To learn more about Paige Johnson’s disappearance please click the video provided, which will link you to updates on her case.

Video created by Paige’s loved ones, photos provided by Donna. A ten minute video thats played with music, which shows photos of Paige Johnson from an infant all the way to 2010, the year she vanished.

Video description reads – ”Paige Johnson has been missing since Sept 23,2010. Her mom and dad are broken hearted. I have known Paige since she was born and I wanted to make sure that everyone sees the people who love her and that she is loved. How would you feel if you did not know where your child was. She is17 years old. No one has heard from her since Sept 23,2010. If you have any information on Paige’s whereabouts please contact the Covington, KY Police at 859-292-2222 or the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. – 1-800-THE-LOST”.