Still No Answers In Disappearance Of Baby Dwight

22-month-Old Dwight Stallings was last seen by family members sometime in April 2011. The child was born May 2010 and way your typical toddler, just starting to walk, talk and explore life. Detectives have been working with the Elk Grove Police Department, as well as Child Protective Services. Both agencies said they have had contact with the child’s mother, Tanisha Edwards, throughout the investigation. Deputies said Edwards was being held at the Sacramento County Mail Jail for a probation violation. Officials said Edwards has not been able to provide any leads that might help them locate her son, whom they said could possibly be in someone elses care, under a different name. Tanisha Edwards appears in Sacramento Superior Court on Wednesday, July 25, 2012, where she pleaded guilty to six counts of violating her probation from a 2008 arrest.

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Anyone with information is asked to call the Sheriff’s Communications Center at 916-874-5115.

There were 65 results for ‘Tanisha Edwards’ on Myspace.  The page I suspect of being the mother of Baby Dwight was a 29 year old female listed under CA. Her top header reads ”N MA OWN STATE OF MIND!!! DNT BOTHA ME!!!, Cali” and page is opened to public. Photos look like that of Baby Dwight. If page is not of Tanisha, please let me know.— Link to Tanisha Edwards, Myspace page —


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