Pictured; Recent Photos Of Avery Workman

Latest Update: 09/20/12 Avery Workman has been located SAFE, for more information on this update: Click here.

Boulder, Colorado – Avery Workman was last seen Sunday at 2:45pm on September 16th, 2012. She work’s for a children’s circus and was last seen on the 16th-Street-Mall carrying a hula-hoop and performing stunts. That was the last time anyone had contact with her. Friend’s and family believe a adult male with dreadlocks drugged Avery and took her on a bus against her will. A witness told Avery’s loved ones that a man with patches on both his overall’s and hat, had grabbed her.

“He has dreadlocks, light brown or blond hair and a little bit of scruff on his face, not like a homeless person, who would have a full beard,” Workman’s friend Jo Petit said. “We believe that he drugged her and put her on a bus against her will. A witness also said the bus was coming to Boulder.”

Loved ones of the missing teen have been in Boulder since Tuesday handing out flyer’s. They are asking for the public’s assistance and would like everyone to keep an eye open for Avery and spread her face and story out there. They also stated that Avery isn’t the type to run away and had problems prior to her disappearance that would prompt her to leave.

Born January 16th, 1996, Avery Workman is a 16-year-old Caucasian female, 5’4”, weighing approximately 120-pounds. She has reddish colored hair and a birthmark under her (left) blue eyes.

If you have any information regarding this case, please contact: Boulder County Sheriff’s Office at (303) 441-3638