The Mysterious Disappearance Of Selena Eden

Missing Since October, 1990 from San Francisco, California.

♦ Selena Edon was driving home from Union Hall in Downtown San Francisco, on November 29th, 1989, when she got into a serious car accident. A truck swerved and collided into her car. She was admitted to the hospital as an Unidentified ”Jane Doe” for 7-days due to her papers and I.D. disappearing in the aftermath of the car accident, she was left in a coma for six weeks and when she came out of the coma, she had brain damage, her left eye was permanently damaged, and she suffered painful migraines. According to a friend, Laurie Gallagher, Selena had lost a significant amount of her memory. She also had to relearn every and had the mind of a child, in a way.

Two month’s after the car-accident, Selena moved back to San Diego to live with her parents as she tried to recover but her migraines left her in periods of extreme confusion and frustration.


“Things like that would upset her. That’s when I noticed her frustration more and more. And she wanted to be on her own, but the more she pushed it, the more confused she was becoming.” Said Clarissa, Selena’s mother.


About one year after the car accident, Selena moved back to San Francisco. Her family was hesitating but eventually let her move back.

“She was very happy to be in San Francisco and to be around her friends, but she didn’t appear healthy enough to be on her own. She was very unaware of a lot of things. I think she definitely needed somebody to be with her you know, to help her.” Said Clarissa.

Clarissa also said: “She was evasive with me and that wasn’t like her. She would tell me everything you know. I said, Selena, what you need to do, you need to come back home. And she said well don’t worry if you don’t hear from me in a month or two. And then she said I’ll be calling you soon, and hung up and that’s the last I’ve heard from Selena.”


Selena would keep in touch with her family regularly, but, in October of 1990, her regular calls to her mother suddenly stopped and when her family couldn’t reach her, they hired a detective to look for her. The missing woman was spotted in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District, despite her telling her parent’s she was leaving town. Detective’s followed all the leads, but Selena Edon was never found.

Her family believes she is alive somewhere, lost and confused, possibly living with amnesia. Other’s however, are unsure and suspect foul play.

As of 2012, Selena Edon’s disappearance is still unsolved.


Selena Edon was born March 17th, 1962. She has black hair, brown eyes, standing 5’7”, weighing approximately 110-pounds in 1990. She also walks with a limp and wasn’t involved in a relationship in the months leading up to her disappearance.

On 02/09/94, ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ aired Selena’s disappearance. Call’s came in but nothing ever came out of it, they were either false tips, or mistaken identity.