Composite Sketch Of Unidentified Woman

AGE Est.: 18-23
HAIR: Blond
5’3” tall (64 inches)
WT: 127 pounds
LOCATION FOUND: Cliff/Beach area below Bluff Road and
Site Dr., Dana Point – Orange County, CA
Possible Suicide
Physique: Slender, well
FEATURES: Strawberry blond hair, mid-back length,
type “A+” blood, fair complexion, ears pierced 2X lt., 1X rt. side, prior
pregnancy or D&C, numerous dental fillings, medium tan dress w/ men’s BVDs.
blue shoes
TATTOOS/Jewelry: None/None

Clothing: She was wearing what appeared to be second-hand clothing, (also known as ”hand-me-downs’‘) including a pair of men’s underwear.

Other: Possible prior orthodontics – To see fingerprint and teeth x-rays: Click Here.

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On the morning of May 18th, 1987, a body of an unidentified Caucasian woman in her early 20’s was found at the bottom of a steep cliff in Southern California.. It appeared that the woman had fallen to her death something during the night, although it’s possible she could have been pushed.

“We weren’t sure at that point if it was an accident… or if she had been pushed. I went to the top of the cliff and there I found a small purse, a half consumed soda, and a map of Southern California.” Said Cullen Ellingburgh. A former coroner for Orange County.

The purse belonging to the unidentified woman had nothing inside it, but the map led Cullen to the last person who saw her alive:

“There was a phone number on the map. The phone number was that of a cab company.  And the cab company was contacted and they indicated they had a fare, picked up from the area and dropped off at the area of the Dana Point cliffs at about three or four that morning.”

When Cullen interviewed the cab driver, he described a woman who fit the Dana Point “Jane Doe” She had wanted to go to Laguna Beach, but didn’t have enough cash. According to Cullen, the cab driver agreed to take her as far as the money would go:

The only thing the taxi driver said was that she had very little to say other than that. She was very quiet and he didn’t notice anything really unusual about her.”

– – –

This is the first Jane Doe that Cullen Ellingburgh was unable to Identify and he hope’s one day he can find her Identity and find out who she belong’s too.

If you have any information regarding this case, please contact:

1071 W. Santa Ana Blvd.,Santa Ana, CA
(714) 647-7400

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NOTE: This Jane Doe could be from anywhere, not necessarily from the United States. There have been cases of unidentified people who were later identified to be from another Country.