Missing Person: Tami Lynn Leppert
Last seen: July 6th, 1983
Location: Cocoa Beach, FL
Gender: Female
Race: Caucasian
DOB: 02/05/65
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 103 lbs.
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Blonde

Tammy Lynn Leppert was a an 18-year-old model and actress from Cocoa Beach, Florida. She was a rising star, beautiful and popular. By age four, Tami had already entered her first very first beauty pageant and by age sixteen, she had participated in 300 pageants, bring home 280 crowns. By the time she was 18-years-old, she quickly began building an impressive resume which included numerous modeling and acting jobs including playing parts in Little Darlings, Spring Break, Scarface, etc.

During the Summer of 1982′, Tami was a cast in a teen movie ‘Spring Break.’ When Spring Break was getting ready to wrap up, she went on a weekend trip with her cast-mates. When she returned, family and friend’s began to see a change in her. She grew reclusive, paranoid and on edge, as if someone was trying to harm her. “Sometimes I’d ask her, what was on her mind, if anything was bothering her. And she’d usually change the subject or she’d say oh, nothing you know and then try to laugh it off.” Said Wing Flannagan, a family friend.

According to her mother, Linda Curtis, she (Tami) asked a strange question at one point: “Then she said Mom, what would you say if I told you somebody was trying to kill me. I just took a deep breath, and I said, do you think somebody’s trying to kill you, Tami? She said, yes.”

She revealed a ‘hint’ to her family and friends, saying she “saw something she shouldn’t have.” During one hysterical fit she brought up money laundering. After speaking to the local police and seeing a psychiatrist, she began to improve slightly.

But in 1983, Tami Lynn was offered a small part in the big budget Al Pacino film, “Scarface,” which began shooting in Miami in March of 1983. She stayed with a family friend, Walter Liebowitz. According to Walter, all went well until the fourth day of filming:

“I received a call from the casting director to tell me that Tami had a breakdown on the set. They said that it was a scene where someone was supposed to be shot and had artificial blood spurt out. And they said when Tami was watching the scene, she started crying hysterically and it got so bad that they had to take her to a trailer. She was in a tremendous state of fear, anxiety… What it was that caused this great fear in her I don’t know. When I spoke with Tami’s mother, I told her that she should take Tami to a doctor and also take her to the police to find out of the problem was psychological or if there was some basis in fact that someone was actually trying to kill her and get to the bottom of it.”

On the afternoon of July 6th, 1983, she left her home with a male acquaintance. She left her house without money or shoes and according to this acquaintance, an arguement broke out between the two and he ordered her out of his car near a glass-bank parking lot in downtown Cocoa Beach. She carried no ID with her, had no purse with her. She was never seen or heard from again.

The case first aired on Unsolved Mysteries on September 16th, 1992.