Was a missing mother of two harmed by ‘psychotic’ ex-boyfriend? Friends and family fear the worst after ‘fresh bleach stains found inside apartment’

Gone: Michelle Warner, 31, vanished last Saturday night after storming out of her ex-boyfriend's apartment

Pictured; Michelle Warner, 31, disappeared last Saturday.

Texas police and volunteers are searching for  a mother of two from Houston who vanished over the weekend after a fight with  her ex-boyfriend, who then left town with the couple’s young son.

Friends and family say Michelle Warner, 31,  was seen last Saturday night at the apartment of her estranged boyfriend, Mark  Castellano, where the two lived with their three-year-old son, Cayden.

Castellano told police that he and Warner had  an argument, and the 31-year-old stormed out of the apartment, leaving her car  behind.

Following Warner’s disappearance, her former  boyfriend and their toddler son left for Odessa, located eight hours away from  Houston, to stay with relatives, ABC News reported.

People close to Warner described her as very  bubbly and talkative, and said that she would have never severed communication  with friends or taken off without her son. 

Warner’s cell phone has been off since her  disappearance, and no one in her circle has heard from the mother of two since  Friday night, raising concerns for her safety.

‘She would never ever go this long without  talking to somebody,’ long-time friend Stefanie Helton said. ‘She loved to talk.  We’ve pretty much talked to everyone she knows, and no one has had contact with  her.’

Warner’s uncle, Russell Johnston, told KHOU, ‘It  doesn’t make sense. There’s a lot of things that Michelle would do but nothing  like that.’

Warner, who also has an 11-year-old daughter  who lives with her father, started a new job as a paralegal just two weeks ago  and was excited about working again after spending the last 18 months  unemployed, Click2Houston reported….

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