♦ Missing Since October 21st, 2011 ♦

→ Angel Garcia (19) disappeared approximately ten-months-ago, he was last seen on Friday, Oct. 21st at approximately 11:30am in the vicinity of Newfield and New Britain avenues located in Hartford, Connecticut. He was riding a red Honda 85 cc dirt-bike with multiple stickers on it.

Pictured: Angel Garcia’s Dirt-bike

Angel (then 19) decided to ride his dirt-bike on home-made trails, which is located on the eastern-boarder of the Connecticut river in east Hartford.

It was a hobby Angel enjoyed and took part in often. He called a friend that afternoon and they set-off to ride there bikes. It was reported that sometime during the day, Angel and his friend seperated.

He never made it and hasen’t been seen or heard from since.

His dirt-bike has never been recovered as well.


Crews have searched the area around Newfield Avenue where the young man was last seen,  A large group of family and friends gathered at the search site, which is, coincidentally, behind the home of a friends uncle.

Police equipped with K-9 units, both rescue dogs and cadaver dogs have searched the area to no avail. Police also brought ATV’s to search the rough terrain and wooded areas.

There has been no activity on his bank records, cellphone nor has he contacted friends and family who miss him very much and want answers. Many stated Angel’s disappearance is suspicious due to him not being the type to ”run off” or ”start a new life”. According to those who new Angel, he was very close to his parents and spoke daily to them. He would never willingly disappear and he had no reason to.

Angel’s family are desperate for answers and have asked the public to please come forward if you know or might know anything regarding there sons disappearance or the disappearance of his dirt-bike.

“He said he was riding his dirt bike and that he was gonna call me when he was done,” said Garcia’s girlfriend Omayra Serrano. “And I waited for his call and he never called me, and he told me he was gonna meet me at the house, but he never came.”

“he’s never done this before,” said Garcia’s aunt Sue Santana, “never. This is not him. He don’t never do this. He’s never done this before.”

♦ Angel Garcia was nineteen in Oct.2011 and would be twenty as of 2012. He is a Hispanic male with brown hair that may be worn in a ponytail, and brown eyes, 5’8” and weighing approximately 180 pounds. One, possibly both of Angel’s ears are pierced according to Charlie-Project. He also has scars on both knuckles, his chin and he knee. He has three moles, one on his chest between his nipples, one on his upper back and one on his upper lip.

♦ He was last seen wearing a grey-hooded-sweatshirt along with blue jeans and black sneakers with a red-design on them.

For additional infomation and too support Angel’s family and friends, Click the Facebook page, ”Missing Angel Garcia” http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Missing-Angel-Garcia/259646090813257

Anyone with information into Garcia’s whereabouts is asked to contact the Juvenile Investigate Division at 860-757-4236. Or the Hartford Police at (860)757-4000 OR (860)757-4242

All Calls can be made anonymous to protect your identity.