Left; Lyric Cook – Right; Elizabeth Collins

LATEST UPDATE – 09/06/12 – Did Missing Iowa Girl’s Cause Mass Panic?

→ After missing Iowa girls Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Collins vanished from Evansdale, attempted abduction reports seemed to increase drastically. While law enforcement in the area treat each and every report thoroughly and honestly, is it possible that some of them are just the resort of mass panic? It’s likely that many attempts are stories made up either by the children or the people calling — as this sometimes happens when cases become high profile. High profile missing persons and unsolved homicide cases sometimes attract strange individuals, and that’s an understatement.

After the two missing Iowa girls became a national news story, at least two reports of creeps in vans attempting the abduction of children. In each case the children were able to run free and tell their parents all about it. This could be brought on by the common knowledge this case has shared of a van driver being questioned in regards to Lyric’s and Elizabeth’s disappearance. However, it’s equally possible that there is a van driving child predator lurking about the neighborhoods throughout the state.

There haven’t been any investigative updates in this tragic case, which is making it hard to foresee a positive ending. The case is approaching its two-month-mark soon, but will detectives bring news to the public regarding the possible whereabouts of Elizabeth Collins and Lyric Cook? There are also no updates regarding the recent hospitalization of the mother of Lyric Cook, who recently appeared to overdose on medication.

SOURCE: http://news.gather.com/viewArticle.action?articleId=281474981611289