Who is he? This living John Doe was given the name Benjaman Kyle. He would found in 2004 laying behind a dumpster, beaten and covered with insects and when he awoke his coma he didn’t know who he was or where he came from and despite receiving National attention no one has come forward claiming to know the unidentified man.

Pictured; Unidentified amnesia victim found on August 31st, 2004 naked, beaten and covered in fire-ant bites, behind a Burger-King dumpster in Richmond Hill, Georgia (right off exit 87 of I-95) Authorities couldn’t find any identification on the living ”John Doe”, and when he woke-up after being unconscious, he didn’t remember his name, where he came from, if he got assaulted, etc. He was given the name ”Benjaman Kyle.” It is believed that he attended some type of school or education. He is intelligent, highly functioning and well-mannered with a professional demeanor. He is also in good health and speaks fluent English in a Southern accent.

 Race/Sex: Caucasian, Male

Estimated age: 50-65 years old

Approximate Height and Weight: 5’11”; 240 lbs.

Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian male with graying hair, receding hairline. Blue-green eyes (although some reports state he has grey-eyes.)

Marks, Scars: Two parallel surgical scars on left elbow (from reparative surgery for broken elbow that may involve pins/plates implantation). Surgical scar on front of neck appears to be from cervical discectomy. Small round scar on left side of face near chin appears to be a puncture-type wound but believes it may be related to former tooth abscess. No tattoos. No body piercings.

Medical: Blinding cataracts in both eyes may have resulted from prolonged exposure to sun while unconscious prior to being found and brought to hospital.

Fingerprints: On file with the FBI in Savannah, Georgia.

Dentals: Three teeth missing from upper front and one tooth missing from upper right side of mouth. Not known whether dental problems occurred after or as result of mugging in August of 2004.

Recent photo of Benjaman Kyle

Benjaman talk’s of memories, some vague, some very detailed, but it seem’s any and all memories of the unidentified man, stop’s in the mid-80’s.

He cannot remember his name or any other identifying information. He does however, vaguely remember a few things from his past like memories of Indianapolis as a child, including the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument, the Woolworth’s on the Circle, and the Indiana Theater showing movies in Cinerma. He remembers Crown Hill Cemetery, though not its name; the Scottish Rite Cathedral and the White River when “it was mostly just a dumping ground.” He also remembers grilled cheese sandwiches for a quarter and glasses of milk for a nickel at the Indiana State Fair. More specific memories place him in Indianapolis between at least 1954 and 1963. The earlier date is based on his recognition of the Fountain Square Theater,but not the Granada Theater in the Fountain Square area of town. The Granada closed in the mid 1950s. The later date is based on his recollections of a 2% retail sales tax that was enacted by the State of Indiana in 1963,and that the popular WLS Chicago radio station disc jockey Dick Biondi left the station that year over management issues.

Kyle also has memories of the area around the University of Colorado at Boulder. He has detailed memories of the subscription the library has to Restaurants & Institutions. He also remembers the Round the Corner Restaurant on the Hill, and the Flatirons and The Fox Theater near the Boulder campus. This places Kyle in the Denver-Boulder area in the late 1970s to early 1980s.In an interview with Channel 7 News in Denver, Kyle reported having memories of the controversy surrounding the construction of mass transit in Denver, at a time when the city still had no financing to proceed. Although the mass transit system in Denver went into operation in 1994, public debate over the construction of the system dates back to about 1980, consistent with the time period of the other memories that Kyle has about Denver and Boulder.

More specific memories of Boulder place Kyle there between 1976 and 1983. The earlier date is based on his memory that he arrived during the construction of the Pearl Street Mall in the downtown area, and shortly after the Big Thompson Canyon flood that occurred on July 31-August 1, 1976. The later date is based on the year that the King Soopers grocery store chain merged with Kroger.

During an October 16, 2008 interview on the television show of Dr. Phil McGraw, he recollected some minor memories he has, such as having brothers, being 10 years older than Michael Jackson (giving him a possible birth date of August 29, 1948), being around restaurant equipment, and that he attended a Catholic School.Through hypnosis, he has recalled a partial Social Security number 3X5-44-XXXX, consistent with numbers assigned in Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana during the 1960s.

Benjaman Kyle has an unusually detailed knowledge of restaurant operation and food preparation equipment, leading to the belief that he may have once worked in these industries.

Still-Shot photo’s of Benjaman Kyle as a guest on the Dr. Phil TV-show. (Episode called ”Who am I?”)

 Ben’s case has been aired on local and national news. He has participated in Interview’s and talk-shows and was even a guest on Dr. Phil, in an episode called “Who am I?” which was aired October 16th, 2008, it again re-aired on December 31st, 2008. But as of September, 2012.

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Thanks to FTDNA this kit along with others were upgraded. He currently has, at 37 markers – Y-DNA, 1 genetic distance 2 match, 2 genetic distance 3 matches, 2 genetic distance 4 matches and 1 genetic distance 5 match. At 67 markers he has 1 genetic distance 5 match. All of his 37 and 67 marker matches are with the surname Powell. His predicted Haplogroup is R1b1b2.

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