Last Seen September 24th, 2011

Aliayah Lunsford was 3-years-old when she was last seen on September 24th, 2011. She had been sick the night before and according to her mom, Lena Lunsford, She was last seen in a bedroom at 6 a.m. Saturday morning when she and her 9-year-old sister checked on her. Lena says she returned to the room between 9 and 9:30 a.m. to take the girl’s temperature. That’s when she found her daughter missing.

Lena’s husband had already left for work, so she set out to search for Aliayah in her car. She eventually ran out of gas, so she finally called the sheriff’s department at 11:30 a.m. Before the day was over, 100 people were in on the search. Police used canine units to search the immediate area. They’ve also used dive teams to search the nearby West Fork River. while the community and family passed out missing flyers of the young girl.

The only real clue the cops have is a police dog discovered her scent at the edge of a nearby river. But all that means is that Aliayah could have been in the area within the last three to seven days.

Police have gone door-to-door, administered polygraphs to people they’re not naming, and interviewed every sex offender in the county. All apparently have alibis and weren’t in the vicinity of Aliayah’s home that morning.

Her parents describe her as a shy  little girl who would never even leave the yard by herself. “She never leaves the house unless an adult is with her,” Joann Evans, Aliayah’s Grandmother said.

The house would have been easy for a toddler to leave. Detectives say one screen door doesn’t have a handle and another door doesn’t close very well. Surveillance cameras in the area show Lena searching for her daughter, but there’s no sign of Aliayah. She simply disappeared from a busy home that includes four other kids, and Lena is pregnant with two more on the way.

Lena has past dealings with police of her own. In May of last year, she sued the West Virginia Division of Corrections, claiming she was sexually assaulted while serving time in a workhouse. We don’t know what she was charged with, but she sued a guard and another unnamed person for anxiety, humiliation and emotional distress over the assault.


(Photo Of Lena Lunsford)

Aliayah has brown eyes and hair, is around 3 foot tall and weighs about 30lbs. Last seen wearing purple Dora the Explorer pajama bottoms, pink princess sweatshirt and no shoes, Aliayah’s ears are pierced and she is missing four (4) front teeth.

If you have any information on her whereabouts, call the Lewis County Sheriff’s Department at 304-269-8245.

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