Pictured; Ivy Dawn Merck

Ivy Merck, missing Georgia woman has been found in Florida over one month later. The 25-year-old Athen’s woman was reported missing August 23rd, 2012 when she was suppose to drive from her Athen’s home to her ‘hometown’ of Kingsland to visit her parents. She never showed up and the following day her car was found abandoned in a Marshell’s department store parking lot located in Deerfield Beach, FL. Notes were found in her vehicle written by the young woman to her room-mates and family, saying she needed to work out some personal problems.

The young woman had just turned 25-years-old this past Friday and Investigator’s asked Family, friend’s and public to flood her wall with birthday wishes, in hopes that she will answer. They had earlier believed the young woman might have intended to harm herself and was hoping the birthday wishes would change her mind. Less then 24-hours later, Ivy has been found. Authorities aren’t yet releasing details about how she was found.

Member’s of her family had set-up a Facebook group for help finding Ivy, which was called ”FindIvyDawnMerck”. It has since been updated with the good news of her return.