Woman, 20, locked in a cupboard for a decade by her ex-con aunt.

  • Linda Ann  Weston awarded custody of her niece Beatrice Weston, then 10, when her mother  could no longer care for her
  • Aunt  ‘locked her in a cupboard, beat her, burned her skin, made her drink her own  urine and forced her into prostitution’
  • Beatrice,  then 19, was found last year when police discovered four mentally disabled  adults ‘locked up by her aunt in the basement’
  • Beatrice  now suing city of Philadelphia for failing to prevent abuse
  • Her aunt  had served eight years in prison for starving man to death
  • City  ‘carried out no checks at the home and ignored complaints’


♦ Click link for full story ♦ Article written by Dailymail ♦ Published on 8/21/2012