♦ Lake County, FL: Lacey Marie Buenfil was twenty-five years old when she went missing 12/27/11. She was last seen with Terry McDowell, a friend of hers who claims they were driving in the Ocala National Forest around 3pm and there car was having problems on Railroad Grade Road, south of Forest Road 14, in Altoona, Florida. The same direction Lacey was last seen walking towards. She walked away holding her pocketbook which contained her wallet, car-keys and cellular phone.

According to her friend, she was last seen alive around 9pm, hours after the two started having car problems. She said Lacey went to search for help and vanished.

Physical Description: Lacey a Caucasian female, 5’feet, weighing approximately 90-pounds. She had long brown/blondish hair at the time of her disappearance and blue eyes. She a few piercings, one on her tongue and both ears had one hole in each. Lacey also had a scar on her right thigh and abdomen, a dimple on her left cheek.

Clothing, Etc: She was last seen weighing a pink shirt with blue jeans. It is unknown what type of footwear she was wearing although a friend believes she was wearing sandals on the day of her disappearance.

There is a Face book page set-up for Lacey Buenfil called ”Praying For Lacey” – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Praying-for-Lacey/187057048059523

Lacey isn’t the only unsolved disappearance in Altoona, Florida. Gerald Blank Williams has been missing since 11/24/09 when he was 17-years-old.  Like Lacey, Gerald Williams is also from Lake County. He is described as being a Caucasian male, 5’6”, weighing approximately 145 pounds at the time he was last seen alive. He has a homemade tattoo on his left-forearm, although it is unclear what the tattoo depicts. At first, Police stated it was possible that he was still in the local area. However, he hasn’t been seen in almost 3-years.

Photo Taken Of Gerald Williams In 2009


Anyone with Information on Lacey Buenfil or Gerald Williams is asked to call the Lake County Sheriff’s Office (352) 343-2101