Photo Of Paige Johnson Taken In 2010, The Same Year She Went Missing.

LATEST UPDATE: Jacob Bumpass, the only suspect in Paige Johnson’s disappearance is out of jail as of August, 2012. Bumpass was placed in jail shortly after Paige went missing due to parole violations.

The probation violation Bumpass is being held on is for not informing authorities that he had quit his job and having alcohol at his home. Covington police Detective Bryan Frodge wrote in the affidavit that investigators confirmed that Bumpass had given the under-aged Johnson alcohol in the hours leading up to her disappearance.

Bumpass has continued to stay silent after being caught in many lies regarding Paige’s whereabouts.

Photo Of Jacob Bumpass (Suspect)


Paige sent a message to her older sister Brittany Haywood at 12 AM: “GIRL, I need to talk you IMMEDIATELY!” – That was the last known contact from her.

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Johnson’s family has worked with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to put up about 1,000 missing persons posters across the region but there have been no confirmed sighting of the teen.

Updated (7/30/2012) – The first new lead in months takes the search for a missing Northern Kentucky teenager into the woods of Appalachia and another dead end.   But, police hold out hope they will find Paige Johnson who’s been missing since September of 2010.

Last Friday, acting on a tip, a small army of police officers dug for several hours outside Barbourville, Kentucky in Knox County.  Local 12’s Joe Webb has been following the story from the beginning.

He reports that police say the information came from a separate investigation in Ohio involving Norwood Police, the Secret Service and the U.S. Attorney’s Office.  They found nothing in Knox County, but are holding out hope they might actually be getting closer.

In the dark, using backhoes and flashlights, the search for Johnson took a three hour road trip last Friday.  Kenton County Commonwealth Attorney Rob Sanders says, “We had roughly 30 people all digging through a piece of land about the size of a large swimming pool. Unfortunately, we came up with no sign of Paige whatsoever.”

The 17-year-old single mother has not been seen since September 23, 2010.  Since then, volunteers and police have searched high and low, including an extensive two day search at East Fork Lake, and found nothing.

Cell phone pings from the man she was last seen with, Jacob Bumpass, led them to East Fork.  But what was it that led them half a state away?  Covington Detective Bryan Frodge says, “The information is credible. It fits a lot of the rest of the investigation.  It was credible enough to the point where we needed to follow up on it.”

But still no body. Do police feel they are closer to finding the missing girl?  “I think it’s very possible. The areas we searched in Knox County… I think there’s a very good chance that is involved. Now, it’s just a matter of pinpointing the exact location.”

“I would say it’s possible her body would be in Knox County or it’s still entirely possible Paige is up here somewhere locally.”

For Johnson’s family, it’s another painful twist in a slow-moving drama. But they, like investigators, are hopeful.  Paige’s mother Donna Johnson says, “Yeah, it’s disappointing, but I know they have given it 100 percent… It’s just wonderful they are going to the extent they are to find her, and I want them to know I am so grateful and so thankful.”

The bottom line is there is no sign of Johnson, and no one charged with anything related to her disappearance.  Bumpass’s probation was revoked after the investigation got underway, but he has not been charged with anything tied to Johnson’s disappearance.

It is still a mystery, and no one is sure if the Knox County information is a solid lead or another dead end.  But, so far, it’s turned up nothing.

Paige Johnson was 17 when she disappeared.She would turn 19 next month.


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Paige Johnson’s Mother To Declare Missing Teenager Deseased –

Below is a photo of Jacob Bumpass, the last known person to be seen with Paige Johnson (who is also in the photo wearing the orange hoodie.)

Jacob Bumpass told Investigators that he dropped Paige off on a street corner in Covington at approx 1:30 the night she disappeared. She was sopposely going to her cousins house. Many wondered why he would drop her off at the end of the street, so late at night. Investigators later revealed that Bumpass’s cell-phone pings would put him near East Fork State Park in Ohio around the same time he told Investigators he dropped Paige Off. That wasen’t the only lie he told, his stories had many holes, he eventually contacted his Lawyer and stopped speaking.

Photo to the left shows the Covington Street corner that Jacob claimed he dropped Paige off at.