My Photos by Eyvonne Rosier

Pictured; Dorothy Eyvonne Rosier

Nicknames: Evon, Eyvonne

Date Of Birth: 09/03/84

Date Of Disappearance: 01/09/10 (Although she was reported missing two days later on January 11th, 2010.)

Location: Pineville, Rapides County, Louisiana

Dorothy Eyvonne Rosier, who goes by her middle name, Eyvonne, is originally from Deville but was staying at her step-father’s residence in Pineville, LA at the time of her disappearance on January 9th, 2010. Her family and friend’s couldn’t get in-touch with her and after two days, they filed a police report on January 11th, 2010. Police found her pocket-book and belongings at her Pineville residence and her family doesn’t believe she would run off willingly.

“It’s not like Eyvonne not to be around, not to call even if she was in trouble.  She would always call me,” said her sister, Tesia Standlee.

Tesia also goes on to say: “She was 26.  She didn’t have a reason to up and run away.  She was always smiling.  Very energetic, outgoing.  She wouldn’t up and leave.”

There is very little information regarding this case and no details pointing in a particular direction.

Eyvonne is a mother of three, and was 25-years-old when her children last saw her. She just had her 28th birthday earlier this month. She has a tattoo of the word ”Evon”, a nickname, on her lower back and a 3-inch scar on her torso from kidney surgery. She is 5’0”, weighing approximately 110lbs in 2010. She has brownish, blond hair and greenish/hazel eyes.

If you have any information regarding her case, please contact: detective Derek Weatherford at 318-641-6009 OR the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Department at (318) 473-6700

You can also leave contact the family of Dorothy by clicking the Myspace link provided: