Jonathan Schrattenholze Has Been Missing Since February 2012

– Theres been different reports of when this young man disappeared. Some news sites listed February 20th, while others listed February 21st and 26th –

Jonathan was 20 years of age when he drove away from his Clarkston home in mid February. He hasen’t been seen since. He is described as being 5’9”, approx 153 pounds, with blonde hair, hazel eyes. Jonathan likes to drive around in the rural areas of Asotin, Garfield, and Wallowa Counties. Also missing is his black 1995 Honda Passport (pictured) with the Washington license plate 9-1-6-U-D-F.

Jonathan’s family said there’s no sign of activity on his debit card since February 21st, the day he disappeared. Investigators say it’s likely that he went out to a rural area and did not get farther than 180 miles from Asotin due to the amount of gas last seen in his car. There was also alot of snow leading up to his disappearance.

In June 2012, Natasha Demattos stated  “It’s like he got in his car and never came back and we don’t know why,” “Where is he?”

Jonathan’s Facebook has been inactive since 2011, In it he lists ”US Marines” under ”Jobs and has 67 Facebook friends with no recent activity. –!/jonathan.schrattenholzer?sk=wall

There is very little infomation found when his name is typed into bing. I’m not sure why and theres been no updates of him being found, nor his car. For the news sites and pages that do mention his disappearance, some things are inaccurate and very little is said. I gathered up infomation from the news. If others find any updates, could you please let me know. Thank you.


Anyone who has seen him or his vehicle may contact the Asotin County Sheriff’s Office at (509) 243-4717 or the 24-hour dispatch center at (509) 758-2331.