DO NOT HIRE ‘Alina Williams’ FROM FLORIDA – A mother has posted a video onto youtube after Police stated there was not enough ”wrong-doing” to press charges. This means Alina is still out there, undetected, possibly watching YOUR children.

Alina was caught on camera not only sleeping on the job, but yelling at the 13-month-old twins for disturbing her sleep. She is seen yanking the twins, being harsh, sqeezing there faces and being rough. She is also seen ”teaching” one of the toddlers how to walk but is extra aggressive and yanks him up while being mean to the child for not walking to her standards.

The mother posted a description which reads – ”Watch our former Nanny Alina Williams, Pre Med Student, want to be Child Psychiatrist, care for our twin boys by sleeping on the job while the children are crying for food for an hour and a half while she sleeps, yell at them for waking her up, jerk and push them around, twist their faces and scream in their ears. Watch her jerk the 13 month old boy when he does not walk for her correctly. Would you want her to be your child’s future Doctor? Working Moms, please, consider this Cam. This all occured in one day! We need tougher laws to protect our children. Please leave contact information to sign a petition to amend the child abuse laws.”