943