Massachuetts Toddler Still Missing


Caleigh Anne Harrison of Gloucester disappeared April 19th, 2012 at around 12 p.m in the afternoon while playing ball with her mother and 4-year-old sister at Long Beach, Rockport, MA – The Mother stated the ball bounced out of sight of the girls and after retrieving it she noticed Little Caleigh was gone.

Another news site stated ”investigation suggested that the two children may have went into a grassy area looking for a ball or for some other reason, Procopio said, and “suddenly only one of the children was in view of the mother.” – The news site also suggested the family dog was on the outing as well.

Investigators have stated that there is no evidence Caleigh was abducted, but have sent out a missing child poster nationwide.

Caleigh’s father, Anthony Harrison, said his 4 year old daughter has talked of ”a man on the beach that took her sister.” He also said her comments have been somewhat “scattered.”

Her family says Caleigh may have been taken since she hasn’t been found.

Police have conducted searches of cottages nearby and have also used helicopters and Police divers, to no avail.

Caleigh has her ears pierced and was three months shy of her 3rd birthday. She had light brown hair and blue-gray eyes (although some reports state she has hazel eyes which is incorrect.), she was wearing a light pink T-shirt and dark pink capri pants when she was last seen.

Police are asking anyone with information on the child’s whereabouts to call 911. (Rockport Police Department 978-546-1212)

– In a article published July 16th 2012, Almost 3 months after little Caleighs disappearance, a group of Retired Law Enforcement Officials conducted a search and came to the conclusion that Caleigh got swept to sea. They stated it was very unlikely that the little toddler was abducted.  Link to article –


I don’t normally put in my opinion but in my opinion, its strange how the dog didn’t bark during all this, and both children didn’t yell? there were others sopposely around the beach at the time, no evidence of kidnapping. Also, what are the chances of some ‘creepy old man, getting away with kidnapping a two year old so quickly without anyone hearing or spotting this happen. The Mother was sopposely gone a quick moment when all this occured. Something doesn’t sit right. I hope the little girl is found safe! God Bless her!