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Updated: 09/05/12 – UGA Student had ”heart of gold.”

Gwinnett County Police found missing University student Quinton Million Ayers, 22, passed away in his truck off of Georgia State Road 316 near Harbins Road Monday at 6:12 p.m., according to a report.

A passing tractor-trailer driver first spotted Ayers’ truck Monday at about 5 p.m., Cpl. Jake Smith said. “[The driver] saw what he thought was a vehicle down in the woods while he was kind of on his way through there,” Smith said. Smith said officers were unable to see the truck in the woods when they first responded to the driver’s call. The driver “came back through in his personal vehicle later and called police again” so that he could show them where he had seen the suspected vehicle, he said.

Smith said the responding officer found Ayers’ truck in the woods and was able to identify the missing student both by his ID and “by looking at him.”

The incident report predicts Ayers had been driving west on Ga. 316 when his truck “left the north edge of the roadway and entered the woodline.”

Ayers’ vehicle hit “several trees” before finally crashing in the woods, according to the report. “Since yesterday, they were able to tell with a very large degree of certainty that no other vehicle was involved,” Smith told The Red & Black.

He predicted this certainty to be about 99 percent.

Smith also said police determined that Ayers left the road about 100 feet from where he finally stopped. The car “tumbled” at some point.

Police do not have a good estimate of the speed at which Ayers had been traveling.

Although toxicology reports could take another six weeks to finalize, Smith said police have no reason to suspect Ayers was under the influence in any way while he drove. “There were no empty beer bottles, marijuana debris, marijuana pipes or anything like that inside the car,” he said. Smith said any reports that Ayers had been drinking that night are so far unconfirmed.

Police have also not confirmed reports that Ayers had been texting up until the time he disappeared.

Ayers was last seen in Athens around 1 a.m. on Friday, according to an advisory posted on the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office website earlier Monday.

The advisory said Oconee County Police had “information that he may have left Athens enroute to Adairsville, but he never made it there.”

Ayers’ “last known cell phone activity was traced to a location in Gwinnett County near the airport,” according to the advisory.

The Red & Black found the Gwinnett County Airport to be about 6.6 miles from Harbins Road traveling on Ga. 316, according to Google Maps.

Friends and family members have been posting comments expressing sentiments and farewells on Ayers’ Facebook since his passing was confirmed Monday night.

The Red & Black was unable to reach any of Ayers’ friends or family for comment at the time of publication.

Facebook posts portrayed Ayers as a fun-loving, adored friend to many.

“Quinton, I still remember the first time we met,” one post read. “You were one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. You had a heart of pure gold and always knew exactly what to say to a friend in need.”

Other posts reminisced about experiences shared with Ayers. – “Quinton I was talking to [a friend] last night and we sat and talked about quoting movies, [you] eating all my almonds at one o’clock in the morning and dancing in our garage to everything,” a Facebook friend posted on Ayers’ wall. “We just loved [you] sooo much.”

Still other posts expressed a celebration of Ayers’ personality. – “I bet the first thing you did when you walked through those gates was do your little happy dance,” one of Ayers’ 518 Facebook friends wrote. “I will never forget that.”

SOURCE: http://www.redandblack.com/news/uga-student-found-dead-monday-had-a-heart-of-pure/article_023f0dfe-f705-11e1-a391-0019bb30f31a.html


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Gwinnett County, GA – 22-year-old University Of Georgia Student who went missing on Friday has been found deceased. Quinton Ayers was discovered Monday in a wrecked-car along Highway 316, near Harbin Rd.

The car was found approximately forty-feet from the roadway. According to Authorities, the car was sitting on its side and appeared to have hit a tree at significant speed. The vehicle had been sitting there the whole weekend, unseen. A man driving on Highway 316 spotted the wrecked vehicle due to the height of his tractor-trailor.

Investigators don’t know if alcohal or any other substance was a factor at this time.